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Bulu Monster v7.4.2 (Mod – Bulu Points)

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Bulu Monster v7.4.2 (Mod – Bulu Points)

Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in Android

Download Bulu Monster MOD APK


Bulu Monster – a monster collecting game in Android

Monsters are the main theme of the exciting new app from Sigma Game. Bulu Monster allows the user to become a monster trainer on Bulu Island. Sigma Game believes this app will stand out from all of the other monster games on the market as Bulu Monster puts the user fully in control.

In this role playing adventure game, the user must discover, capture, fight and train one of the 150 monsters. Bulu Monster also allows the user to engage with friends and with other trainers online, enabling them to challenge their friends and other players of the game.

Bulu Monster was some eighteen months in the making; Sigma Game has ensured that the app is of the quality that users will have come to expect. The high quality animation, adventurous storyline, and the ability to challenge both friends and other users online adds to the exhilarating, high energy feel of this game.

Bulu Monster leads the user on a unique adventure that is not available on other monster games. As well as enabling the user to capture monsters, the user can train them, too, and this is what makes Bulu Monster different to the other games that can be found out there. Bulu Monster can be played both online and offline, allowing the user to play the game even without Internet access, making the game more versatile than most.

For ease of play, Bulu Monster has a one-hand touch control so no joystick is required, and it allows the user to be able to create the right balance between control and game playing. Another feature of Bulu Monster is the online shop. The shop allows users of Bulu Monster to access special purchase items and discounts as well as reading feedback from on other users and engaging with other competitors on the online forum.

The app is free to download and has recently been made available via App World; it has been designed for the iOS platform.

Bulu Monster Main Features:

Bulu Monster is full of colourful, carefully animated monsters. The monsters come in different shapes and sizes, and have been designed to be visually appealing to everyone who plays the game.
The colourful monsters included in this game are sure to keep everyone involved and engaged right until the end. The game also includes:
– A fun and appealing story line that allows the user to save their monster friend, Rania, as one of the quests
– 14 different fantasy maps to explore
– Challenge more than 50 NPC monster trainers
– Train a monster team
– Friend code system to allow the user to invite their friends to lay the game along with them, increasing the competitiveness and fun of Bulu Island.
– Collect more than 150 different monsters

For a taster of what to expect from the Bulu Monster app, visit http://youtu.be/sjQ0D44WSms

Sigma Game always appreciates feedback and queries from its customers. If you have a query or feedback about our game then please contact us at [email protected] or find us on social media at: http://twitter.com/sigmagame or become a fan at: http://www.facebook.com/sigmagame


- Bug fixes

Bulu Monster MOD APK Info:

1. Massive Rewards
(you can receive infinite rewards as you want even don't have enough bulu points)

- directly after finishing the tutorial, when reaching to red box click on search, and choose done to get rewards, do more and more, to get as massive rewards as you can, then click on close icon to continue your game

- I added Unsigned version for saving your progress
- Mod doesn't work in the shop (bulu points are visual there)


Download Bulu Monster APK



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      BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website:
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      Terms of Service:
      Privacy Policy:
      This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see
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      Game © 2014 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
      This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.
      Powered by “CRIWARE.” CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
      YoutubeWatch Trailer on YouTube
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added Treasure Map Crew Edit
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      - Added Home Crew feature
      - Added new features for Characters
      - Adjusted initial Character Box space to 500
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      - Adjusted initial Crew Cost Max to 230
      - Adjusted existing features
      - Other minor fixes
      1. MOD ON/OFF via config file [NEW]
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      3. High Damage
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      Touch the screen to defeat the monsters, you can evolve the sword.
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      Idle Clicker Action Rpg! Ego Sword!
      Nostalgic retro pixel graphic
      More than 200 kinds of sword
      Touch action with a sense of excitement
      Rebirth system for stronger
      Various sword enhancement system
      Dialogue system to enjoy the atmosphere and story of fantasy world
      WHAT'S NEW
      Reduced the timing of unlocking PVP content to 300 stages
      Ego Sword - Idle Cliker RPG MOD APK Info:
      no time battle with boss
      *Play offline to avoid ban.
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
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      Assemble mighty teams of knights, sorcerers, archers, clerics, wizards, assassins, warriors, priests and even more to defeat the forces of darkness. Each hero has their own unique special attack and custom skills, so you decide if your team should focus on area damage, single target attacks, healing or maybe a mixture of everything.
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      Enter the fantasy realm of Darkfire Heroes and go on a heroic adventure. Explore hundreds of levels across more than 10 breathtaking locations with even more to come as your team journeys from ancient valleys to haunted castles, across frozen peaks and volcanic mountains. Your heroes are the only hope to defend the free lands.
      Download and play Darkfire Heroes:
      ★ Enjoy the fast-paced thrills in this epic, free-to-play action fantasy RPG game
      ★ Assemble and lead a team of brave heroes in real-time battles against the evil hordes
      ★ Choose the ultimate team of more than 50 heroes and spells for each quest
      ★ Earn chests and collect valuable loot to upgrade your heroes, spells and gear
      ★ Save land after land from the corrupted minions as you explore a massive campaign
      • Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
      Official Website: https://darkfireheroes.net
      Support: [email protected]
      Privacy Policy: http://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/privacy-policy/
      WHAT'S NEW
      Gear up for 2021 with this update! Explore the Bandit Mountains in the campaign, and prepare for Moonlight Monsters, the event theme for January - complete with new heroes, spells, skins, and gear. Don your monster hunting outfit and head out in the darkness, in search of beasts and treasure! All this and more in update 1.16!

      1.16.2 features an improved network protocol to optimize bandwidth and traffic.
      Darkfire Heroes MOD APK Info:
      Menu Mod
      Damage Multiple
      Defence Multiple
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      Battle on! The best 3D massively multiplayer role-playing game.
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      This MMORPG is a little bit different… you were warned.
      “Become part of AdventureQuest 3D’s growing online world! We’re building new areas under your feet as you play it.” – Artix and the devs (who also make the weekly-updated hit web games AQWorlds, DragonFable, EpicDuel and, um, those other AE games.)
      SORCERER GENERAL’S WARNING: This game is ONLY for fans of fantasy MMORPGs, swords & sorcery, open-world games, passionately involved game developers, and people who wandered here completely by mistake but downloaded and loved it anyway. May contain AE’s unpredictable tongue-in-cheek humor, parody, puns, oddly-fused monsters (Werepyres?), and the game is so casually hard core that there is a 99% chance you will die before the game even starts. But hey, maybe you’ll get lucky and DEATH (aka The Grim Reaper) will make you a deal you can’t refuse. Only one way to find out.
      • Finally, a game that’s not going to dive into your wallet.
      • Earn power and cool stuff through gameplay
      • Optional cosmetics if you’d like to support us
      • Weird in-game holidays
      • Town changes to reflect seasons and boss monsters invade
      • Small team = crazy devs with the power to spawn monsters
      • We’re literally building new stuff for you right now
      • Join us for weekly-ish releases on Thursdays-ish
      • Play your character from anywhere (Android, iOS, PC, Mac)
      • Yes, all devices log into the same world
      • Yes, you can switch to your phone and take it to the potty and then go back to playing PC without anyone knowing.
      • Our bad guys can beat up your other game’s bad guys.
      • As long as we’re the ones writing the story. Which we are.
      • Unless you want to jump in and help. Comment on our official posts.
      • NecroKnights
      • Vampires Lords
      • Werewolf Gladiators
      • Pirates, Ninjas, “The Braken”
      • DEATH – Underworld Celebrity
      • Frogzards
      • Drickens – Half Dragon, half chicken
      • Dragons
      • Lots of Dragons
      • OMG why do we love Dragons so much!
      • See items on your character when you equip them!
      • Equip for power or looks
      • Our barbershop is the best
      • Equip swords, scytheblades (scythe + sword = awesome), fidget spinners (why did you make us do this!?) wands, pew pew thingies, armors, matrixy looking long coats, gloves, boots, capes, helms, belts, hair, & accessories (skull hair clips are so hot right now) however you want.
      We’re always making new stuff.
      • Collect classes like Necromancer, Paladin, DragonSlayer, Ninja, Rogue, Warrior, Mage
      • Switch between them at any time!
      • We are building a ton more 
      LOOK UP & JUMP
      • AQ3D is a rare Mobile MMO that lets you look up at the sky!
      • Jump on things. Which means…
      You will regret that we let you jump in this game XD Some of our parkour maps are 100% evil. LAZORS!
      • Transform into birds, dragons, and creatures that move at high speed
      • Except the bush transformation… awkward.
      • 20 player raids (like the Dragon’s Lair)
      • 5 player dungeons
      • 2 player adventures… date night?
      • Solo – just like when I went to dances in school
      • Or just roam a world full of players looking for trouble
      AQ3D CURRENT FEATURES AdventureQuest 3D!
      • Battle Monsters in Real-time Combat
      • Summon & Teleport to your Friends
      • Pets
      • Crafting
      • Tons of things to complain about!
      • Persistent online world
      • Bad puns
      • Cutscenes you won’t want to skip! (Probably)
      • Check our website to see what we are developing next
      FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AdventureQuest3D/
      TWITTER: @ArtixKrieger or https://twitter.com/artixkrieger/
      YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/BattleOnGames
      We are an active community of gamers. Spy on what Artix and the team are working on next for the game at www.AQ3D.com
      WHAT'S NEW
      Happy Frostval! Here is what is new...

      * The 2020 Collection is live
      * Gifthulu! Players are spawning treasure filled monsters across the world
      * Daily Tasks
      * Level Capstones
      * All players can now form a guild

      Hot Fixes
      * Bank & NPC buttons are clicable again!
      * Character creation now shows the background
      * XP Bar now updates properly
      AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG MOD APK Info:
      menu mod
      fast move speed
      unlimited jump
      NOTE: Don't abuse mod
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG APK
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      Avakin Life v1.048.07 (Mod- All items purchased)
      Meet new people and chat with friends in the largest 3D simulation game.
      Download Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World MOD APK

      The virtual world of AVAKIN LIFE: an amazing 3D experience where you can meet people, chat & dress up! Decorate and design your home and visit astonishing, paradise locations!
      Simulation and role playing game with countless possibilities!
      It’s an exciting and vibrant virtual world! A second life where you can become the person you always wanted to be.
      Create your avatar and join millions of other people who already downloaded this fun role playing game!
      Dress up your avatar, design and decorate your home. Buy new clothes, discover new, amazing brands and create your own perfect outfit. Be a fashion star and the centre of attention. Go on dates and parties in paradise locations. Show off your dream home. Message new friends. Explore this ever-growing virtual reality 3D world of AVAKIN LIFE now!
      • Role playing game and simulation where you can choose your perfect character, figure, hair, eye colour and many more!
      • Dress up your avatar how you want. Go cute or crazy – pick your favourite style and become the person you always wanted to be in your wildest dreams!
      • Virtual reality world and simulation that gives you endless opportunities to express yourself!
      • Chat game where you can socialize with millions of other people!
      • Meet people from all around the world
      • Chat with other players, go on dates, fall in love and make friends!
      • Show off your perfect outfits and get advice on the newest trends, best styles, and clothes from your friends.
      • Compete with millions of other players or explore all the amazing brands and outfits together! Make pictures of your avatar and share them on Facebook to win special prizes!
      • Express yourself with awesome Avakin clothing brands and accessories
      • Browse through hundreds of fabulous items and fill your closet with stylish outfits.
      • Dress up (or down), play with your style and amaze others with your sense of fashion.
      • Shop for dresses, shoes, skirts, bags, jewellery and millions of other clothing items and accessories.
      • Change your hairstyles or even get a tattoo!
      • Be a fashion star or model – the choice is yours!
      • Design and build your perfect apartment
      • Decorate your home how you want – modern, classic, or Hollywood style – whatever suits your mood or the latest fashion trends.
      • Invite friends over, organize parties or just spend some quality time with your date.
      Avakin Life THE 3D SIMULATION GAME
      • 3D virtual reality world where you can become the person you always wanted to be!
      • Chat and meet with thousands of people
      • Create your perfect second life!
      • Choose your look, clothes and accessories.
      • Become a fashion star or a model.
      • Message friends and be the centre of attention.
      • Dress up, discover new awesome brands and shop for stylish outfits.
      • Role Playing game with dozens of exciting locations! Go to clubs, the beach and many more places!
      • Explore beautifully designed scenes and dive into the amazing world of Avakin Life NOW!
      FOLLOW US:
      Twitter @LockwoodLKWD
      Lockwood Publishing would love to hear your suggestions & feedback on how to improve our game!
      Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideas to http://www.avakin.com/forums/.
      WHAT'S NEW
      • Visit Festive Wonderlands on Avakin! Don't miss parties, presents and perfect holiday moments across a month of snow-packed events. From saving Santa to the stunning party looks, December's all festive, all the time. Join the celebrations!
      • Bugs that were causing issues for some players have been fixed.
      Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World MOD APK Info:
      All items were bought ( only you see them worn on you! ).
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World APK
    • By APK
      Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG v1.105.6 (Mod – God Mode)
      Age of heroic knights, dark mage and  white magic
      Download Guild of Heroes: Magic RPG | Wizard game MOD APK

      Heed the call of the magicians guild – conjurers, witches, archers and templars are needed! Monsters and dragons roam the realm, and your friends have already picked up the gauntlet, bow and arrow as well as sorcerer hats to raid dungeons, gain fame, and fight warlocks in the arena against other guilds!
      Guild of Heroes delivers everything the classic fantasy has to offer, with devious dwarves and ancient elves, nasty orc shamans and troll sorcery, epic action and dark caves, quests and raids as befits the best medieval style RPG in the lineage of tabletop games.
      However, the epic journey through the huge, colorful game world is not only fairy tales of mystic dungeons and dragons, but also battle against mages in the arena, controlled by other players!
      In a nutshell Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG :
      ★ Action-packed fantasy RPG in best game graphics
      ★ Equip character classes such as mage, hunter and warrior, interchangeable at any time
      ★ PVP against other teams in arena guild wars
      ★ Craft medieval weapons and armor with hundreds of combinations
      ★ Thousands of different monsters from diabolic exorcists to … oh, discover for yourself!
      Now, enough of the heroic ballads; grab your wand, sword and shield, and into the best, free fantasy RPG you’ll ever experience!
      Oh, do not forget: Follow the Guild of Heroes Community on Facebook – Events, Fan Art, Guild Friends and Contests are waiting to be explored!
      WHAT'S NEW
      ◆ Join the battles in the Dragon's Cave! Break curses and defeat monsters to get the Pajama Warrior skin!
      ◆ Earn Equipment tokens to buy legendary set items!
      ◆ Participate in daily tournaments and get new wings, treads, enchantment tomes, and other rewards!
      ◆ Also while completing the event, you can get infinity resources, shiny gems, runes, gold, and other rewards!
      Guild of Heroes: Magic RPG | Wizard game MOD APK Info:
      1. When you pay for something with diamonds your purchase will always be succesful.
      2. Improvements for diamonds are free.
      3. Everything bought for diamonds is free.
      4. No Skill CD
      5. God Mode
      ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD APK 
      Download Guild of Heroes: Magic RPG | Wizard game APK
    • By APK
      House of the Dead Overkill: LR v1.62 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3.3+
      Overview: You thought it was over… but we've found the Lost Reels.
      Join the original cast and blast your way through remixed worlds from The House of the Dead Overkill™. Play in Survival or Story Mode and mow down waves of infected, blood-thirsty mutants in this b-style arcade shooter.

      ▪ Experience 3 goregasmic worlds full of carnage in Story Mode. In Papa’s Palace of Pain, Ballistic Trauma, and Naked Terror, you’ll be screaming ‘til your last breath.
      ▪ Enjoy non-stop shooting action as you blow apart mutants for high-score thrills. See how long you can hold off the swarms of undead in Survival Mode.
      ▪ Isaac Washington: a hard-drinking ladies’ man who deals damage in droves.
      ▪ Agent G: an inexperienced but deadly assassin who keeps a steady hand under pressure. 
      ▪ Varla Guns: the hottest stripper on the Bayou City club scene who enjoys the largest clip.
      ▪ Candi Stryper: an expert with her hands who knows how to reload.
      ▪ Obliterate mutants with one of three control mechanisms optimized for your mobile device – Accelerometer, Virtual Pad and Frenzy Tap (unlockable)
      ▪ Destroy mutants to earn Ka$h, the in-game currency, and upgrade your pistol to something that really blasts through flesh. 
      ▪ Enhance your killing prowess with combo extenders, reload boosters, and other game-changing upgrades.
      Mod by komodias
       ➕ license check is disabled;
       ➕ all purchases in the store are free (full freeShop);
      This game has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
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      Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition v8193A00007 [Paid Patched]
      Requirements: Android 5.0+
      Overview: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition adds all-new enhanced features to the playable content of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition.

      Slink through the shadows as a deadly half-elven rogue, wield fearsome magics as a powerful gnomish sorcerer, vanquish your foes as an armor-clad dwarven paladin... whatever hero you create, incredible adventures await.
      Discover magic, wonder, and danger at every turn on your own or with friends in these classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures.
      Enhanced Features:
      - Mobile Play: A new virtual joystick and context sensitive button makes gameplay easy
      - Improved Display: Featuring a new re-engineered UI for tablet and phone play. Portrait, combat bar, inventory, and other UI elements adjust in size based on device resolution, and can be scaled to your liking.
      - Advanced Graphics Options: Pixel shaders and post-processing effects make for crisper, cleaner visuals. Enable contrast, vibrance, and depth of field options as preferred.
      - Community Endorsed: Original developers have teamed with key members of the Neverwinter Nights community to curate important fan-requested improvements to support players, storytellers, and modders. 
      - Backwards Compatibility: Works with save games, modules, and mods from the original Neverwinter Nights. A galaxy of community created content awaits.
      - Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Experience vast persistent worlds and game online with friends playing on mobile or desktop.
      All the playable content of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition:
      - The original Neverwinter Nights campaign: Find yourself at the center of intrigue, betrayal, and dark magic in Neverwinter Nights. Journey through dangerous cities, monster filled dungeons and deep into uncharted wilderness in search of the cure for a cursed plague ravaging the city of Neverwinter. 
      Two expansion packs: 
      - Shadows of Undrentide: Another adventure begins in Shadows of Undrentide! Charged by your master to recover four ancient artifacts, travel from the Silver Marches to unravel mysteries of a long-dead magical civilization. 
      - Hordes of the Underdark: Continue the adventure started in Shadows of Undrentide and journey into the ever-more bizarre and hostile depths of Undermountain to challenge a gathering evil.
      Three premium modules: 
      Discover over 40 hours of new stories, then go on to sample the hundreds of modules created by community members just like you.
      - Kingmaker 
      - ShadowGuard
      - Witch’s Wake
      This game is optimized for tablets and not recommended for phones with screen sizes under 7 inches. We do not support Chrome OS devices. Devices running OS versions older than 4.4 Kitkat may have gameplay toolbars obscured by soft keys.
      What's New: 
      January 6, 2021 Patch Release!
      Spell Fixes
      - Scrolls are now fully functional. Cast away!
      - Find spells in a flash— spells now sort alphabetically
      Performance Upgrades
      - Enjoy smooth gameplay with upgrades to performance & visual effects
      - Run wild with major improvements to player movement / pathfinding
      - Improved performance on Intel devices with native 64-bit support
      Download the update today!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Day R Premium v1.679 [Paid]
      Requirements: Android: 4.0 and Up
      Overview: Can you survive in a world destroyed by nuclear war? With radiation, hunger and disease all around you.

      Day R Survival Premium APK is the choice of hardocre survival game fans, post apocalypse, survival simulator in the open world, and even crafting and building fans will find your big shelter here.
      outlet. Incredibly immense territory with lots of settlements, different buildings and trapping hazards. Day R Survival is a free game but its premium version apk costs money in the play store.
      Story of Dar R Survival is about surviving in the post apocalyptic world. Entire country has been dead because of radioactive wars. Remain people are now hunting each other for food and shelter. Hunger and disease are main villain here and you need to get over it before anyone else does.you will be fighting with death and hunger, survive alone or survive in co-op mode with your friends its all up to you.
      The main objective is survival, but beyond that the game has its own storyline, side NPC quests, lots of narrative notes and stories of the characters. It is hard to imagine, what to do in this game it is impossible. Scrap wood furniture, torn clothes turning it into rags, find or fix it weapons, hunting and mining their own food! In general, what would you do, most importantly survive.
      In Day R Survival Premium There are several modes where you can go solo in Campaign mode or go in Multiplayer as well as the difficulty levels including online mode where you can meet real players.The game is really unique.Its freemium version has less features but Day R Survival Premium apk has its real advantages like you will get more new caps while starting a new games,you can save your game anytime,no ads will be shown and unlimited access to chat and send packages.
      Instructions of Installing Day R Survival Premium game.
      Simply download the latest version premium apk and install it in your phone.
      What's New:
        Some bugs fixed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Almora Darkosen RPG v1.0.61 [Premium]
      Overview: After 9 years of development, I am pleased to present you the full game!

      After 9 years of development, I am pleased to present you the full game!
      Almora Darkosen is a retro style hack and slash, role-playing game set in a fantasy world. Explore the huge Almora Island with different locations:
      fields, swamps, forests, dark forests, towns, crypts, caves, desesrt and other...
      The game will keep you playing for hours!
      Supported languages:
      - English
      - Polish
      Planned more languages:
      - Russian ( I am working on it )
      - German ( I am working on it )
      - Espanol ( I am working on it )
      Game features:
      * Original retro atmosphere.
      * Long story of Almora Island.
      * Quests: Over 100 Quests, including Main and side quests with a long story line. Gain more experience, reward items and gold from NPCs.
      * Items: Over 1500 different items, swords, axes, shields, helmets, armors, pants, boots, gloves, rings, stones, potions, herbals, minerals, keys, tools and many other… Includes: basic items, enhanced, rare, unique and legendary.
      * Mining and digging. Search for minerals like iron, silver or gold ores. Dig some hidden chests and explore whole island with hidden places.
      * Crafting: Craft Your items, upgrade it to enhanced, rare or unique. Make new mixtures, battle or defensive essences, special keys, discover new items, repair broken gear and more! There is over 300 item combinations.
      * Inventory with deposit: (Diablo style)
      * Mercenaries: Hire a mercenary and fight with monsters by his side. Keep him alive, share with him potions and upgrade him to higher level. Mercenaries are very helpfull, usually are stronger than you.
      * Monsters: Fight with bosses and different monsters with special abilities: flying, crawling, summoning other monsters, casting spells, poisoning, reborning, healing, disappearing and more…
      * Boats and portals: If you have enough of walking, you can always use a paid boat. You can travel to places you previously discovered.
      * Minigames: Play Almorian mini games for gold and tokens in the Taverns and hidden places. Collect Almora Tokens to craft better gear and items.
      * NPC: talk with all NPCs with their stories and quests.
      * Skills: Use active and passive skills. You can choose Your skill path, fire or poison, Use the healing skills to heal You and Your mercenaries. Choose what kind of combat do You like, melee or distance.
      * Game knowledge book: In-game encyclopedy: List and statistics of all discovered items. Monsters statistics and descriptions. Crafting book with listed all discovered items combinations.
      And many others...
      Game is free with Ads:
      You can turn off the ads by buying the Premium Account. Additionaly there are some extra features with Premium Account:
      ( It's not Pay To win! You can finish the game without Premium Account like the others with Premium Account )
      - No ads in whole game
      - Access to mini games
      - Access to encyclopedy ( items/monsters/crafting )
      - Crafting preview on crafting table
      For more information about game, please visit:
      Discord channel: https://discord.gg/J8cDhzh
      What's New: 
      - Game performance improvements
      - Additional markers on the map (locked chests, doors, iron ore, silver and gold)
      - Balance of damage system
      - Balance of monsters in the Dark Forest
      - Fixed an issue with "invisible walls on map edges"
      - Fixed characters getting stuck in houses
      - Some boxes that have been a permanent part of the environment are now destructible
      - Tutorial fixes
      - Minor bug fixes
      Premium content Unlocked
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      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Crashlands v100.0.63 [Paid Patched]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: "...a design masterpiece." 5/5 - TouchArcade
      Craft, battle, and quest your way through Crashlands, an outlandish, story-driven Crafting RPG overflowing with sass!

      Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose latest shipment gets derailed by a chin-strapped alien menace named Hewgodooko, leaving you stranded on an alien planet. As you hustle to retrieve your packages you’ll become enmeshed in a nefarious plot of world domination, which will require all of your wits and both of your glutes to overcome. Learn recipes from the local sentient life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a home-away-from-home as you learn to thrive on planet Woanope.
      ▼▼ Key Features ▼▼
      -● Expansive Crafting System ●-
      Unlock over 500 craftable items as you explore the world and learn its secrets!
      -● Self-managing, Infinite Inventory ●-
      In Crashlands, your inventory is infinite, manages itself, and retrieves your tools when you need them, so you can focus on adventuring, questing, and building. You'll never have dig through your bag or return to your base to free up inventory space!
      -● RPG-Style Character Progression ●-
      Become more powerful through creating ever-more-amazing items! As you grow in power, you can venture to new regions of the world, meet strange characters, discover new stories, and encounter new and interesting enemies.
      -● Skill-Based Combat ●-
      Learn the attacks of the enemies you encounter, and use your skill, agility, and wits to defeat them! You can even augment your fighting prowess with the power of the dozens of gadgets you can craft. Set your enemies on fire, stun them, slow down time, and more!
      -● Intuitive Base Building ●-
      Building a base in Crashlands is so simple it feels like fingerpainting. You can create beautiful, sprawling bases in minutes!
      -● Tameable Creatures ●-
      Every creature in Crashlands can become a trusty combat sidekick. Find an egg, incubate it, and hatch your very own adorable or hideous bundle of joy. You can even craft special items to grow and empower them!
      -● Huge World... with Huge Problems ●-
      Four sentient races, three continents, an epic bid for the future of the planet, and you - trapped in the middle, trying to deliver your freakin' packages. Take your time to dive into the sidestories of the characters you meet or just rush headlong into making that special delivery. With hundreds upon hundreds of quests, there's a lot to do and discover on planet Woanope! 
      -● Crossplatforminess ●-
      Just because your battery died, doesn't mean your fun has to die with it. You can transfer your Crashlands save to any other device you own Crashlands on. It has true cross-platform support!
      Recommended Hardware & OS:
      ● Android 4.1 or newer
      ● At least 1GB RAM
      ● At least 960x540px screen resolution
      Whats new
      Bug fixes and optimization updates. For more details, check out the patch notes at https://www.bscotch.net/games/crashlands/patchnotes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:      
    • By APK
      Final Fantasy III v2.0.0 [Patched English + Mod]
      Requirements: 2.2 +
      Overview: Final Fantasy III -- now on Android!

      First released in 1990, Final Fantasy III was the first title in the Final Fantasy series to become a million-seller, establishing once and for all that Square Enix's classic RPG saga was here to stay.
      The full 3D remake released in 2006 duplicated the original's success, selling over a million copies worldwide.
      Final Fantasy III was a hallmark of innovation for the entire series, from the job system that lets characters change classes at any time to the ability to summon powerful creatures such as Shiva and Bahamut.
      When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the crystals to set forth on a journey to save the world.
      Game Features
      - New and improved 3D visuals and story sequences only for Android
      - Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to Square Enix's smartphone RPGs
      - Quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game records
      - New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards
      WHAT'S NEW
      -Large Screen Support: Full-screen display support has been added for devices with larger screens
      -Opening cutscene has been added.
      -Gallery Mode Added: illustrations of the game, characters, and settings documets can be seen. Additionally, the entire soundtrack can be listened to.
      -Auto-battle Function Added: Players can now switch to auto-battle mode, which allows battles to take place at twice the speed. In auto-battle, characters will repeat the last action they were doing.
      Mod by pdalife
      license check is disabled
      Money Mod
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      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
      Money Mod
    • By APK
      Dungeon Maker v1.11.14 [Paid][Mod Money+Free Shopping]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview:  Selected as one of Top 10 games in Google Indie Game Festival 2018! (Korea)

      Prepare for battle - a mob of heroes is about to invade your territory!
      Build traps facilities in your dungeon, hire monsters, discover relics with mysterious power, and protect your dungeon from heroes that came to take you down.
      ◆ CONTENTS
      - 7 Dark Lords with special skills!
      - 100+ monsters and heroes
      - 70+ traps and facilities for your dungeon
      - 130+ relics with mysterious power
      - Various EVENTS filled with surprises
      - Various elements that can be unlocked throughout gameplay
      - and more…!
      We are planning to add more Dark Lords, traps, monsters, and more game modes!
      Think carefully when placing traps, facilities, and monsters into your dungeon. Strong strategy will help you survive the swarm of heroes and allow you to unlock more elements for your dungeon. May your dungeon endure the bravest heroes there are!
      Choose your fate from a selection of fate cards every day. If you wish to battle, heroes will come, and if you wish for surprises, a special event will take place.
      Choose the fate you want as the master of your dungeon.
      As Dungeon Maker does not have a server, all of its data is stored on the user's device only. If you delete the app, you may not be able to recover your gameplay data. Please save your progress using the cloud storage option within the game.
      Mod by pdalife
      Money Mod + Free Shopping
      What's New: 
      New game mode: All-out Battle is added.
      New card packs with new contents were added.
      New heroes were added.
      Update Detail : http://bit.ly/2SPv6vv
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      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
      Money Mod
    • By APK
      The Quest v16.0.2 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.4 +
      Overview: The Quest is a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat.

      In the kingdom of Monares trouble is brewing. The governor of Freymore is missing and the island is in tumult. The mages all prophesy a dark shadow looming over the safety of the kingdom. As an Agent of the king, it's your job to find out what is happening and avert any danger.
      Choose from five customizable races and an array of skills, weapons, armor and enchantments, and explore a huge world of four cities and a wilderness of mountains, caves, lakes and forests – full of mystery, magic and intriguing challenges. Meet the many inhabitants, each with its own agenda and attitude towards your character. Some will be helpful, some greedy or lascivious or just plain mean. You will have many choices, including some that may place you against the law, along your way to the dramatic ending of your own choosing.
      Key Features:
      - Pursue a long and dramatic main story and solve many optional side quests.
      - Create a highly customizable character and cast dazzling spells, enchant powerful items, concoct potent potions and persuade people to further your goals.
      - Discover an open world with interesting locales, day/night cycle, weather, fascinating people, dangerous creatures, readable books, pick-able locks, repairable items, houses that can be broken into, dungeons, traps and much more.
      - Play an absorbing card game with three different decks, accessible at the inns.
      What's New: 
      - Fixed startup crash occurring on a few devices.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:     
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