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XBrowser - Super Fast & mini v3.5.5 build 539 [Mod]


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XBrowser - Super Fast & mini v3.5.5 build 539 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Tiny size less than 1M, offer more comprehensive and powerful browsing experience.Doing away with unnecessary function.

 It is a mini web browser,mini body.Undoubtedly X browser will be the best lightweight but powerful browsing tool you've ever met .

Main features for you:
★ Super Fast
★ Tiny Size-less than 1M
★ Powerful Ad-Block
★ Intelligent Search
★ Support Download Instagram photo
★ Offline Reading
★ Few background permission requests
★ Night Mode

★Super Fast: Excellent optimized strategy , super fast browser as lightning.
★Intelligent Auto-filled:Useful for you when input website url,automatically adding Web suffixes,easy for any website visit.
★Tiny size:Less than 1M,X browser offers more browsing experience ,small body, powerful ability.It is mini web browser.
★Powerful Ad-Block: You can mark web element as AD, it will block on next time;Compatible with some ABP rules.
★Intelligent search: Smart recommendation, intelligent hot words - assistant input and search.
★Humanized browsing: Slightly pull up to enter full screen, pull down to invoke search box, very simple full screen experience.
★Offline reading:Keep the webpage for later reading, no worry about internet access .
★Night Mode:Your eye protecting is so important for us when browsing in dim light.
★ Few background permissions requests :We request the least background permissions from your mobile among other browsers .

What's new:
-This version is optimized for bookmark management functions

1. Optimized manual setting of the mode of interaction with bookmarks, making the work more convenient and intuitive.
2. Fixed a problem due to which manual adjustment of the order of bookmarks in some cases did not work.
3.Support bookmarks for top operation, more convenient browsing
4. Bookmark management supports selection of everything in multiple choice mode, which improves the efficiency of bookmark management.
5. Optimized menu control and setup functions.

-Detection of insecure https connections by default to improve browsing security
-Fixed an issue that caused the brightness adjustment prompt to always appear on a horizontal screen in dark mode.

★★★ MOD ★★★
- Languages: Russian, English, German
- Removed flurry analytics
- Changed some search engines
- Removed eXtreme

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: credit an65



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