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Wysa: stress, depression & anxiety therapy chatbot v2.5.8 [Premium]


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Wysa: stress, depression & anxiety therapy chatbot v2.5.8 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Imagine a mood tracker mindfulness coach anxiety helper and mood-boosting buddy all rolled into one

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Wysa is your AI friend that you can chat with for free. Talk to the cute penguin or use its free mindfulness exercises for effective anxiety relief depression and stress management. Its therapy based techniques and conversations make for a very cute and calming therapy chat app whether you're looking to cope better with mental disorders to manage stress or to boost your mental health.

Wysa your happiness buddy will support you through the big and small anxieties of life by using science as a foundation to strengthen your mental health. Research-backed widely used techniques of CBT DBT Yoga and meditation are employed to support you with stress anxiety deep sleep loss and other mental health and wellness needs.

If you are dealing with stress anxiety and depression or coping with low self-esteem then talking to Wysa can help you relax and get unstuck - it’s empathetic helpful and will never judge. You will overcome your mental health obstacles through empathetic conversation and free CBT therapy based technique. So pour your heart out to your happiness buddy Wysa as your identity will remain anonymous and your conversations are privacy protected.

Used around the clock and trusted by 500000 people Wysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that uses AI to react to the emotions you express. Unlock tools and techniques that help you cope with challenges in a fun conversational way. For extra support you can avail guidance from a real human coach - a skilled psychologist who will take you through the advanced coaching sessions for your needs.

You can use Wysa to rewire your mind to improve your emotional health. Fight off depression or get stress relief using cbt techniques and guided sleep meditations for optimal sleep. Here’s a look at what you can use Wysa for 

 Vent and talk through things or just reflect on your day with your AI chatbot
 Practice CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT techniques to build resilience in a fun way
 Use one of 40 conversational coaching tools which helps in dealing with Stress Anxiety Depression Panic Attacks Worry Loss or Conflict
 Relax focus and sleep peacefully with the help of 20 mindfulness meditation exercises

93% of the people who talk to Wysa - AI
companion find it and the tools helpful
- Build confidence reduce self-doubt and improve your self-esteem: core meditation and mindfulness visualisation confidence visualisation techniques advanced mindfulness for self-esteem
- Manage anger: mindfulness meditation exercises for compassion calming your thoughts and practice breathing
- Manage anxious thoughts and anxiety: deep breathing techniques for observing thoughts visualization and tension relief
- Tired? Get a burst of energy! Visualisation and meditation exercises to increase positivity and get blissful sleep quick yoga and physical exercises to get active
- Dealing with worry: observe mindfulness resolving technique challenge negativity practice breathing techniques
- Manage conflict at work school or in relationships: special mindfulness and visualization techniques like empty chair exercise gratitude meditation exercises to build skills in having difficult conversations

Mod Information:
•Premium subscription unlocked
•All exercise will work without any restrictions
•Therapist feature won't work (server sided)
•Therapist tab removed from navigation
•Exclusive Mod By ZackModz x Rockmods

Note: If asking for purchase just ignore it, everything will work except therapist (as it is server based feature)

What's New: 
- Get to the right  tools and techniques faster than ever before, with the all new  Wysa design
- Direct access to , and related resources. Please note this is not a crisis app.
- Scroll  through the suggestion feed, to discover what Wysa thinks you may find interesting. 
- Directly manage notifications  via settings 
- Convenient access to manage subscription  via settings 

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