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Free Voice Changer - Sound Effects & Voice Effects v1.02.17.0304 [Pro]


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Free Voice Changer - Sound Effects & Voice Effects v1.02.17.0304 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Do you need some unusual voice effects to shock your friends?

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Do you want a voice game or a voice change app for entertainment?
Do you want to try funny sound effects and speak them out with a voice avatar? 
Do you need to dub your video with funny sounds or funny voice on Youtube or on Tik Tok ?
Do you have the need to change voice male to female or change voice female to male on some occasions?

If you do then it’s just the time to download this voice changer app: Free Voice Changer - Sound Effects & Voice Effects

Free Voice Changer - Sound Effects & Voice Effects is a funny voice changer that can change your voice to another sound effect. It can not only change voice while recording but also through importing the audio files from your mobile phone. All sounds can be changed!

Free Voice Changer - Sound Effects & Voice Effects has a variety of voice avatar you can use them and share with friends. 

When you make your girlfriend angry you can use this celebrity voice changer free to change your voice into her favorite character for apology. 
When you want to make your parents or grandparents happy by this change voice app you can record their voices and convert to little girl voice or little boy voice  to bring back the childhood memories.

When you want to make a funny voice-over for your video you can raise the key and pitch using this free voice changer app. 
It has several voice mode: use baby voice changer mode to raise pitch use female voice changer / male voice changer mode to change to the opposite gender use rapper voice changer mode to speed up voice use accent changer mode to pretend as a foreigner...Thus bringing more funny sounds to your video with voice over.

When you want to use song recording as the voice over for video you can use this voice editor app as a singing voice changer or a sing editor to make your voice sound better. It will change keys and pitch and provide environment voice synth. Use different sounds effects like echo and other voice effects.It’s a useful voice changer with effects and a fancy voice app.

When you want to prank your friend you can use this anime voice changer to change your voice into a sweet girl's voice and chat with your friends online pretend to fall in love with him;
You can also use this change voice app to record and change voice to a thrilling sound and then set it as an alarm thus to scare friends as you want! Enjoy this voice game!

Among all kinds of voice changers Free Voice Changer - Sound Effects & Voice Effects is a useful and interesting voice changer free to change voice plus sound it has numerous voice effects and has constantly updated practical functions. Enjoy this unique pleasure compared with other voice changers.

Voice plus: Record voice with high quality
Import audio file and change voice effect with high quality
Save changed voice as high quality voice

Click voice avatar to change voice effects
Apply sound effects instantly
Play the audio effects to see which voice filter you like
Save the funny sound effects you like
Listen with in-app player by this audio changer at anytime and anywhere

Save voice effects to MyWorks
Easy to manage super voice files: Share Rename Delete...
In-app player to play fake voice: Exclusive music playback interface

This voice synth app provides numerous voice avatar and voice mode and it is still updating……

If you think Free Voice Changer - Sound Effects & Voice Effects is a perfect voice changer app please give us a five-star rating and share this voice app with your friends!

If you need any help please contact us at [email protected] we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Modded by Lunadev

What's New: 
Add More Effects
Add Ambient Sounds
30+ Amazing Voice Effects
Change Voice in High Quality
Surprise Your Buddies
Make Your Own Ringtone

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