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Drink Water Reminder - Water Tracker and Diet v2.041 [Pro]


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Drink Water Reminder - Water Tracker and Diet v2.041 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Drink Water Reminder - Water Tracker and Diet will help you to lose weight keep fit and stay hydrated every day

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Drink Water Reminder - Water Tracker and Diet features:

 Water Calculator - Automatically calculates your required daily water intake to ensure optimal weight loss and diabetes prevention using clean water diet. 

 Water drinking reminder - Water reminder app will remind you to drink water. Water app reminder is fully customizable.

 Water tracker - Log daily water intake by using our single tap water logging system to track every single glass of H2O and reach the hydration goal determined by water calculator.

 Statistics - Drink Water Reminder app keeps track of your daily water intake logged using water tracker and calculates daily goal progress and long-term statistics of your water diet.

 Achievements - Make progress in the drink water app. Level up your H2O avatar and achieve water drinking reminder milestones.

 Quick logging - Use widgets and notification buttons to log your H2O intake quickly and get health benefits like diabetes prevention from your hydration diet.

️ Customizable units - Choose between imperial (fl oz) and metric (ml) units for water tracker and water reminder.

What's New: 
Thank you for using Drink Water Reminder. 

We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

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