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Dual Sim Selector / Multi Sim Selector v1.248 [Unlocked]


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Dual Sim Selector / Multi Sim Selector v1.248 [Unlocked]
Requirements: Android 8.0+
Overview: Automatic selection of the SIM for outgoing calls based on your defined rules
e.g .:
- user account (including work profile as virtual account)
- contact
- groups
- number
- number starts with
- roaming

Screenshot Image

This app cannot work on devices without dual sim or multi sim.

Some manufacturers implement the selection of the SIM in the phone app and not in the operating system in these cases a SIM must be defined in the system settings of the device as standard for calls that Multi Sim Selector can function correctly.

Multi Sim Selector / Dual Sim Selector needs the permissions:
- to monitor and stop all your outgoing calls and also to recognize the calling numbers: ability to start the call again with the SIM you defined in the app's rules.
- to start a new call directly: because selecting a SIM for you can just be done in a directly call without displaying your default caller app again.
- to your phone: ability to show you all available SIM cards in the rules you can set.

What this app cannot do:
There is no handling of incoming calls such as a possible blocking of calls. SMS neither incoming nor outgoing can also be controlled. Likewise through this app no ringtones can be set or the data SIM can be changed.

What's New: 
Numbers from the work profile can now be assigned as a rule of the "User account" type

New rule type "Roaming" if one card is in roaming mode

Export / Import Settings

fix USSD Code handling

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Download Instructions:

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