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Idle Planet Miner v1.7.21 (Mod – Free Shopping)


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Idle Planet Miner v1.7.21 (Mod – Free Shopping)

Dig to the outskirts of the galaxy & profit! Mine ore in a fun idle mining game!

Download Idle Planet Miner MOD APK


Idle Planet Miner – a game for all fans of the genre. The user will go to a distant planet, the depths of which contain huge number of minerals and precious metals and stones. To get them, to use a mining machine that can dig pit any depth. In the process of passing the user will be able to fully modernize its fleet, increasing its efficiency. Also you can hire skilled professionals that will help to increase the profit from this business.


Idle Clicker Gameplay
● Idle to increase your mining rate!
● Tap to smash asteroids and earn rare ore!
● Mine: Earn coins and hire managers!

Incremental Upgrades
● Create an Empire Across the stars!
● Hire managers to improve your output!
● Evolve your digging strategy! Unlock special projects to improve your output!

Upgrade Your Mining Ship Idle Planet Miner

● Play the Market: respond to supply & demand across the galaxy to maximize profits!
● Research special projects and profit!
● Rewards to permanently upgrade your mining ship are everywhere!

Idle Mining
● Earn ore and coins when you’re not playing
● Quests- complete quests to earn premium rewards

Idle Planet Miner is the perfect incremental clicker / idle game for fans of endless fun. Idle the day away digging for ore, rare metals, coins, and more!

Dig your way through the stars!


• New Project: Colony Request Reroll
• Colonization improvements
• Project panel can be zoomed in and out
• Tournament mode improvements

Idle Planet Miner MOD APK Info:

Free Shopping *for real money
Infinite dark matter (appears after restart)

Download Idle Planet Miner APK



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