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Wakey - Alarm Clock v1.5.22 [Subscribed]


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Wakey - Alarm Clock v1.5.22 [Subscribed]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview:  Wakey is a cute & gentle alarm clock app featuring a spectacular design and immersive animations - guaranteed to wake you up with a smile! 

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• Wakey's awesome animations and unique user experience
• Exclusive Alarm Sounds: Have a perfectly gentle morning with our original alarm clock ringtones sounds
• Math Puzzles: Solve math questions to dismiss the alarm clock and wake up
• Weather Clock Animations: Cute & simple weather forecast animations when you wake up
• Powernap: Quickly setup short nap timers between 5 to 120 minutes.
• Vacation Mode: Disables all alarms until further notice for an alarm-less time off
• Swipe to Dismiss: Snooze or Dismiss the alarm with a simple swipe
• Custom snooze length for your alarm clock
• Simple minimalistic material design alarm clock app
• Set your alarm to gradually fade in the volume for a gentle wake up
• Easily set alarms with your own custom ringtones & songs from your device
• Disable snooze completely if you don't even want the option to fall back to sleep
• Location-based sunrise & sunset times when setting alarms
• Easily dismiss the alarm before it goes off
• Optimized for the latest Android OS versions!

Why Wakey?

With our smiling sunrise cute lunar animations weather forecast animations and original ringtones - Wakey is probably the most amazing alarm clock app in the universe! 

Wakey is an awesome alarm clock with original ringtones weather forecast & math puzzles!

Join over 10K users who have already installed Wakey Alarm Clock - and over 1000 people who rated it 4.5 stars! 

Help us help you!  

Do you have any feedback or special requests? Help us make Wakey even more awesome by reaching out to us. We take user feedback very seriously to make this alarm clock even more cute and wonderful. 

This alarm clock app contains no ads

Wakey Alarm Clock is crafted with ️

Please take a minute to rate Wakey on the play store or leave your comment.

Modded by Lunadev

What's New: 
Weather Fixes

This app has no advertisements

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