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Walking Dead: the Road to Survival v29.0.3.94075 (Last Update)


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Walking Dead: the Road to Survival v29.0.3.94075 (Last Update) +Obb

The #1 Official Walking Dead Strategy RPG - Recruit your team to fight Zombies!

Download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival MOD APK


Walking Dead: the Road to Survival – strategy game, which takes place in the universe of the famous series about the zombie Apocalypse. The narrative runs parallel with the development of the TV show, the characters also try to escape and survive the personal drama. At the beginning of a handful of survivors finds a town in which dares to settle and gain a foothold. For this they with the help of the player you want to build a fortified dwelling and to engage in economic activities. Some areas of land are suitable for agriculture, in abandoned buildings worth it to build workshops and Armory.

But to constantly hide behind walls-building will not work. The heroes will have to make regular raids to find food, medicines and resources. Such hikes are necessary, but very dangerous as the living dead scurry everywhere. And almost always, the squad gets into dangerous situations that have consequences.

Combat mechanics is a turn-based battle. In the team usually are people with different capabilities and characteristics: someone good at melee, someone fluent in firearms. Using the skills of the characters, you need to repel the attacks of hordes of walking dead. Walking Dead: the Road to Survival – a great strategy that will appeal to fans of the series and fans of the genre.


The Walking Dead: Road to Survivals biggest update of all-time is here! Check out the details below:
-Conquest Campaigns: An all-new PvE challenge has arrived in the form of Conquest Campaigns! This PvE mode pits you against all new enemies and earns you rewards to help power up your team!
-Revamped Features: Not only have we added in a ton of new content, we’ve also updated Training Grounds, Prestige, The Museum, Ascension, Team Power, Daily Missions Territories and so much more!

Download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK






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