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The Hindu: India's Most Trusted English News: Live v5.0 [Premium]


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The Hindu: India's Most Trusted English News: Live v5.0 [Premium]
Requirements: 7.0 and up
Overview: The Hindu English News app brings to you the credible and in-depth journalism of India’s National English Newspaper as a rich digital experience

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Our App Offers 
• 3 times a day Briefing: All the latest updates and developments of news thrice a day. 8AM 2PM & 8PM. Read the briefing to stay up-to-date on today’s news
• Ad-free experience: Subscribe to our app for a great reading experience without any distractions 
• News you can trust: Fact-checked unbiased and truthful reporting. No disinformation and propaganda. 

Key features

◉ Personalize Home Screen according to your preference
◉ Save articles and read them later
◉ Engage with Stories by Commenting
◉ Offline mode: Helps you read news even when you are in slow or no internet zones
◉ Read aloud feature: Use the read aloud feature to listen to news. 
◉ Night Mode - Easy to read news in dim light

You can stay updated quickly on breaking news headlines on all latest topics and trending topics by just swiping left or right our new navigation makes it easy for you to move from one article to another. 

News In Quotes: Our app only feature gives you a gist of all important articles of the day. Read only the quotes or click through to read the article. News In Quotes will keep you updated on key events from India and across the globe. 

Top Picks: We pick the top news from different categories for you. Want to read out-of-the-box content? Interesting news across genres? Our top picks will help you read quirky informative mind-blowing news items. 

Editorials & Opinion: Our editorial & opinions columns are legendary and we strive to keep up the quality of journalism by bringing unbiased opinions. Two new editorials per day and a rich archive available for your consumption all available at the tip of your fingers. These columns are rich with distinct content we are pathbreakers no disinformation or unresearched judgments. 

Cartoon sections: The famed cartoon column of The Hindu now in digital format. Quirky sarcastic in-depth and sensitive sketches. These are cartoons that are not just funny but are thought-provoking this is one of our most enjoyable segments and is a social-commentary which fuels a lot of thoughtful discussions. 

The Hindu Explains: Read our exclusive Explains column to get insights on latest developments and why behind so many theories scientific discoveries breakthroughs and political developments. This columns offers in-depth understanding of the landmark and noteworthy events from India and across the world. 
Multimedia: A rich visual experience which is interactive. Watch full-screen visual content for an enriched experience. 
Podcasts: Listen to podcasts using your Android device. We stream our podcast on leading platforms. 

News Sections
Latest India English News: Covers all top news stories happening at the national level including stories about Central Government State Governments Economic Policies Narendra Modi State election results Global elections. 

World News: From India-Pakistan relations to Donald Trump we cover all latest news around the globe. 

Well-Being: With a global pandemic the importance of physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance. Our well-being section covers news on mental-health fitness nutrition pleasant home spaces children’s health and news on and for the differently-abled. 

Covid-19: This section has all the news articles and researches on vaccine development consolidated in one-place. Recovery rates restrictions precautions information on care-centers helpline numbers guidelines care post COVID. 

Cinema News: We cover all latest film news how is the entertainment industry pre and post COVID what new shows to watch on OTT platforms. Reviews of movies that were released online. 

Sports: Follow your favourite sports live updates and news on IPL EPL Tennis etc.

Tech News: New Cool Gadgets releases and updates on what is new in the gadget and tech world.

Mod Info
Note:I Highly recommend To install First Cracked app and install Modded one over it

All CPU's Arch's Included in both apks
No Compression flags to both variants

Note: Cracked variant is just only Subscription Activated and login Required

Modded variant is Cleaned all ads/links/invokes and all trackers impressions cutted(i left two traces in mainfest but cutted their impressions)
Login Required here too(I won't release non login becz few features won't works if i did na)

What's New: 
● UI changes
● New sections for premium readers
● Bugs and fixes
● Payment gateway changes

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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