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Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk Impact Fighting v1.11.65 (Mod – free shopping)


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Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk Impact Fighting v1.11.65 (Mod – free shopping)

Download Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG MOD APK


Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk Impact Fighting – a mixture of genres of RPG and side-scrolling action in a futuristic setting. The game takes place on Earth of the 22nd century. The world has recently recovered from a third world war, but this event along with several natural disasters have seriously changed his appearance. In the story the main character will need to enter the territory of the city of Detroit, which became a prison for many offenders. Unlike other corrections here, the bandits go free and fight each other for life. In such circumstances, the character under player control have to perform a dangerous mission and go back outside the city.

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Cyber Fighter offers five different heroes with a diversity of combat styles for players to choose: Slashing monster by a Thermal Blade, Thunder Hammer & Energy Spear or shooting their way over bosses by a Mighty Arrow or Power Cannon.

Choose your stickman cyber fighter with a diversity combat style to fight the monster cyber hunter in this darkness cyberpunk world. Build your own fighting style with your own skill tree and deep inventory system that encourages endless combat experimentation and customization.


Each chapter goes through, you’ll experience an epic battle with the darkness shadow force: zombie, ninja, yakuza, cyber monster, gangster, assassins, cyber dark angel or the gigantic boss.


Besides the unique combat style, each hero will have their own comrade-in-arms to summon and it has their own combat style too. Fighting alongside your soul knight robot through the deathly shadow battle.

The Cyberpunk world in Cyber Fighters is full of the amazing design concept from background to character, & enemy design. You will be amazed by the fascinating graphic & effect skill in Cyber Fighters.

Game Features:
– Offline Mode: Experience the game with no internet connection required!
– Enjoy incredible graphics of the Cyberpunk world!
– Fight against other Player with online mode (PVP)
– Dive into this Action RPG on your own fighting style!
– Learn skills, face against many cruel enemies, evil cyber monster, the cyber mafia, cyber shadow hunter assassins, and mighty bosses.
– Collect lots of cyber weapons in the huge weapon system!
– Customize your hero with the costume & drones system.
– Challenge yourself to survive in challenge mode with endless waves of cyber hunter enemies.
– Many more interesting features that you will find out in-game!.


- Change Character Unlock requirement
- Basic Chest now can open upto 5★ equipments
- Premium Chest up to 6★ equipments.
- Change Daily Rewards: more rewarding
- Optimize and balance game
- Fix some minor bugs

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG MOD APK Info:

Free in-app purchase
battlefields and all heroes can be used at the beginning of the game

Download Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG APK



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Cyber Fighters Stickman Cyberpunk Impact Fighting 1.11.44 (Mod – free shopping)

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cyber fighters: stickman cyberpunk mod apk

cyber fighters: stickman cyberpunk 2077 action rpg mod apk

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