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Chess Coach Pro (Professional version) v2.63


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Chess Coach Pro (Professional version) v2.63

Improve your chess skills with a thematic collection of puzzles and openings! 

Download Chess Coach Pro MOD APK


Advantages of the app “Chess Coach Pro”:
♙ Exclusive section “Traps in the opening”
♙ 20 chess openings
♙ 100% offline, no Ads
♙ No in-app purchases
♙ No monthly fees

Chess is one of the best and interesting games on Earth! It is played by millions players around the world, from children to the elderly. But to understand how to play chess, it is not enough just know chess rules and names of chess pieces. It is much more important to learn chess strategy and tactics, as well as all the fields of the chess board to navigate it well.

Our app contains 4200 themed chess puzzles and some chess openings. Each puzzle reveals to some tactic or trick. You have to guess the next chess move to solve the puzzle and move on to the next one.

Please rate the app 5 stars and write your comment. Your feedback will help make the app better.

We wish you a pleasant game,
Team KemigoGames.


Added a new section:
Checkmate - Mate diagonally.
We wish you a pleasant game and beautiful chess victories!

Chess Coach Pro MOD APK Info:

♙ 100% Offline;
♙ No ADS;
♙ No coins;
♙ Full access to exercises and challenges;
♙ Unlimited access to the chessboard simulator.

Download Chess Coach Pro APK



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