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AutoHz v3.0[Paid Patched]


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AutoHz v3.0[Paid Patched]
Requirements: 6.0+
Overview: AutoHz lets you control how and when your OnePlus and Galaxy S20 device switches to 60 Hz or 90/120 Hz.

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AutoHz lets you control how and when your OnePlus and Galaxy S20 device switches to 60 Hz or 90/120 Hz.

While the high refresh rate screen is awesome to look at, it sometimes unwantedly goes back to 60 Hz.
Some people have found a way to force the display to run at maximum refresh rate at all times, but this comes with a significant power penalty as much as 25%(100~200mW).

Using the "Auto" mode will keep the system's default behavior. But you can use AutoHz to force certain mode on select apps.

This way, you can still get the benefits of saving power from unintensive apps such as video players or games.

Upon the initial setup, AutoHz will apply some recommended configurations to enable high refresh rate on several apps, such as Chrome and other browsers.

* AutoHz requires a one-time setup through a computer. Please read

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for instructions
* AutoHz uses the Accessibility Service API from Android to detect which apps are in use. Accessibility Service permission will be granted automatically once the one-time setup has been done.
* AutoHz only works on devices running unmodified OS.

* AutoHz supports all OnePlus devices with 90 or 120 Hz display panel.
* AutoHz supports Galaxy S20 series devices.
* All other devices are unsupported at the moment

What's New: 
Major new release

- Added a Quick Settings tile for quickly toggling different modes
- Added support for Galaxy S20 series

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More Info:


Download Instructions:

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