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Airline Commander – A real flight experience v1.3.8 (Mod – Simpler)

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Airline Commander – A real flight experience v1.3.8 (Mod – Simpler)

Conquer routes worldwide, fly amid real traffic and build your fleet!

Download Airline Commander - A real flight experience MOD APK


Create the best airline in the world and manage dozens of airliners.
Fly from the main hubs to open thousands of routes towards all the major airports of the world.
Earn from contracts, completing takeoffs, landings, taxiing and exciting challenges in hundreds of airports with realistic runways and high definition regions.
Increase your automatic earnings thanks to the routes you open and conquer the sky!

There are hundreds of licenses available to improve your skills. Learn how to use all airplanes controls, and to cope with faults, emergencies and unfavorable weather conditions. The more you improve the more you earn with your airline; build the definitive fleet amid real-time air traffic!

Features Airline Commander – A real flight experience:

– Dozens of airliners to build your definitive fleet: turbine, reaction, single deck or double deck
– Dozens of main hubs with taxiways to open thousands of routes towards all the major airports of the world
– Hundreds of realistic airports and runways. Regions and airports with high definition satellite images, maps and worldwide navigation
– Thousands of different situations to handle during takeoff, landing, and all taxiing and airborne phases
– Real-time air traffic, with real airlines, on the ground and in flight
– Simplified flight system with navigation help or flight simulation for advanced users
– Realistic SID/STAR takeoff and landing procedures with pushback system, taxiing and the possibility to dock at the finger with individual display
– Compete against pilots and airlines from all around the world to prove you’re the best
– Realistic different times of the day with sun, moon, stars and real-time weather conditions
– Customizable airline livery

Technical details of the flight simulator:
– Control tower communication to manage air traffic and provide assistance
– Takeoffs and landings from basic to advanced and with Instrument Landing System (ILS)
– Primary Flight Display and Navigation Display
– Advanced engine system with startup, faults and fire suppression
– Fuel management with weight balancing, fuel dumping, real consumption, stall, APU and engine pressure
– Autopilot with control of all flight parameters: altitude, speed, heading and vertical speed
– Failure of sensors, instruments, ASM, fuel tanks, landing gear and engines
– Malfunction of flaps, rudder, air brakes and radar
– Hydraulic faults, tire problems, fire on board
– Wind, turbulence and fog with various levels of severity
– Ice and severe frost with ANTI-ICE system
– Weather Radar to manage microbursts and faults caused by lightning

For problems with the game and suggestions please write to: [email protected]


Bug fixes

Airline Commander - A real flight experience MOD APK Info:

Missions will always complete successfully with the best possible performance (regardless of what you do during the flight - even crash the plane, or leave the mission / exam).
For the mod to work correctly, first install the original and go through the tutorial in it, then, without deleting anything, install the mod.


Download Airline Commander - A real flight experience APK



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      ™ & © Scholastic Inc. SCHOLASTIC, Goosebumps and associated logos are trademarks of Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved
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      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
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      Case Opener – skins simulator with minigames v2.7.1 (Mod – premium)
      Case Opener - the best case opening simulator! All cases, trades and more!
      Download Case Opener - skins simulator with minigames MOD APK

      Case Opener provides:
      – The most realistic representation of opening
      – 3D preview
      – All the cases, including souvenirs
      – Upgrader minigame – upgrade your skins
      – Trades – exchange skins with your friends and other players
      – Crash minigame – bet and try to cash out before the Crash!
      – DoubleRoulette – bet on color and double your skins!
      – Jackpot – deposit your skins and try to win the whole pot
      – Skin Quiz – check if you are the skin expert
      – Bomb Defuse – remember code and color to avoid the explosion
      – Skin inventory
      – Player stats and over 30 in-game achievements
      – In-game leaderboards
      – Contracts; upgrade 10 skins for higher tier one (including StatTrak)
      – Automatic Steam Market skin price display
      – Languages available: English, Polish, Russian, Chinese
      This is not a clicker game, and there is no need for endless tapping like other clicker simulators. All standard cases can be opened completely for free, without waiting.
      Do not wait any longer – download it, choose your case and start the opening! Try your luck now!
      Notice: skins found in this case simulator cannot be transferred to your real inventory from game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added skin patterns for Doppler and Gamma Doppler
      - Improved selection and sorting in the inventory
      - New skins in golden scratcher
      - Redesigned skin shop
      - Added Second chance popup
      - New design in Jackpot and Crash minigames
      Case Opener - skins simulator with minigames MOD APK Info:
      unlimited mystery case
      unlimited blade case
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Case Opener - skins simulator with minigames APK
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      Repair My Car! v2.4.2 (Mod – Lots of money / no ads) + Obb
      Ultimate repairman experience!
      Download Repair My Car! MOD APK

      Repair broken cars, clean oils, renew pistons, charge the battery, and install a new one if necessary to get ready for the race!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Performance improvements.
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      Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad Simulator v1.167 (Mod – Free Shopping)
      Survival games: try to stay alive on raft, craft weapons, get food!
      Download Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad - Simulator MOD APK

      Ocean Nomad is a new release in the series of ocean survival games with new enemies, items, rpg elements, survival on an island and ocean exploration on a boat. Build and upgrade your raft for survival in the sea, defend it from sharks and explore the vast world around. Try all our awesome survival simulator games rolled into one!
      Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad Features of our game:
      ☆hundreds of weapons and items
      ☆open world exploration
      ☆realistic 3D HD – graphics
      ☆survival on islands
      ☆improved raft building
      Tips for apocalypse survival:
      Catch items and resources with you hook
      Lots of useful resources in shark games are right under your nose. Chest and barrels floating around always contain vital resources for survival on in the sea and wreckages are really good material for raft building in ocean games. You might even find items, tools and weapons for defense of the raft, so keep on throwing the hook!
      Craft weapons and armor
      A prey can easily change the rules and become a hunter in shark games. Make a hard choice among hundreds of guns, two – handed blade weapons and armor parts to defend you floating base and hunt sharks. Craft a perfect arsenal and always be ready for the battle.
      Defend your raft
      Be ready to evolve and fight for survival in the sea with a double effort, now that you’ve got one more problem to deal with. The shark is now joined by swimmers from other survivor games and eager to attack the raft. No man can tame a shark and there’s nowhere to escape, so prepare for shooting and swinging all night and day long!
      Build and upgrade
      Pay attention to the condition of your raft on the water in survival games in the ocean. It’s not enough to tie together a couple of wooden planks without a roof or even walls to feel safe. Be creative and expand the raft free in height and width, because the only limit for building in survival simulator games 2018 is your imagination. There’s also a lot of upgrades for fishing, storage space extension, that you can improve the floating shelter with to help you survive in the ocean.
      Explore the ocean
      Ever wondered if there’s lost land with forest woods, jungle and animal pets in this ocean without end? An awesome feature of our island survival games free is now implemented in this one. Don’t sit idle — dare to explore the ocean and islands around. What do they hide: horror or glory, medieval royale treasures or wild tigers and scary dinosaurs from the jurassic age or even an old airplane wreckage? What’s more you can find resources, upgrades for the raft and other items on the islands. You won’t need a ship or an ark to sail to them in shark games — a simple boat will do, and may the stars be your guide.
      Learn the story of the apocalypse
      An unknown devastating cataclysm turned the world into an endless ocean and last survivors are locked on scattered islands like in prison, dreaming of finding their home. The quest of our raft game is to find them and discover the truth of what happened, find other people who could survive and join them.
      Survive on a raft
      The latest release of our offline Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad games is full of evolved enemies, new items and other features that will surprise everybody. Download Ocean Nomad game and embark on an epic survival adventure. Play with no wifi or internet connection, last as many days as you can and share the results online with friends!
      *Attention:* We are not affiliated with the developers of the original Raft game.
      Our company Unisoft Games has full rights to use the RAFT trademark in the USA (The Mark Consists of Standard Characters without claim to any particular font style, size or color – Ser. No. 87-605,582 FILED 09-12-2017)
      WHAT'S NEW
      Fixed bug with tutorial
      Fixed a bug with transferring foundations on supports
      Fixed other bugs
      Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad - Simulator MOD APK Info:
      Free in-app purchase
      Unlimited Money *Increase
      Free craft of all things (ingredients are not removed after crafting)
      The possibility of multiple craft of unique things (ie, those that can be crafted only once in a regular game)
      Rapid leveling.
      Unlocked sandbox
      Unlocked paid cell in inventory
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad - Simulator APK
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      Lighting Up The City
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      Welcome to Idle Light City – a brand new idle/incremental game! The city is in dark, it need your help to light up the whole city. Running a lightbulb factory and produce as many lightbulbs as you can, unlock new buildings, lit them up to earn money.
      In this idle, tap tap and clicker game, you can unlock and discover lots of buildings, enjoy amusement park. Earn cash, buy upgrades, produce lightbulbs faster and expand the city.
      Enjoy the unique & addictive idle game!
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Bug Fixed that caused XMas offer to seem not to be closing.
      Idle Light City MOD APK Info:
      Money and diamonds increase with spending;
      Disabled ads.
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Idle Light City APK
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      Idle Planet Miner v1.7.7 (Mod – Free Shopping)
      Dig to the outskirts of the galaxy & profit! Mine ore in a fun idle mining game!
      Download Idle Planet Miner MOD APK

      If you enjoy clicker & digging games, Idle Planet Miner is perfect for you! Idle Planet Miner is an incremental, digging, idle clicker game simulation that lets you take control of a mining ship and dig deep into the cores of planets across the solar system! Just start clicking to mine rare metals. Hire special mining managers, dig deep, sell ore, craft alloys, and more! Upgrade your Mining Ship and planets to increase your profits, dig up valuable riches and expand your empire across the stars.
      Digging for ore has never been more exciting! Tap to dig, then upgrade your ship & planets and hire mangers to help you dig deeper, faster. Unlock a new crafting recipes, new planets and more! Craft an Empire that will span the stars!
      Download now and start digging for ore in one of the most addicting incremental idle clicker games! Dig your way through the stars!
      Idle Clicker Gameplay
      ● Idle to increase your mining rate!
      ● Tap to smash asteroids and earn rare ore!
      ● Mine: Earn coins and hire managers!
      Incremental Upgrades
      ● Create an Empire Across the stars!
      ● Hire managers to improve your output!
      ● Evolve your digging strategy! Unlock special projects to improve your output!
      Upgrade Your Mining Ship Idle Planet Miner
      ● Play the Market: respond to supply & demand across the galaxy to maximize profits!
      ● Research special projects and profit!
      ● Rewards to permanently upgrade your mining ship are everywhere!
      Idle Mining
      ● Earn ore and coins when you’re not playing
      ● Quests- complete quests to earn premium rewards
      Idle Planet Miner is the perfect incremental clicker / idle game for fans of endless fun. Idle the day away digging for ore, rare metals, coins, and more!
      Dig your way through the stars!
      WHAT'S NEW
      • Multiplayer tournaments every weekend (and bug fixes)
      Idle Planet Miner MOD APK Info:
      Free Shopping *for real money
      Infinite dark matter (appears after restart)
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Idle Planet Miner APK
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      Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific v1.12.007 (Mod – Unlimited Money)
      Conquer the skies in this intense WW2 air combat action sim!
      Download Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific MOD APK

      War is stirring in the Pacific and command of the air is your path to victory! Take the controls and master iconic aircraft in this amazing WW2 flight combat game.
      + Master over a dozen classic aircraft: from trainers to high-performance fighters.
      + Equip hundreds of upgrades: rockets, bombs, guns, torpedoes, engines, armor and more!
      + 40 missions with 160 challenging objectives
      + Unlimited Scramble missions for free-flight excitement.
      + Over 50 achievements waiting to be unlocked!
      + More aircraft, missions and regions coming monthly!
      + Stunning graphics! The best visuals yet in a mobile air combat game!
      + Our trailers and screenshots are of ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!
      + Perfect blend of realistic physics and simple controls.
      + Great frame-rates even with tons of detail.
      + Realistic environments: clouds, haze, mist and time-of-day effects.
      + Good performance on older devices!
      Air Combat Pilot is not a complex “hard-core sim”, and it is far more than a “tap and swipe” arcade shooter! We blend realistic physics with simple controls to produce an authentic “feeling of flight” while making it easy to blast away at the enemy and tear up the ground! After just a few training flights, you will be landing on carriers and making precision ground strikes.
      Fly over a dozen of the most iconic American aircraft from WW2. Train on the tame but maneuverable T-6 Texan, and earn you right to pilot the mighty F4F Hellcat and F4U Corsair. Conduct amphibious ops in the PBY Catalina, and send the enemy to the bottom of the sea in the TBF-1 Avenger.
      Collect hundreds of upgrades to maximize your speed and destructive power. Engines, armor, guns, rockets, bombs and torpedoes are yours to be earned during the campaign, each with multiple upgrade levels.
      With multiple ways to complete objectives, you’ll discover which planes and weapons work best for your style of play. Earn silver to unlock new types of weapons and new aircraft to carry them.
      Accept Scramble missions for endless combat action. Explore beautiful vistas while destroying everything in sight! Pound the ground in Scramble to earn upgrades for your next career mission
      Air Combat Pilot is a free-to-play game supported by ads and in-app purchases of premium planes and upgrades. We do NOT have an annoying “wait to play” mechanic. We hope our customers enjoy the game and encourage you to make a small in-game purchase to show your support!
      We are a small indie studio in Chicago, IL! We had a blast making this game and really hope you enjoy it. We plan on releasing new content monthly and look forward to your comments and suggestions.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - B-26 Marauder
      - Mission set 14 (5 new missions)
      - Ripple out over 20 bombs in one run!
      - 1000lb bombs on the B-26
      Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific MOD APK Info:
      Unlimited money
      Unlimited gold
      It increases as you spend money and gold in the game. (increase the amount of money - gold starting from low-priced expenses)
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific APK
    • By APK
      Survival Simulator v0.2.2 (Mod – Free Shopping & Anti Kick)
      Realistic survival simulator in the forest
      Download Survival Simulator MOD APK

      Survival Simulator puts you in the forest full of weird animals and players – mostly hostile and ruthless.
      Exploit environment, place a camp, gather resources for crafting, defend yourself, improve your weapons and tools.
      Could you survive in the place where everybody wants you to die? High time to check it out!
      Key features:
      • Multiplayer. Create your own server or join another one. Make everything on your own or build a like-minded team. It is up to you to decide. Since the goal is to survive. Whatever the way.
      • Realistic graphics. Feel the pure survival game. Be ready to face many challenges. Plus the other players you will encounter will make it really difficult.
      • Variety of tools and weapons.
      • Gathering resources (logs, stone, ore)
      • Hunting animals
      • Building and crafting systems.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Fixed respawn in sleeping bags
      - Widened the torch light radius
      - Ladder can be destroyed now
      - Fixed some bugs

      - Wild animals added
      - Map showing your localization and home
      - Customizable buttons
      - Sleeping bag is back

      - Multiplayer! (alpha)
      - New environment map
      - New building objects

      - Fixed bug with save items
      - Fixed animals spawn
      Survival Simulator MOD APK Info:
      No Recoil
      Infinite Stamina
      Super Jump
      No Fall Damage
      Free Shopping
      Anti Kick
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Survival Simulator APK
    • By APK
      Zombie Castaways v4.21.1 (Mod – gold coins)
      Zombastic farm & adventures 
      Download Zombie Castaways MOD APK

      Experience living on a farm island side by side with friendly and adventure-loving zombies in Zombie Castaways! Here’s a list of things to never get bored in a zombie universe:
       Travel through a diverse zombie world! A tour of Toys Island, a ride through a hectic City of Humans, a space mission to Asteroid, adventures on the Safari Island – you name it, Zombie has got it!
       Build your home island: choose from regular zombie farm fields and factories or world-famous landmarks – Eiffel Tower, Egyptian Sphinx, Louvre and more!
       Restore a huge pirate island and pursue a career of a zombie pirate with all well-known attributes: a noisy tavern, commissions from sea wolves, and faraway journeys!
       Start your own zombie farm and grow the most unusual plants, fruits, and flowers – gather your first farm crops of boneberries, necropumpkins, eyeball peas and what not!
       Follow a moving story of the main character: will Zombie ever become a human for love of his life?
       Meet cute zombie farm helpers and new friends: Amy (major spoiler: Zombie’s future girlfriend), Z.Chief (a local celebrity), Diana Jones (Zombie’s BFF), zombie woodcutters and stoneminers, treasure hunters and cooks!
      Long story short, forget what they told you about zombies before! Welcome to fun farm and adventures in Zombie Castaways! 
      Follow us on our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ZombieCastaways/
      WHAT'S NEW
      After an adventure-filled year, Zombie decided to take a break and recharge at his beloved grandmother's. He found her home island eerily empty. What had happened here?
      Zombie Castaways MOD APK Info:
      A lot of gold coins and banknotes
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Zombie Castaways APK
    • By APK
      Idle GYM Sports v1.40 (Mod – Free in-app purchase)
      Best idle & management simulator game! Share fitness workout fun in YOUR GYM.
      Download Idle GYM Sports - Fitness Workout Simulator Game MOD APK

      Idle GYM Sports Best free tycoon, strategy, and management simulator game! Creat your gym empire.
      Ever wish you could own a gym? Start to share the satisfaction of a fitness workout.
      Build and manage your first dream gym. Expand and improve the Archery Hall, Basketball Hall, Boxing Ring, Football Field, and so on.
      Invest wisely with different growth strategies. Allocate your money in turnstiles, staff management, and attract elite sportspeople to make your gym more famous.
      Explore diverse sites all around the world to build your unique gym empire! Make your customers enjoy all kinds of workout types of equipment and routines. Start a business from scratch, manage it strategically to see it continuously thrive, and become a gym tycoon as you wish.
      Idle GYM Sports Features:
      • User-friendly interface.
      • Realistic simulation of the gym scene.
      • Stunning 3D graphics and smooth gameplay.
      • Multiple choices of facilities, equipment, services and growth strategy.
      • Enjoyable exploration of your own gym business and different rewards and achievements.
      • Get idle money and become the best gym tycoon in the world, even when you’re offline.
      If you are a fan of strategy, management idle games or wish to own gym business, Idle GYM Sports is your best choice!
      WHAT'S NEW
      1. Add epic card upgrade
      2. End of Christmas
      Idle GYM Sports - Fitness Workout Simulator Game MOD APK Info:
      Free in-app purchase
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Idle GYM Sports - Fitness Workout Simulator Game APK
    • By APK
      Campus: Date Sim v2.37 (Mod – Free in-app purchase)
      Immerse yourself in the student world of flirting, parties, hot compliments.
      Download Campus: Date Sim MOD APK

      The story begins with an application on a mobile device that indicates the concentration of beautiful girls. The radar application pointed to the Campus, which is located very close. There you meet three charming students who are clearly interested in you and are eager to communicate with you.
      Each has unique qualities and each needs to find its own approach. The approach to the hearts of girls lies through gifts and flirting, you can show all your amorous skills using a slot machine and your wit.
      You will not remain indifferent, because you expect:
      – Dating simulator;
      – Excitement;
      – Daily gifts;
      – Bright outfits for your girls;
      – Hot flirting with pretty girls;
      – Interesting locations in a pleasant company.
      Solve the path to the heart of each girl and you will be rewarded with additional bonuses.
      Immerse yourself in the student world of flirting, parties, hot compliments and special attention of girls in Campus!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Fixes and improvements
      Campus: Date Sim MOD APK Info:
      Free in-app purchase
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Campus: Date Sim APK
    • By APK
      Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish v1.37 (Mod – Ad Free)
      A beautiful ocean world unfolds before your eyes!
      The best relaxing game

      Global No.1 relaxing game played by 50 million people all oever the world, the newest Abyssrium series!
      Pretty corals, fish, penguins, jelly fish and adorable sea otters!
      And a hamster who want to be sea urchin, cat and dog who dress up like sea creatures are waiting for you!
      You can’t imagine Abyssrium without the whale!
      ABYSSRIUM WORLD where adorable sea creatuers are swimming will help you relax and chill out. Take a break in the peaceful and wonderful ABYSSRIUM WORLD!
      [More convenient system]
      You don’t need to tap the screen!
      Play only 5 minutes and nice seal will help you to harvest the materiials.
      [A beautiful ocean world in the palm of your hands!]
      You can pile and place various shapes of rocks or items and easily decroate your own ocean world.
      [All sorts of underwater friends are waiting for you]
      You can meet mommy and baby sea otter, three little squids, and crabs!
      All sorts of underwater creatures including a giant tree-shaped coral, a fish encased in ice, giant clams, and landmark that lights the sea will be waiting for you.
      The quiet, soothing background music will help you relax and chill out.
      How to play Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish
      [Create the object with memories and fish will come to visit]
      Make the recipe and invite fish by collecting ingredients from various way including coral factory, seaweed factory, and travel.
      [Fish thrive on interactions]
      Show your affection and fish will grow up.
      Raise your fish and let them go trip.
      They will come back with lavish gifts!
      [Decorate your ocean filled with various items]
      Settle fish in the Expedition Area and get Blue Scale.
      You can buy decorations by getting Blue Scales.
      [Play Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish with friends]
      Visit your friends’ village and purify the their village’s pollutants.
      You can build up your village with friends by purifying each other’s!
      [Expand your underwater world]
      Let your fish go trip beyond the ocean and they will bring new friends!
      Collect various type of fish, expand and grow your underwater world!
      Create a unique seabed filled with pretty coral and different kinds of sea creatures right now!
      WHAT'S NEW
      App Name Change
      Get rewards without watching ads
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
    • By APK
      Cats are Cute v1.5.11 (Mod – Lots of money)
      Create your cute cat town!
      Download Cats are Cute MOD APK

      The game you have been waiting for: Cats are Cute!
      What’s going on in the Meow Town?
      Look after adorable cats and watch your town grow!
      ■ Game Introduction
      “Cats are Cute” is a game for you so that you can find joy from watching cute cats after a long, stressful day. Collect a variety of cats and build your own town. Watch the cats play around and you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed. Because cats are cute!
      ■ Features
      – Super easy to play
      – Fun to collect, watch, and care for adorable cats
      – Discover cats’ skills and their characteristics
      – You can build buildings where the cats live, and make your own village
      ■ How to Play
      – Collect Hearts by petting and playing with the cats.
      – Collect Fish and Catgrass to discover and become friends with new cats.
      – Discover your cat’s special and goofy skills.
      – Decorate your buildings and build your own cat village.
      ■ Check out more information at kkiruk studio’s website!
      ■ Saving Data
      This game does not have a server. All game data is stored on the mobile device you are using.
      We recommend that you back up your gameplay data using cloud storage.
      ■ Required Access
      [Device Photo, Media, File Access]
      This is required to save game data on your device.
      ■ How to change authorization settings
      [For Android Version 6.0 or higher]
      1. How to withdraw access authorization: Go to Phone Settings> Applications> More (Settings & Controls)> App Settings> App Permissions> Select this Permission> Access Permission Choose or Accept
      2. How to withdraw by application: Phone Settings> Applications> Select app> Select permissions> Accept or revoke access
      [Under Android version 6.0]
      Due to the nature of the operating system, access rights cannot be revoked unless application is completely deleted.
      WHAT'S NEW
      [Update Notice]
      - Now supports Russian! (Settings - Language)
      - You can set the cat's skills randomly. (Settings - Cat Skill)
      - You can set the kitten's skills randomly. (Settings - Kitten Skill)
      - FAQ added. (Settings - FAQ)
      - Like the Cats are Cute social media as well! (Settings - Social account)
      - Various bugs have been fixed.
      Cats are Cute MOD APK Info:
      Lots of money
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Cats are Cute APK
    • By APK
      Breakfast Story: chef restaurant cooking games v1.8.7 (Mod – Currency)
      Happy restaurants cooking food overcooked fever madness, cafe kitchen city game
      Download Breakfast Story: chef restaurant cooking games MOD APK

      2020 brand new cooking game, tons of food and levels. Super addictive restaurant game.
      This is the story of an office worker leaving to open a breakfast shop~
      I think my boss…
      He must be very angry…
      After getting on the subway for 523 days…
      And working overtime for 428 days,
      That morning, an idea suddenly comes to my mind…
      Be your own boss!

      Life should not be the same every day, My own life is up to me!
      I became the owner of the breakfast shop!

      As expected, I’m more motivated to work for myself!
      Meet different people every day,
      Do what you like everyday!

      Slowly, I met a lot of people with stories,
      They are my customers,
      And share their stories with me.

      Slowly, my business is getting bigger and bigger,
      I found my new assistant,
      It’s cute!

      Game features:
      ● new game mode you haven’t experienced yet.
      ● the type of food you haven’t made yet.
      ● a plot form you haven’t felt yet.
      ● a game with insight into all aspects of life.
      ● it’s not perfect, but it must be fun.
      I sincerely hope you like this game, we will continue to improve and add new features and stories.
      Official website:http://www.ccyiyo.com
      Contact us:http://ccyiyo.com/page/contact/contact.php
      WHAT'S NEW
      Optimize the game experience.
      Breakfast Story: chef restaurant cooking games MOD APK Info:
      Get a lot of money
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Breakfast Story: chef restaurant cooking games APK
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