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ForzaTune Pro v5.2.0 [Paid]


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ForzaTune Pro v5.2.0 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: You want to drive faster in Forza Motorsport 7. And you want a tuning process that is fast too. Sure, you can download locked tunes. But who wants to be stuck using someone else's tune? 

Screenshot Image

Your setup should fit your specific car and your driving style.

And it's a lot easier to build your own tunes than others would have you believe. 

ForzaTune 7 takes all the complicated race physics and formulas--the things computers are good at calculating and no sane person would want to do repeatedly--and rolls them into an easy interface.

You simply enter your vehicle information and hit "Next." 

This isn't some generic set of formulas though. The tunes you create with ForzaTune reflect the nature or "personality" of each car. We do this by using 10,000 vehicle data points covering every car in the game.

And for the first time you have the option to automatically adjust for the selected track. 

ForzaTune is the only tuning calculator that adjusts its results to your exact vehicle and track choices.

You can also save your tunes to make quick updates for other tracks or builds including rain, drift and drag racing.

For those that want to go deeper we offer free tutorial videos and premium driver training programs.

And be sure to try the new, powerful tune customization feature. Now you have complete control over how the car handles at corner entry, middle and exit.

Because the perfect tune is one that feels perfect for you.

Download the latest and most powerful ForzaTune today.

Whats New:
Now you can create tunes for Series 33 vehicles and the Hot Wheels Legends Car Pack. Also includes a fix for gearing and suspension tuning on large trucks like the Iron Knight, M-B Racing Truck and Unimog. Thank you, everyone, for the continued support and feedback. Be sure to check out the new Horizon 4 tuning tutorials on the ForzaTune YouTube channel.

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