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Image Resizer-Resize Pictures or Photos v3.8 [Unlocked]


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Image Resizer-Resize Pictures or Photos v3.8 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: image resizer app is what you have been looking for, then you are in luck because you have just found yourself an excellent photo resizer app.

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Image Resizer - Resize Pictures or Photos is a perfect photo resizing app that allows you to resize pictures in a matter of seconds. This is the best image resizer app for your Android device to crop or resize photos or images.

Image Resizer - Resize Pictures or Photos is the app which enables you to resize picture or photos in a very hassle-free way. You can use this image resizer app to resize pictures or to crop them, and while this all happens, the quality of your image is kept intact. Cool, isn’t it?

Let’s suppose you want to post a photo that you took on your vacation on your favorite social media website, but you fail to upload it. Once of the reasons could be its large file size. What can you do now? You can resize image using any quality photo resizer app and then post it. Or let’s say that you want to crop the face in the background of an entirely random person in the photo that you adore. In these situations, a photo resizer app comes in very handy. Especially the one like this that offers you both the resizing and the cropping features.

Many photo resizer apps lose the image quality. But take our word, not this one!

This wonderful image resizer app ensures that quality of a picture or photo that you are resizing is preserved. Convenience, simplicity, and efficiency are what makes this app the best photo resizer app for resizing and cropping your images. It offers you the convenience and features that no other image resizer app does.

Whether it is an app you are looking for rotating, cropping or simply resizing your favorite picture, you know where to go.

We hope that this photo resizer app will help you greatly in the image resize or crop on your Android device.

Features of Image Resizer App
Straightforward and very easy to use
Very simple and yet friendly user interface
Free image resize and crop
Rotate the image in any direction
Flip the image in horizontal or vertical direction
Crop and resize picture in different resolutions
Resize image in a customized resolution
Image quality remains the same

How to Use Image Resizer App
On your Android device, download and install the image resizer app
When the app is installed, open it
You will see a + symbol, tap on it to upload the image
To resize image, tap on resize and select your preferred resolution
You can also add customized resolution by giving width and height
If you want to crop image, tap on the crop button
You can rotate the image or flip it in horizontal or vertical direction
After you have cropped or resize the picture, now save it to the photos

Premium features unlocked

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