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Domino v1.42 (Mod – AdFree)


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Domino v1.42 (Mod – AdFree)

🁬 πŸ‚‹ Play one of the most famous board game in the world: Dominoes ! πŸ‚ πŸ‚‚

Download DominoesΒ MOD APK


DominoesΒ is definitely one of the most famous board game in the world. There are dozens of rules out there, but three modes are getting most of the attention:

– Draw dominoes: simple, relaxing, play your tiles on either side of the board. You only need to match the tile you have with one of the 2 ends already on the board.

– Block dominoes: basically the same as Draw Dominoes. The main difference is you have to pass your turn if you run out of options (whereas you can pick an extra domino from the boneyard in the previous mode).

– Dominoes All Five: slightly more complex. Each turn, you need to add all ends of the board, and count the number of pips on them. If it is a multiple of five, you score those points. A bit difficult at first but you will quickly get it!

Beautiful, simple, relaxing, easy to learn yet complex if you get to learn all the tricks! Will you be a Dominoes master?

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Dominoes MOD APK Info:

A lot of stars
Stars can unlock props
Note: Some models may experience a flashback phenomenon, and subsequent updates and optimizations will continue to follow up. We will notify you as soon as the problem is resolved.


Download Dominoes APK



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