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SkyTube Extra v2.978


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SkyTube Extra v2.978
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: A simple and functional free application for playing videos from YouTube that does not require Google Play Services to work.


SkyTube is an alternative, free, open-source YouTube application for Android. It allows you to use YouTube comfortably without the need for Google/YouTube account and hence this app only offers read-only access to YouTube.

    access to videos from Featured and Most Popular lists;
    watching YouTube channels;
    playing videos from YouTube;
    view comments on the video;
    search for videos, music and channels;
    channel subscription and unobtrusive notifications.

What's New: 
- Rewrite the YouTube AsyncTask implementations as methods that use RxJava;
- Implementation of play/pause external media controls;
- Fix freezes/slow UI updates with accessing the database in the background;
- Improve subscription listing with database index - by Zsombor;
- Subscription refresh is not tied to opening up the subscription tab;
- Implement 'Trending in XYZ' tab, with country selector;
- Fix errors in downloaded file deletion;
- Fix layout issues when big fonts are used;
- Implement tab hiding/showing without app restart;
- Fix a crash on Android 4.0.
Updated translations for:
- Basque and Spanish - by Julio Montero
- Catalan - by Alfonso Montero López
- Croatian - by Milo Ivir
- Dutch - by Heimen Stoffels
- Esperanto - by Jakub Fabijan
- French - by Thomas Foucher
- Japanese - by Takaki Iekura
- Indonesian - by Reza Almanda and zmni
- Italian - by Silvio Pastore
- Latvian - by Darksworm
- Hungarian - by Zsombor
- Norwegian Bokmål - by Allan Nordhøy
- Polish - by Michal L
- Portuguese - by Sérgio Marques
- Simplified Chinese - by @ohsorry
- Traditional Chinese - by Jeff Huang
- Turkish - by Oğuz Ersen
- Ukrainian - by Tymofij Lytvynenko.

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