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English for Beginners: LinDuo HD v5.21.0 [Unlocked]


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English for Beginners: LinDuo HD v5.21.0 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.1+
* 1657 words broken into 116 thematic lessons
* Audio pronunciation by a native speaker

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* 1657 words broken into 116 thematic lessons
* Audio pronunciation by a native speaker
* Transcription of words in Russian letters
* Does not require constant internet connection
* Special illustrations in the style of infographics.
* Dark interface for nightlife lovers
* Male or female pronunciation of words
* The complexity of the lesson adapts to you.
* The game "True or False" to repeat the words
* Lessons from select, difficult, old, random words
* Flexible sound settings (music, announcer, effects)
* The technique requires only 10-15 minutes of play per day.
* Suitable for both adults and children.

Only 10-15 minutes a day Having given our application 10-15 minutes every day, you can easily remember all the important words. In learning a foreign language, not the duration of a lesson is important, but regularity. 10 minutes of lesson per day during the week is more productive than classes for an hour once a week.

Lesson per minute Taking into account your employment, each lesson is made so that it would take no more than one minute of your time to complete it! For this you do not need to look for free time to practice! As soon as there is a minute, start the application and go through one lesson ? Efficiency does not suffer from this.

Only useful words English for beginners LinDuo HD is a free and quick start to learning English! Unlike others, we have only the most useful words, which are divided into 116 thematic lessons. Quality is here!

Teach English is designed so that to memorize English words, you use your visual and auditory memory.

Special illustrations The graphics are made in a special style of infographics (developed by psychologists), so that your eyesight quickly remembers the visual meaning of a word or action, and does not tire with unnecessary details.

Audio from native speakers You can hone the pronunciation of words, because the audio pronunciation of words we have from professional speakers, native speakers! And in the settings you can even choose a male or female voice.

No need to be able to read If you cannot read yet, no problem! Each word is provided with a transcription in Russian letters. And for those who know, the opportunity to choose a British or American transcription.

Automatic Complexity The application adjusts to you, gradually increasing the complexity. For this, it keeps statistics on EVERY word! Example: in spelling mode, initially you need to insert several missing letters in a word, then collect it with extra letters and finally, when you are ready, type the entire word on the keyboard.

Special type of lessons Four additional types of lessons: favorites, complex, old, random words. Add words to your favorites to create a lesson from your words. Words are automatically added to the section "difficult" (difficult to remember for you) and "old" (which you have not repeated for a long time). A "random" mode will create a unique lesson.

Pleasant opportunities Thanks to your requests, we are constantly updating the application and making it convenient for you! With just one touch of a button you can activate night mode (take care of your eyesight). If you temporarily do not have internet, it does not matter! The application can work without it!

Anchoring material Many good applications do not pay attention to anchoring and repeating material! It is for this purpose that we created the game True or False. It is very simple, but fascinating (it is difficult to stop), and most importantly it helps to consolidate the material covered!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at [email protected] or use the feedback form that is built into the application. We are always happy to answer your questions!

Thank you for your trust and choice of our application! If you like our application, do not forget to tell about it to your friends in social networks, because learning English words together is much more fun!

What's New: 
Finally, a BIG update: 64 new lessons with 818 words. You will love every word! More pronouns, conjunctions, verbs! Currently, lessons are available for Russian, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Italian. We are still working to make them available for other languages as well.

It was hard work, please help the project with feedback!

Without advertising.
Much money.
Lots of energy.
Removed dependency on Google services.

This app has no advertisements

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