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VoIP Recorder & Screen Recorder v2.0 [Pro]


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VoIP Recorder & Screen Recorder v2.0 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Features
• Record video calls and voice calls from VoIP apps, such as
☆ Chatting and calling apps
☆ Messaging and calling apps

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• Record video calls and voice calls from VoIP apps, such as
☆ Chatting and calling apps
☆ Messaging and calling apps
☆ IM and call apps
☆ Social media apps
☆ Social networking apps
☆ Video calling apps
☆ Video conferencing apps
☆ Remote meeting apps
All video calls and voice calls you make or receive by the apps above can be perfectly recorded. This sort of apps on the market, big brand or small brand, popular or unpopular, all are supported.
• Capture game playing, video playing, music playing, app using etc.
• Recordings can be saved as video+audio files or pure audio files.
• Audio is loseless because the sound data is copied directly from the system internal. Audio can be saved in stereo or in mono.
• Manage recordings, play back, rename, delete, share etc.
• Powerful, meanwhile simple and green.
• No advertisement, so it's clean and safe.

Root Needed
To enjoy the wonderful features provided by this app, you must root your phone at first. Don't download the app if you have not yet rooted your phone or even don't know what root is, because the app is useless to you.

Is Non-Root Possible?
Is it possible to record VoIP calls without root? No, it's not possible because of Android limitations. So many users have been waiting for so many years, there is simply no solution. Stop waiting and start rooting your phone, this is the only way to go.

Compare to Other Call Recorders
On the market several other call recorders said they can record VoIP calls, but actually they can't (you can test and confirm this fact yourself). Why? Because Android allows only one app to use the microphone. As a result,
• When a VoIP call is ongoing (so the microphone is being occupied), the recorder can't record the call because it is blocked to use the microphone.
• If first you start recording to let the recorder occupying the microphone, second make a VoIP call to your friend, you'll find your friend can't hear your voice because the VoIP app is blocked to use the microphone.
However this app uses the microphone in a shared manner, so it works perfectly with all VoIP apps on the market.

Compare to Other Screen Recorders
This app also works as a screen recorder, and it is more powerful than other screen recorders.
• All other screen recorders can't record VoIP calls because Android allows only one app to use the microphone, just as said above. This app can record VoIP calls perfectly.
• Most other screen recorders can only make external recordings, audio saved is bad because it is mixed with environmental noises. This app copies sound data directly from the system internal (internal recording), audio saved is perfect.
• Some other screen recorders can make internal recordings, but they only work on a part of phones, and they can't record audio from many apps like music streaming apps and video streaming apps etc. If you use this app to make screen recordings you can record audio on all phones from all apps.

Start / Stop / Pause / Resume Recording
When a VoIP call comes, the VoIP app doesn't notify this app, so this app can't start recording automatically because it doesn't know the event. You should tap the record button on the notification or on the float view to start recording. When the call is ended, this app doesn't know the event either, so you should tap the stop button to stop recording. During recording you can pause and resume recording if you want.

Have a problem?
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What's New: 
Support Android 11.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: credit ~Timozhai~
armeabi-v7a arm64-v8a:

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