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Little Ant Colony v3.2 (Mod – Food and DNA increase)


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Little Ant Colony v3.2 (Mod – Food and DNA increase)

Upgrade your pocket anthill in this ant simulator! Become an ant tycoon!

Download Little Ant Colony - Idle Game MOD APK

Little Ant Colony v3.2 (Mod - Food and DNA increase)

Little Ant Colony – Idle Game – an interesting arcade game in which the player will control a colony of ants. First, the insects will be only one individual, but with proper development the user will get an army of industrious creatures. For the development of an anthill, each inhabitant should benefit, namely, to carry bits of food found in the surrounding areas. Matched sweets, fruits, vegetables and other edible items will increase the number of ant colony, and every way to upgrade it.


We hope you’re enjoying the app! Please, keep it regularly updated to always have our greatest features and latest improvements.
- Bugs fixes

Little Ant Colony - Idle Game MOD APK Info:

Food and DNA increase with spending.

Download Little Ant Colony - Idle Game APK



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