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Gold and Silver Prices v3.17 [Premium]

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Gold and Silver Prices v3.17 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.1+
Overview: This is silver and gold price tracker. The app is designed to keep You up to date with prices on precious metals. Also it provides custom calculation to get the price of your gold and silver items.

Screenshot Image

Gold tracker functionality. Get all live rates on one screen. Value of each metal may be seen depending on its purity. You can view the historical dynamics in form of interactive chart, zoom it to get daily values. View all gold price data in your national currency.

Whats New:
- stability improvements
If you enjoy using this app, please take a moment to rate it, and tell us what changes you'd like to see, or bugs you've discovered.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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    • By PRO_APK
      Learn Forex Trading [PRO] Guide - Learn To Trade v1.2.1 [Paid] [SAP]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Learn Forex Trading - Learn to Trade 2020. Find the best Broker.
      Learn everything you need to know to start Trading on the Forex Market today!

      Learn Forex Trading - Learn to Trade 2020. Find the best Broker.
      Learn everything you need to know to start Trading on the Forex Market today!
      In this app I will show you how you can take advantage of currency movements to make profits. We will talk in detail about Currencies, Charts, Bulls & Bears, Short Selling,
      learn how to read the Calendar of Economic events, which is imperative for Fundamental trading on Forex as well as other Financial marketplaces such as NYSE, London Stock Exchange, Futures Exchanges, and more.
      I will thoroughly explain how Forex Brokers work, so that you are able to easily separate Honest Brokers from the unreliable ones when you are ready to open a Real Trading account. I even include a FREE guide to selecting a Forex broker, based on my own experience of Real trading.
      I will also supply you with a Forex Market Hours wallpaper for YOUR timezone, allowing you to effortlessly monitor the activity of Global Forex Market participants throughout the day.
      This app is for complete beginners and advance! All you need is an open mind and a passion to be successful!
      What is Forex?
      Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX, or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies trade. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion. All the world's combined stock markets don't even come close to this. But what does that mean to you? Take a closer look at Forex trading and you may find some exciting trading opportunities unavailable with other investments.
      Why Learn Forex Trading: Advantages Of Forex Trading
      There are many benefits and advantages of Forex Trading for Beginners. Here are just a few reasons why so many people are choosing Forex Trading:
      No commissions Forex Trading
      No clearing fees, no exchange fees, no government fees, no brokerage fees. Most retail brokers are compensated for their services through something called the “bid/ask spread“.
      No middlemen in Forex Trading
      Spot currency trading eliminates the middlemen and allows you to trade directly with the market responsible for the pricing on a particular currency pair.
      No fixed lot size in Forex Trading
      In spot Forex, you determine your own lot or position size. This allows traders to participate with accounts as small as $25.

      Forex Trading is a 24-hour market
      There is no waiting for the opening bell. From the Monday morning opening in Australia to the afternoon close in New York, the forex market never sleeps. This is awesome for those who want to trade on a part-time basis because you can choose when you want to trade: morning, noon, night, during breakfast, or in your sleep.
      No one can corner the market in Forex Trading
      The foreign exchange market is so huge and has so many participants that no single entity can control the market price for an extended period of time.
      Low Barriers to Entry
      You would think that getting started as a currency trader would cost a ton of money. The fact is, when compared to trading stocks, options, or futures, it doesn’t. Online forex brokers offer “mini” and “micro” trading accounts, some with a minimum account deposit of $25.
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      1- Introduction to Forex Trading to Beginner
      2- The Structure of the Forex Market
      3- Major Currencies & Trade System in Forex Trading
      4- Market Analysis in Forex Trading
      5- Type of Foreign Exchange Market in Forex Trading
      6- Benefits of Forex Trading
      7- Fundamental Market Forces in Forex Trading
      8- Technical Indicators in Forex Trading
      9- Pattern Study of Trends in Forex Trading
      10- Forex Trading Technical Strategy in Price Patterns
      11- Forex Trading Oscillator Divergences
      12- The Role of Inflation in Forex Trading
      13- The Commodity Connection in Forex Trading
      14- Position of Money Management in Forex Trading
      15- Foreign Exchange Risks in Forex Trading
      16- Forex Trading Trading Rules
      What's New: 
      No changelog provided
      Sap Info:
      ● Single Package APK (No SAI Needed);
      ● Languages: en,pl
      ● Supported DPIs: xhdpi
      ● Supported CPU architecture: armeabi_v7a
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.balouchappsfactory.forextradingpro&hl=enNo changelog provided
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    • By PRO_APK
      Simple Cash Book - Cash Management v1.2 [Pro]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: A simple cash book is a financial journal that contains all cash receipts and disbursements, including bank cash in and cash-out. You can plan your monthly budget. It will help you prevent excessive spend from your end.

      ▌A simple cash book is a financial journal that contains all cash receipts and disbursements, including bank cash in and cash-out. You can plan your monthly budget. It will help you prevent excessive spend from your end.
      ▌ Simple Cash Book - Cash Management is to maintaining your credit-debit accounts and personal ledger (party-wise) like Daily Cash.
      ▌Manage Multiple Cash Book - Want to create a separate account for home expenses, office, travel, college, etc. Create as many cashbooks as you like and maintain separate records for each of your requirements.
      ▌Backup & Restore - Share your backup to cloud and restore it from anywhere
      ▌Simple Cash Book - Cash Management Features :
      - Showing Current total cash in, cash out, and balance on Dashboard
      - Create multiple cashbooks
      - Share pdf report of cashbook to anyone on social media
      - Filter your records with date
      - View monthly records in calendar view
      - Edit and Delete Entry within Cashbook / Accounts
      - Password authenticated for Security Settings
      - Add Transaction from Ledger for daily income expense entries as
      - Serves as personal ledger to manage spending
      - Improved Backup & Restore - Backup Manager
      - Split amount among college students, groups & hostel expenses
      - You can clear all entries and start it again
      - Take your data backup into Google drive cloud backup
      What's New: 
      ** Backup and Restore Bug issued
      - Showing Current total cash in, cash out, and balance on Dashboard
      - Create multiple cashbooks
      - Share PDF report of cashbook to anyone on social media
      - Filter your records with date
      - View monthly records in calendar view
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
      armeabi-v7a arm64-v8a x86 x86_64:
    • By PRO_APK
      SHAREit: File Transfer,Sharing v5.9.23_ww [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: The world’s fastest way to share photos, apps and more across devices…without network charges or Wi-Fi connection. Lenovo SHAREit eliminates the need for cables to wirelessly transfer information rapidly between devices – either with friends, or to take your personal content on the go.

      SHAREit, the world's fastest cross-platform file transfer tool for near-field communication.
      - Share all kinds of files whenever and wherever.
      - 200 times Bluetooth speed!
      - No USB! No data usage! No internet needed!
      - Supports Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, and Mac OS.
      - The choice of OVER 300 million users from 200 countries.
      - Top 1 downloaded App on Google Play in 15 countries and districts.

      【Main features】
      ► No network restriction
      Share files whenever & wherever!
      ► Fastest in the world
      200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.
      ► Cross-platform transferring
      Cross-platform sharing for phones & computers & tablets, Android & iOS & Windows Phone & Windows XP/7/8.
      ► Transfer whatever you have
      Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any other files.
      ► Simple and Easy
      Friends can transfer files to each other by entering Portal. So easy to share!
      ► Connect to PC
      Transfer files between phone and PC
      View your photos and play music on computers.
      Control PPT directly with your phone, making your presentation easier!
      ► CLONEit
      Replicate contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data from your old phone to the new one in just one click.

      ►Facebook _https://facebook.com/bestSHAREit
      ►Twitter _https://twitter.com/bestSHAREit
      ►VK _https://vk.com/bestSHAREit
      ►Instagram _https://instagram.com/bestSHAREit
      What's New
      1.The sender and receiver pages have been redesigned to be more user-friendly!
      2. Optimized playback experience.
      All ads Disabled
      Invoke ads are nulfied
      All Ads links are Cutted or removed
      All Trackers/analytics are Cutted carefully (Almost)
      Mainfest Cleaned and few garbage's Cleaned
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
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      Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) v1.2.0 [Paid]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) the optimized app for your personal asset management

      No extra permission, no user system. Money Manager do not save any the information of users, protecting your privacy. Its simple design makes it lightweight, straightforward and very easy to use.
      FEATURES of Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) - complete guide:
      Dark Mode
      You can choose the dark theme or light theme as you like. Both modes are very beautiful.
      Custom theme colors
      Elephant Bookkeeping has five different colors for theme. You can choose the style you like.
      Instant and powerful statistics
      Based on the record entered, you can instantly see your expense by category and changes between each month. And you can see the change of your assets and income/expense indicated by a graph as well.
      Backup & Restore
      You can restore records from sdcard, the backup files will be auto saved when you add the records, and you can also backup files manually.
      Asset Management
      You can create your asset accounts, such as cash, bank card, funding, stock etc. and tracker the asset account's modify record, transfer record and order record.
      Various record type
      Money manager has various record type, including food, bills, transportation, car, entertainment, shopping, clothing, insurance, tax, telephone, smoke, health, pet, beauty, vegetables, education, salary, awards, sale, refunds, investments, dividends etc.
      What's New: 
      Fix some bugs.
      Package Info:

      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs: universal architecture;
      Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Untouched [Paid] apk with Original Hash Signature, no [Mod] or changes was applied;
      Certificate MD5 digest: eb34876c9acebd5377564faf83a03477
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts & Investor News v7.1 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: StockSpy - A slick app which simplifies tracking stocks, stock market, realtime quotes, charts, news, links & stats for stocks around the globe. StockSpy allows you to SEE how the news affects stock prices with NewsCharts!

      Please Note: A "Pro" subscription is required to unlock all of StockSpy features! Your subscription helps fund StockSpy's operation costs and development of even more awesome new features!
      ✔ NEW: Track portfolio value and trades across all of your devices.
      ✔ Works for stocks from tons of stock exchanges around the world!
      ✔ Real time quotes and volume from major exchanges: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, London, Germany, Italy, Taiwan. 
      ✔ The up/down ticks in live real time stock quote prices are highlighted in green/red.
      ✔ Landscape Mode: Beautiful and clear full screen stock charts & news.
      ✔ Technical Indicators: Candle Stick Charts, SMA, EMA, Bollinger Bands and Parabolic SAR
      ✔ Symbol Groups: Custom named watchlists to help organize the stocks in your portfolio.
      ✔ Sortable symbol lists: Sort by ticker symbol or stock price percentage change.
      ✔ Real time Intraday Charts: In stocks list & symbol details.
      ✔ Time Saving Links: Organizes web links related to your stocks for quick investment research. Never have to type in a URL again. Setup a link template once for your whole portfolio.
      ✔ Full Screen Charts and Browser: Instantly toggle to full screen for charting or reading news articles about your stocks.
      ✔ Symbol List Company Logos help you quickly spot the stock you’re looking for.
      ✔ If stock price changes more than ±2% quote shows a darker green or red or green background.
      ✔ Integrated Stats & fundamental stock data: 
      + Dividends: Per share, Yield, Ex Dividend, Pay Date
      + Ratios/Other: PE, Price/Sales, PEG, Book Value, EPS, EBITDA, Short Ratio
      + Price History: 52 week range and % change.
      ✔ NewsCharts lets you to visualize news volume over time to spot correlations with price changes!
      ✔ Auto news feed configuration. 
      ✔ Customize News Sources RSS/Atom address templates. 
      ✔ Single list Multi news feed consolidation. Avoid jumping between finance websites to find all the news on your investments! 
      ✔ Read articles in integrated browser or long press for external browser.
      ✔ Grey marking of Read articles.
      ✔ Easy news feed setup for popular finance websites (Pro Required for multiple news sources)
      CLOUD SYNC (Pro)
      Stock tracker automatically syncs your Stock Watchlist, News Feeds & Links on every device...
      ✔ Multi-platform sync on phone, tablet and desktop computers.
      ✔ If your device is lost or damaged you can restore data related to your stocks from the cloud using your StockSpy account!
      STOCK EXCHANGES - Stock quote tracker supports tons of exchanges around the world to access your stocks.
      ✔ Americas - US, Canada, Mexico & South American exchanges.
      ✔ Europe/Middle East - Major european exchagnes as well as Tel Aviv.
      ✔ Asia/Pacific
      With recent volatility in the global financial markets access to timely investment information is a necessity. With StockSpy this information is at your fingertips.
      ★ SUPPORT: Contact [email protected] anytime!
      ★ Go ahead! Get your copy of StockSpy today. You won't regret it!
      WHAT'S NEW:
      -NEW: Added link to Privacy Policy under the app settings > About StockSpy.
      -NEW: Pinch to zoom and pan in full screen charts! (Implemented based on user feedback. Thanks!)
      -Complete user interface upgrade incorporating Google's "Material Design".
      -High resolution country flags corporate logos where available for high DPI screens.
      -Fix for splits handling.
      -Fix for crash on the main screen affecting some users from previous update.
      -Fix for quotes loading.
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By PRO_APK
      AndroMoney Pro v3b.13.3 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: The one of best tools for keeping accounts, efficiently tracking each expense report

      This is the Ad-free edition of AndroMoney. The functions on both edition are the same. If you are happy with free edition there is no need to upgrade to pro edition. We hope this app can help you to manage your expense and money easily !
      If you install the pro version, the free version would remove all Ads. If you don't like the pro version style. You still can enjoy the free version without any ads .
      Data from AndroMoney to AndroMoney Pro
      Menu =>Export/Import =>Backup Database=>SD
      AndroMoney Pro:
      Menu=>Export/Import =>Import From AndroMoney=>SD
      AndroMoney is a personal finance tool for use on your mobile phone. By using this tool, we hope you can better manage your wealth.
      We focus on:
      1.Ease of use: keep it intuitive to operate
      2.Powerful:daily accounting, managing categories, or even drawing detail reports, AndroMoney can easily manage it.
      As this App's name suggests, we hope AndroMoney will be the best personal finance tool on Android! If you have any problems about how to use it or ideas about how to improve it, feel free to email us. We appreciate your feedback!
      - Multiple accounts and support account balance & account transfer
      - Cloud Storage (Dropbox , Google Docs)
      - SYNC with other devices
      - Any currency with downloadable rates
      - Number pad with calculation
      - Hierarchical categories with custom attributes
      - Simple/ Detail / Custom Budgets
      - Trend, Pie and Bar charts for Expense and Cash Flow
      - Password Protection
      - Overview your expense and income summary
      - Back up data to Excel/ Mac Number
      Manage your expense and money easily !
      What's New:
      1. Add write permission on share account.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Cash Reader: Bill Identifier v2.0.5 [Premium]
      Overview: Cash Reader identifies banknote denomination for the largest number of currencies.

      Cash Reader identifies banknote denomination for the largest number of currencies.
      Point your camera to the money in hand and hear, see or feel its value.
      All banknotes supported by Cash Reader are listed below alphabetically by region.
      European Union:
      Euro, British pound, Bulgarian lev, Croatian Kuna, Czech Crown, Danish krone, Hungarian Forint, Polish zloty, Romanian leu, Swedish krona
      Bosnian mark, Icelandic crown, Norwegian krone, Russian Ruble, Serbian dinar, Swiss franc, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian hryvnia
      North America:
      United States dollar, Canadian dollar, Mexican peso
      Central America and the Caribbean:
      Costa Rican colon, Guatemalan quetzal, Honduran lempira, Trinidad and Tobago dollar
      South America:
      Argentine peso, Bolivian Boliviano, Brazilian real, Chilean peso, Colombian peso, Uruguayan peso, Paraguayan guarani, Peruvian sol
      Middle East:
      Bahraini Dinar, Israeli shekel, Iranian rial, Jordanian Dinar, Kuwaiti Dinar, Lebanese pound, Omani rial, Qatari riyal, Saudi riyal
      Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Japanese yen, Malaysian ringgit, Pakistani rupee, Philippine peso, Singapore dollar, South Korean won, Indian rupee, Vietnamese dong, Thai Baht
      Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar
      Egyptian pound, Ghanaian Cedi, Kenyan shilling, Tunisian Dinar, Moroccan dirham, Rwandan Franc, South African Rand, West African CFA Franc, Nigerian Naira, Ethiopian Birr, Zambian kwacha
      The app is localized to these languages:
      English, Arabic, Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Macedonian, Norwegian, Vietnamese
      More currencies and languages are coming soon!
      How does it work?
      Open the app and place the banknote in front of the camera, it's that simple!
      The banknote denomination is instantly read aloud via your device's speaker. In the same time, large contrasting characters will appear on the screen.
      On silent mode, the denomination will be transformed into vibrations. This feature helps you to quickly identify and count bills even in noisy environments or when privacy is needed.
      Without the Internet, Cash Reader can still be used. After you download the currency database, you don't need an internet connection for reading the paper bills, so you can now use the app at any time and anywhere.
      The Screen Reader is a perfect match for Cash Reader, it works smooth and fast, adjusting to any size of text selected in your Accessibility settings.
      Cash Reader contains many other handy and thoughtful features based on community feedback.
      Do you miss your currency or language? Just let us know! We are working closely with people like you to make Cash Reader the number one choice for everyone.
      Cash Reader is free to download.
      The free version limits the identification to the lowest two banknotes for each currency.
      Full version identifies all banknotes for the growing number of currencies.
      You can purchase the Full version within the app at any time.
      What's New: 
      Cash Reader 2.0 is here with a completely new recognition engine and new features. You can now learn vibration patterns, set speed of vibration or toggle haptic feedback. Also, if you have downloaded some currency which you don't need anymore, you can simply delete it. 
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Wallet - Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker v8.2.241 [Unlocked] [Mod Extra]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Wallet is your personal finance planner that helps you save money, plan your budget and track spending. You will become your own finance manager

      Actively plan & manage money. Get a report concerning your finances, together with the people you trust, across multiple currencies, banks and financial institutions. Upload your Loyalty or Reward cards too. Get and keep full control of your finances. Tracking your money just got easier.
      Do you have something that you need to save up for? DOWNLOAD NOW!
      Chuck your notebooks, spreadsheets and budget for clear, tangible goals that are easy to track in real time. It may be for your holiday travel, education, family, car expenses, small business expenses or any other expenses you might have. Wallet by BudgetBakers is not just a finance expense tracker, report or budgeting app. It’s all about getting things under control now, so that you can make wise decisions and plan for the future - a month, a year or 10 years down the line.
      You can easily control your spending & save more using the finance tracker.
      Wallet is designed to be your personal manager which helps you get your finances under control from day 1, giving you continuous insight into your financial situation and helping you stay in control for the long-term. It’s your personal expense report.
      Automatic Bank Updates - Transactions are automatic and securely synced with your bank, smartly categorized and factored into your budget. With 3,500 participating banks worldwide, you’ll save loads of time not having to track every penny.
      Imports or Manual Bank Updates - You can now import all your transaction data from sources of your choice to Wallet so you will get a full report. Be it from your bank or your own spreadsheets.
      Flexible Budgets - Budgets help you plan & save money for the future thanks to the integrated finance manager. Whatever it is you need to accomplish, from paying off debt to buying a car or saving for retirement, Wallet offers the flexibility to meet your goals and cleverly react to any changing financial circumstances.
      Insightful reports - Easy-to-understand graphs and financial overviews give you actionable finance insights about the state of your finances, across bank accounts, credit and debit cards, debts and cash. You can get your income & expense report.
      Sharing selected accounts - Selected accounts can be shared with family, friends or colleagues who need to cooperate on a budget. Everyone can contribute from any platform, whether it be Android, iPhone or the Web.
      Loyalty and Reward cards - Upload all your plastic cards with bar-codes to Wallet to get rid of all the unnecessary junk which make your wallet extremely big and heavy. You can even share your cards with family members and collect points all in one account. Make your life lighter.
      List of other features: Multiple currency support, Automatic cloud sync, Receipt and warranty tracking, Categories and templates, geo-mapping transactions, hash-tagging, Shopping lists, Exports to CSV/XLS/PDF, debt management, PIN security, Standing orders, notifications, money tracker, report and more.
      1. Download the app
      2. Sign-in Via Facebook or Google
      3. Get going: budget and track expenses like a master!
      Wallet is certified with eTrust
      What's New:
      No changelog.
      Mod Info:

      Premium / Paid features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
      Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from Android.manifest;
      Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
      Ads layouts visibility disabled;
      Google Play Store install package check disabled;
      Debug code removed;
      Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
      Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
      No active trackers or advertisements;
      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, mips, mips64;
      Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Original package signature changed;
      Release by Balatan.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Planner v5.16.0.2021021810 [Premium]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Money Lover makes personal finances management easy for everyone. It helps you simply manage everything from cash, credit cards, bills, receipts, etc in one secure place. 

      #1 Finance Manager App on Android since 2011. 
      ✔Award-winning App
      ★ Best of 2017 App. 
      ★ Google Top Developer. 
      ★ Editors' Choice since 2016.
      Get Money Lover today to control your finances like a boss. 
      ✔ Money manager: Keep track of daily expenses, incomes and put them in category. 
      ✔ Budgeting: Plan and budgets to never overspend and save more money by applying envelope system. 
      ✔ Reporting: Financial reports give you overview of your spending, income by date or group. 
      ✔ Security: Data encrypted by RSA-1024 bit. Support PIN code, Fingerprint to unlock. 
      ✔ Credit Wallet: Designed for managing credit card and notifying repayment. 
      ✔ Linked Wallet: Automatic bank feed. Update from banking accounts, e-wallet and crypto wallet. 
      Note: We support 17 countries. Please go to Connect to bank and check the availability. 
      1. Debt & Loan Tracker 
      2. Home widgets & Quick add button 
      3. Scan & Store paper receipt
      4. Online backup & Sync
      5. Currency Exchange 
      6. Tips & Interest Calculator
      7. SMS detector
      8. Recurring transactions
      9. Multi-currency supported
      10. Share Wallet 
      11. Sync between devices
      12. Saving wallet
      13. Events & Travel mode 
      14. Bills reminder. 
      15. More 130 free icons 
      16. Transaction tags
      Upgrade to PREMIUM to support us and have more power
      ✔ Unlimited number of budgets, savings, wallets, events. 
      ✔ Export to CSV, Excel 
      ✔ Picture attachment
      ✔ Ad-free
      Loved by the media:
      ✔ The Independent: Best Personal Finance app
      ✔ Techuntold: Best budgeting app for Android
      ✔ AppListo: Top 10 Apps for Expense Tracker
      ✔ Bluestacks: A must have budgeting app. 
      Clarification for Access Permissions:
      - Network Communication (Internet Access) is for syncing data and getting money exchange rate. 
      - Social Information (Read Contact) is for suggesting “With Who” to tag your people in your contact list.
      - Your Location is for identifying your location of the transaction.
      - Storage (modify or delete contents on your USB storage) is for creating and storing backup data to the USB storage.
      - Access to System tools is for adding Home screen shortcuts and widget.
      What's New:
      No changelog.
      Mod Info:

      Premium / Paid features unlocked;
      Pack Icons unlocked;
      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
      Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Original package signature changed;
      Release by Balatan.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Crypto Tracker & Bitcoin Price - Coin Stats v3.3.4.2 [Pro]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Welcome to Coin Stats, the #1 FREE Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. Stay informed on the latest live crypto prices in real-time, view essential market data at a glance and effectively monitor your investments.

      Welcome to Coin Stats, the #1 FREE Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. Stay informed on the latest live crypto prices in real-time, view essential market data at a glance and effectively monitor your investments. Coin Stats gives you the ability to track and sync your entire cryptocurrency portfolio, all centralized in a single app.
      Sophisticated enough for professional investors but simple enough to use for enthusiastic first timers, Coin Stats has everything you need to manage and grow your crypto portfolio. Measure your performance, learn about and anticipate crypto value changes and know instantly when crypto prices move, Coin Stats helps you make better decisions about your investments.
      Track Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 5,000 altcoins prices from 250+ exchanges. Use your local currency and sync your favourite exchanges and wallets automatically to your Coin Stats portfolio so you don’t have to manually add transactions. See prices, values & changes in real-time, Coin Stats brings all the crypto related news from over 40 sources to a single screen and much more!
      Find the next great coin. Advanced filtering, sorting and research makes it easier to find your next crypto investment. Access the latest data about any cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, links to their website, reddit, twitter and read up to date news in order to get as much information as possible.
      Never miss a buying or selling opportunity. Easily track and follow live prices of 5,000+ cryptocurrencies in real-time and access charts & analytical data. Select the exchange you’re using, look at average prices across all exchanges and ‘favorite’ the coins you want to keep an eye on.
      Follow pass performance of all crypto coins with candle charts and line charts.
      See all your portfolios on one screen. Set up your portfolio in Coin Stats by manually adding your buy/sell transactions or syncing your exchange account and wallets for a live view. Coin Stats allows you to connect it automatically, for easier transaction history entry with read-only API keys. All major exchanges are listed; Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Coinbase, Kucoin, Bitstamp and others.
      Connect your exchange accounts or wallets to get personalized analytics like “Total fee paid to exchange” or alerts including automatic price movement, order fill notifications or wallet transaction notification to always stay on top of your holdings.
      Compare your crypto portfolio with friends and track your gains over time. You can share one or more of your portfolios and it will appear in their CoinStats app or website.
      Coin Stats brings all the crypto related news from over 40 sources to a single screen so you can easily stay on top of the market.
      Native widgets give you easy access crypto, bitcoin prices and your portfolio. Add widget to your home screen and stay updated
      The Coin Stats app is updated each week with more features and improvements for our users. You can check our backlog and plans at feedback.coinstats.app
      Set up price, limit, volume and coin market cap tracker alerts for all the cryptocurrencies available so you don’t miss a single opportunity.

      Download CoinStats today and discover an essential, unified cryptocurrency management tool, allowing you to monitor the market whenever and wherever you want to.
      Supported exchanges for sync: Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Liqui, Cryptopia, Coinbase, Cex.io, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex, Huobi Pro, Bitso, Bitstamp, Bitmex
      Supported wallets for sync: Ethereum (ETH) wallet, Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet, Ripple (XRP) wallet, Siacoin wallet, NEO wallet. Dash wallet, DeepOnion Wallet, Cardano (ADA) wallet, TRON (TRX) wallet, EOS Wallet, Ledger Nano hardware wallet.
      What's New: 
      A LOT of fixes and improvements
      New trading experience on your connected exchange accounts
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: credit LunaDev
      armeabi-v7a arm64-v8a x86 x86_64 mips:
    • By PRO_APK
      Investtech v3.0.3.6 [Subscribed]
      Requirements: 5.1+
      Overview: Technical stock analysis with concrete recommendations updated daily. Analysis based on research, advanced mathematics, user friendliness and consistent results.

      Technical stock analysis with concrete recommendations updated daily. Analysis based on research, advanced mathematics, user friendliness and consistent results.
      - Personalised home to quickly get analysis you want
      - Add stocks to favourites and easily monitor them
      - Search for any stock among 29,000+ stocks across 10 countries
      - Stock exchange barometer gives the overall sentiment of a stock exchange
      - Market commentary is written by Investtech's computers, based on an algorithm that selects the stocks with the most interesting price movements.
      - Today's signals gives an overview of the stocks that have most recently given positive or negative signals.
      - Indices analyses gives analysis and recommendations for major indices
      - Indices evaluation gives an overview of the indices and their development
      - Today's Case gives you a selected stock which is technically positive.
      - Web login exclusively for our website subscribers
      - Multi language support
      - Works offline
      - Markets analysed - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, United States and India
      Unlock all features: get 1 week free.
      Top 20 + Advanced charts at a discounted price of $10.99 after free period.
      Top 20: daily updated list of 20 best buy candidates at just $1.99 per month.
      The best stocks based on Investtech’s quantitative analysis system. These stocks will rise in the next weeks or months, according to investor psychology. Advanced charts & analysis for these candidates for short, medium & long term perspectives.
      Advanced charts: medium term analysis across the entire app at just $9.99 per month.
      The chart analysis identify important patterns in the price chart and volume which can describe the psychological fluctuations experienced by the investors. The patterns signal what the investors will do next, and the stock is assigned a technical evaluation. The analysis are entirely automatic and updated every day by Investtech’s systems.
      - These are monthly subscriptions which will automatically renew until cancelled.
      - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
      - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable
      - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
      - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
      - You may turn off the auto-renewal of subscriptions through your Account Settings, however you are not able to cancel the current subscription during its active period.
      - User can access their subscription on other devices by clicking Restore purchase button within the app.
      - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase

      Good results with Investtech's analyses
      - Independent and objective analyses
      - Concrete buy and sell signals
      - Clear-cut recommendations
      - Documentation from research and reports

      Investtech has more than 21 years of experience
      - Norwegian company established in 1997
      - Offices in Lysaker and Kjeller - 14 employees
      - Specialists on quantitative analyses
      - Research projects supported by the Research Council of Norway
      You can find our privacy policy here:
      You can find our terms and conditions here:
      What's New: 
      We've fixed some bugs and made some performance improvements. Thanks for using Investtech!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
      armeabi-v7a arm64-v8a x86 x86_64:
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      Stock Alerts Background - Stock market tracker v3.2 [Subscribed] Proper
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Add background alerts for stock prices and percents. Stock alerts will be generated even when app is killed or in background.

      Add background alerts for stock prices and percents. Stock alerts will be generated even when app is killed or in background.
      Notifications will be shown whenever price/price percent goes above the set limits.
      - Add Price alerts.
      - Add Daily % change alert to track daily price movement in %.
      - Add Net % change alert to track net profit/loss % in a stock.
      - Add Volume alert to track traded volume of a stock.
      - Add unlimited watchlists and stocks to track stock prices.
      - Custom alert sounds - choose among sound type - Alarm, Ringtone and Notification.
      - Support for Crypto Currencies, Currency ,ETF, Mutual Fund, Commodity futures.
      - Enable Alerts in Background to get notified even when app is killed or in background.
      - Set Stock Price update interval to as low as 5 sec
      - Backup and restore data on google drive
      - Enable background alert during market hours only to save battery.
      What's New: 
      Yearly Subscriptions added
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By PRO_APK
      Digital Business Card Maker - Visiting Cards v9.0 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up 
      Overview: This virtual business card maker offers a fantastic platform to help make beautiful cards from existing shapes and easy-to-use editing tools

      Visiting card maker is for people who want to create high quality original unique visiting cards without spending a fortune.
      More and more people started own small business. The electric business card is very necessary because of so many kinds of business communication online directly. High efficiency is very important.
      Choose from one of our digital business card templates and create a business card that gets you noticed.
      Choose some templates or background which is match with your company service. Then put on your company logo and some company information. That's it.
      Hundreds of companies already make a good impression with a mobile business card maker.
      Dozens of business card templates
      We have several models made by talented designers for you to represent your name or your brand well. Choose one of our business card templates and leave it with your face in our exclusive business card editor.
      Customize with our online business card editor
      We offer an exclusive editor for you to customize one of our business card templates or even create your own business card template.
      Business icons modern business card icons various communication icons for business cards
      Easily brand your marketing materials with personalized company stickers with sticker design ideas. Custom Stickers are a great way to make a first impression stick.
      This line sticker to use for marking and partition and divider.
      Business logo stickers sticker logo design art & design logo.
      Business Card Backgrounds
      Landscape and Portrait Background collections for business card maker.
      You can find the various business card templates such as the professional business card branded business card personal visiting card classic business card unique visiting cards modern business cards and elegant visiting cards.
      Please rate the app and give your feedback to help us improve and create much more unique apps for you.
      Modded by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      Thank you for using the business card maker app. We constantly update our app for bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Video Brochure Maker - Video Marketing Templates v17.0 (SAP)(Unlocked)
      Requirements: 4.3 and up
      Overview: Top the sales chart with a promotional video made effortlessly with our video brochure maker

      Explore plenty of classy brochure designs & templates that get your business moving.
      Next-level Video Marketing features are in your hands now! Our video brochure maker has tonnes of impressive short video templates for digital marketing. It’s a whole new experience to create a brochure like a graphic designer & perform business promotion on your own.
      Video Brochure Maker for Beginners & Professionals
      Who says video brochure making is not for you? This business marketing app does not require any technical knowledge. It is legit for novices & professionals to extract the best of their products & services with smoothly described video brochure designs. 
      Key Features of Video Brochure Maker
      1. Create a Brochure Template without anyone’s help
      2. Short Video Templates in vibrant designs
      3. Advance Business marketing app for any business size
      4. Video Marketing made feasible with Audio Recording
      5. Editable video templates with the layering of shapes & text
      6. Promotional Videos with Rotation Effects
      7. Video marketing with tri-fold & dual-fold templates
      8. Ready-to-use Brochure Examples
      9. Personalized brochure designs experience
      10. Video Advertising with motion effects
      3-Steps to Skyrocket Video Marketing
      Create a brochure using this business marketing app in three-step-process:
      1. Choose a brochure template from classic to tri fold templates
      2. Add business promotion text select shapes for your text to pop-up and add a custom video to brochure design. Personalize the template as desired.
      3. Add sound from the grand default Music Library of our video marketing brochure maker. You can also add from your gallery or record sound too.
      4. Save Download or share your short video templates instantly
      Benefits of Video Brochure over anything else
      We all agree with the fact that storytelling is a better form of communication right? This makes video brochure a right-fit for any type of social media marketing. Cost-effective video brochure design Handy video marketing tool & many more benefits are offered.
      Branding Video Maker is for Smart Video Advertising – Here’s how!
      1. Any Product/Service can be easily explained using video-ads
      2. No need for complicated software
      3. Social media marketing made easy for one & all niches
      4. High ROI becomes possible
      5. Seamless video-ads experience
      6. Better business promotion with video advertising
      7. Engaging brochure designs in smart tri-fold templates 
      8. A Cost-effective digital marketing technique
      For whom is this video marketing brochure maker best for?
      Our video marketing brochure maker is for everyone. Here are some of the brochure examples to swear by:
      1. Social media marketing for products
      2. Delightful brochure designs for Fashion & Beauty
      3. Digital marketing for Event Management firms
      4. Tri-fold Template for Restaurants
      5. Brochure templates for corporate services
      6. Brochure designs for Schools
      7. Brochure Examples for Home Cleaning Services
      8. Branding Video Maker for Local Businesses
      9. Promotional Video for Freelancers
      10. Video Templates for Import-Export businesses
      11. Travel Brochure Templates
      We cater more to such niches for whom video brochure designs are life-changing. Our video ad maker is for everyone who knows the magic of storytelling with video ads.
      Video Brochure Maker & Branding Video Maker’s Subscription Details
      This video brochure maker’s monthly 6-month or annual premium subscription unlocks all of the highly valuable features. Subscriptions renew automatically and include access to all of these: 
      1. Remove Ads
      2. Access to all premium video templates graphics videos music fonts
      3. Remove Watermark
      Your feedback will do the needful for our video brochure maker. Please share your video marketing experience with us!
      Release by LunaDev
      What's New: 
       Bug fixed and performance improved. 
      Thank You for using the video brochure maker app! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features to help you connect with your friends.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Easy Currency Converter Pro v3.6.5 [Paid] [Patched] [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview Currency Converter for over 180 currencies with live exchange rates and offline mode. Setup your personal currency list and see all the important currencies at first glance.

      ★ 180+ world currencies and 4 metals
      ★ Live exchange rates
      ★ Ad-free
      ★ Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ...)
      ★ Offline mode (no roaming fees)
      ★ Convert multiple currencies at once
      ★ Historic graphs (1 day - 5 years)
      ★ Search function to quickly add a new currency
      ★ App2SD
      NOTE: Click the ‘All currencies’ button below your personal currency list to add a new currency.
      What's New:
      - Dark Mode
      - Hi-Res flag icons
      - New graph timeframe: 2011 until now
      - New currency: GBX (subunit of GBP)
      - Performance Improvements
      - New crypto-currencies: BTS, DASH, DOGE, EMC, ETH, FCT, FTC, LTC, NMC, NVC, NXT, PPC, STR, VTC, XMR, XPM, XRP
      - Venezuela has a new currency: VES (VEF is obsolete)
      - Belarus has a new currency: BYN (BYR is obsolete)
      Mod Info:

      No root or Lucky Patcher or Google Play Modded required;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
      Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Debug code removed;
      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs: universal architecture;
      Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Original package signature changed;
      Release by Balatan.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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