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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode v2.7 (Last Update)


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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode v2.7 (Last Update)

Collect 100+ heroes in this Action-packed RPG starring Disney and Pixar heroes

Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an action RPG with turn-based battles, where players will find many of the famous characters of Disney and Pixar. In the story an unknown virus has hit the digital space and has started to infect some of the characters, making them evil. Users have to fight with the villains and stop the spread of madness. For this you need to go through the whole story campaign and collect all available characters. In the process of passing you can pump the skills of your characters, and equip them with weapons and armor.


* New! Duo Mr. Big & Koslov from Disney’s Zootopia
* New Collection: Inside Out!
* Now Invasion difficulty scales with your level!

Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode APK



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