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Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker v2.5 [Pro]


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Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker v2.5 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker is a completely new application, which serves to protect your battery from overheating, fire, and other malfunctions.

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Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker is a completely new application, which serves to protect your battery from overheating, fire, and other malfunctions. Using the application you can control the level of charge of your battery and maintain its performance for many years. Thanks to what your phone will last a long time and will work like new
Below is a list of the main functions of the new application and after it, we will briefly talk about each of them.

Main functions of Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker:

Warning notification when the battery is full

The ability to turn on / off the battery notification

The ability to choose different warning options about a full battery charge:
- to set vibration
- to set the alarm
- to play music
- flashing flash

The very simple and intuitive application interface

Free download and use of the Battery Full Alarm

We all know very well that the battery charger of even the newest phone cannot last forever. Sooner or later, you will observe how the mobile charger lasts less, the phone overheats, etc. Therefore, every person, regardless of whether he has the latest phone or one that has worked for many years, is always looking for some way to save the full battery. Аnd many wonders - how much will have to spend on repairing or checking the phone to save battery life? We will answer this question - nothing. Вecause thanks to the capabilities of the Battery Alarm app, you can extend the phone Battery life for a long time.
Now we will briefly go through all of the above functionality of mobile charger:

Allows you to display notifications when the battery is full on the status bar & to turn on / off the battery notification

The battery notification will definitely tell you when the battery is fully charged and the gadget can be removed from the mobile charger, this will help to avoid overheating of the phone Battery. If you don’t like this function, you can easily turn it off by pressing the button: do not disturb

Allow setting vibration/alarm/to play music/flashing flash when the battery charger is full.
If you do not want to miss the moment when your phone Battery is finally charging, as you are in a hurry, you can choose any kind of battery notification about the full battery in the app. It can be a light message - a flashlight flashing. There are also noise signals - this is vibration and music. What you choose from the battery tracker depends only on your personal preferences and the situation in general. We immediately warn you, the battery tracker is quite loud and can replace the alarm

Friendly and easy to use app interface.
We did our best for people of any age group to use this application, so we tried to make the application as easy to use as possible. And we think we did it very well

Free download and use
And the most important. Above we talked about the price. So we have great news for you - this battery alarm app is available for everyone to download for free!

If you want to protect your phone from premature breakdowns, the battery from overheating, and quick burnout, and if you want to extend the life and performance of your android battery, then you need to do just one action.  Click on the download button  of the new Battery Full Alarm 2020 application and it will provide you with a long battery life of your gadget at no extra cost. So download the application and see for yourself its effectiveness

What's New: 
- fixed minor bugs

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: credit cenzo

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