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American World War Fps Shooter v5.8 (2 Mods – Money)


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American World War Fps Shooter v5.8 (2 Mods – Money)

Offline Shooting Games of World War Fps Shooter, Sniper Shooting Games for Kids

Download American World War Fps Shooter Free Shooting Games MOD APK


American World War Fps Shooter Free Shooting Games – fantastic action from the 1st person with the time travel. In the story a group of modern soldiers of the U.S. army was trapped in a time loop through which got straight to the battlefields of the Western front of world war II. There they will have to fight with the army of the Wehrmacht, whose soldiers have not experienced surprise at the sight of the messengers of the future. The main task of the player is to find out the root cause for the temporary relocation of the unit. Along the way, gamers will help the allied forces to cope with the German invaders.


Chapter 1 improvements
Chapter 4 gameplay improvement
Chapter 5 gameplay improvements
Anrs and crashes fixed
Bugs removed

Download American World War Fps Shooter Free Shooting Games APK

God Mode






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