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Ky- IPTV server MACS + IPTV Player v1.34 [Pro]


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Ky- IPTV server MACS + IPTV  Player v1.34 [Pro]
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Overview:Ky  IPTV   is the ideal Iptv server for anyone looking to watch Movies, Series, and TV Online for free.


With an elegant interface, easy to use, with Movies and TV categories in one application for you to enjoy the best content.
Several programs for you:

Watch movies without paying anything;
Open and closed channels;

Best of all: all channels are in FULL HD and without crashes.

Be sure to add /c/ after the server link  when using OTT Navigator  , IPTV Stalker Player and StbEmu (Pro) for android devices
For example: http://mahs.work:80/c/
And when using PC app such as  stalker player v4.0 for PC  and SFVIP-Player be sure to delete /c/ from the link . 

Tested worked 21-3-2021

What's New: 
will update daily with new servers 

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



IPTV Stalker Player v1.34 [Pro]



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