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Brightmind - Meditation for Stress & Anxiety v1.0.28 [Unlocked] [Mod]

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Brightmind - Meditation for Stress & Anxiety v1.0.28 [Unlocked] [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0+ 
Overview: Meditation is mental exercise and Brightmind is your personal trainer.

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Brightmind customizes meditations based on your goals and guides you through a powerful curriculum, so you really understand how meditation works.

Pick from:
- Stress Less
- Perform Your Best
- Communicate Better
- Aches & Pains
- Just Curious

Brightmind was designed by a team of world-class meditation teachers. And with 200+ meditations, Brightmind is a masterclass for stress, anxiety, productivity, or spiritual growth.

There are hundreds of different ways to meditate, and Brightmind will help you find which techniques work best for you. Just like breathing apps, this also includes breathing exercises that deliver calming effects to ease stress and anxiety.

Brightmind includes different programs to cater to your varying needs. Here are some of the different packs available in the app:

Physical Senses - This includes meditation to reduce aches and pains. You may also find breathing exercises to feel and connect with your body.
Relaxation - This pack is designed to deliver stress relief.
Training Positivity - For those who wish to develop a more positive perspective in life, this pack offers a masterclass about positivity.
Thoughts & Emotions - Teaches you how to better deal with your thoughts and emotions.
Mindful Awareness - Practice mindfulness to achieve anxiety relief.
Life Practice - For spiritual awakening and growth.

You can choose the instructor’s voice (male or female) depending on your preference.
You can also customize the meditations depending on what works best for you. Whether you are looking for anxiety relief, stress relief, spiritual awakening or mindfulness practice, you’ll be supported as your practice deepens.

Each lesson features a 10 to 30 minute guided meditation, from a world-class meditation teacher. The instructions are easy to follow and build on your previous learning. You’ll be taught new techniques gradually as you progress.

Brightmind brings you a group of expert meditation instructors to assist and help you in your journey. This stress and anxiety relief app is built around Shinzen Young’s systematic approach to categorizing meditation. He is known for his interactive and algorithmic approach that helps students overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities in their meditation practice.

Julianna Raye is another meditation expert behind the masterclasses in this app. She founded Unified Mindfulness, Shinzen’s official training program, which is one of the few active treatment randomized controlled studies on mindfulness-in-the-workplace and coaches executives, celebrities and entrepreneurs.

Brightmind offers two auto-renewing subscriptions:
- $12.99 per month
- $94.99 per year

The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off an auto-renewing subscription at any time from your account settings but there will be no refund for any unused portion of the term.

Brightmind also offers a Lifetime subscription with one time upfront payment of $299.99. This offers unlimited access to the content in the Brightmind app forever.

What's New:
We kindly asked several bugs to leave and upgraded our app with some sweet racing stripes.

  ╔══════╝▀ Mod Info ▀╚══════╗
╔╝ Premium / Paid features unlocked;
╠═ Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
╠═ Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
╠═ Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from Android.manifest;
╠═ Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
╠═ Ads layouts visibility disabled;
╠═ Google Play Store install package check disabled;
╠═ Debug code removed;
╠═ Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
╠═ Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
╠═ No active trackers or advertisements;
╠═ Languages: Full Multi Languages;
╠═ CPUs: universal architecture;
╠═ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
╠═ Original package signature changed;

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



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      ●Languages- "Eng"
      ●Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi
      ●Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
      ●Useless Annotation Code Blocks Removed
      ●Debug Info Removed
      ●Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
      ●Debug Info Removed
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      Features 30 Days Women Workout - Fitness Challenge app:
      - Automatically record workout progress
      - Remind you to exercise daily with 30 day fitness challenge
      - Detailed instruction in 3D video and illustrations
      - Sync data with Google Fit
      - 30 days abs challenge
      - 30 days full body challenge
      - 30 day butt challenge
      - 30 Days Weight Loss Apps
      30 Days Women Workout - Fitness Challenge helps you lose weight in 30 days. Try our 30 day workout and you will see unexpected results.
      Workout at Home
      Take a few minutes a day to stay in shape and lose weight at home. No need any equipment just the effort and your hard work.
      Fitness Coach
      All exercises are designed by professional fitness coach. It's like having a personal trainer with you.
      Short Workout 
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      Daily Affirmations - Fill your day with positivity app features :
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      - You can also add your affirmation categories and affirmations and also can change existing also.
      - You can add your voice recording to affirmation while playing affirmation.
      - You can change background music from your device.
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      - You can set affirmation reminder time and also can turn on/off reminder.
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      PRO features unlocked
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      Fitness Coach
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      Quick and effective! What are you waiting for without trial the Female Fitness - Women Workout - Abs & Butt Exercises app today? Wish you have moments of fun workout!
      The Women Workout - Female Fitness - Lose Belly Fat application is still in development stage there are still many incomplete functions. Needs the support and suggestions of everyone. Any questions or contact please email [email protected] Thank you!
      Hello this is 5S Team
      We are looking for some help translating the app into many languages. Are you a fan of Female Fitness - Women Workout - Abs Exercises? Do you like translating into your language?
      Please do not hesitate help us do that by contacting us via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5S-Studio-425008987967924 or gmail: [email protected]
      Your translation will be applied as soon as it is updated. And your name will be in the 'Special Thanks To' of app section. We are looking forward to receiving the attention and participation of everyone!
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      - Female Fitness - Women Workout - Abs & Butt Exercises
      - Fix bugs
      This app has Credit advertisements
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      Men Workout at Home - Six Packs in 30 Days v1.7 [Premium]
      Requirements: 5.0 and up
      Overview: Effective workouts with different levels, LOSE WEIGHT & GET 6 PACK ABS at home.

      Home Workout - 30 Day Fitness provides a full range of exercises for the abs chest shoulders arms and legs as well as full body workouts.All exercises are designed by professional fitness coaches. Although it only takes a few minutes a day it can help you get the abs and body you dream about!
      With photos and 3D videos for instructions for each exercise you can rest assured training properly. Training is suitable for all levels you can easily perform them at home or anywhere anytime no equipment.
      Features Man Workout - Lose Weight in 30 days:
      - 3 levels of difficulty suitable for everyone: beginner or pro
      - 30 day workout routines for a six pack abs and a healthy body
      - Weight loss workout abs workout daily workout arm workout leg workout…
      - Record progress of automatic training
      - Customize your workout reminders
      - Chart tracks weight trends
      - Exercise intensity increases step by step
      - Images and video tutorials easy to understand
      Home Workout for Men
      Workout for all major muscle groups at home. Hard workouts in 30 day challenge will help you lose fat burn fat and have six pack abs.
      Workout at Home
      No need equipment you can practice at home whenever you want. Take a few minutes every day to get in shape as expected.
      Fitness Coach
      All exercises are designed by professional fitness trainers. Detailed training guides through exercises like having a personal trainer with you.
      Fat Burning Workout & Hiit Workouts
      Calorie-burning workouts and combined with many exercises to give you a better physique: 7 Min Classic 4 Min Tabata Morning Warm Up Shoulder & Back Workout Abs Workout …
      Fitness App With Different Levels
      With many levels: beginner intermediate advanced. Whether you are a beginner or a professional you can find the exercises that are right for you.
      Try to practice every day will help you get better.
      5S Studio wished you have moments of practice fun and full of health!
      +++Modded by LunaDev+++

      What's New: 
      Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout
      This app has Credit advertisements
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      Sleep Booster - Sleep Better v3.14.1 [Premium]
      Requirements: 6.0 and up
      Overview: Sleep Booster is a perfect sleep solution for those who would like to fall asleep easily and wake up energized with the help of special breathing technique meditation sessions calming sounds and refreshing alarm melodies

      Sleep Booster is based on the only extremely effective drug-free  option for overcoming sleeping problems. Unlike sleeping pills it helps to eliminate the underlying causes of sleeping problems and develop better sleep habits. 
      ️ Falling asleep:
      Deep calm breathing leads to the predominance of the processes of inhibition in the central nervous system. It allows to regulate pressure and heartbeat focus attention on breathing thereby distracting from unwanted thoughts. Deep and controlled breathing is evolutionarily associated with a feeling of rest and relaxation. In addition soothing sounds provide an opportunity to relax and get a positive emotion effectively reducing the likelihood of excitation before sleep. 
      ️ Sleep retention:
      Breathing technique results in more reliable replacement of wakefulness rhythms (alpha and beta waves) with low-amplitude sleep waves (theta and delta waves) thus making sleep much more durable. Meditation sessions promote deep relaxation bring the body to a deep and lasting sleep. Bedtime meditation qualitatively improves the most fragile REM phase which allows you to complete a full sleep cycle and feel yourself full of energy in the morning.
      ️ Awakening:
      After a good deep sleep your body is restored and is ready to function in full. Smart alarm analyzes your sleeping schedule and wakes you up gently from the lightest phase in your sleep cycle. Pleasant alarm melodies allow you to wake up gently gradually and with no stress. It is very important to live the first minutes of your day with positive emotions and thoughts. 
      Ask yourself the following questions: 
       Do you face difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep?
       Do you feel tired in the morning right after you wake up? 
       Do you have difficulty concentrating during the day?
       Are you struggling to stay organized? 
       Do you feel so tired that all you can think about is sleep?
      If you answered yes to any of these questions then you can definitely benefit from using Sleep Booster app for sleep and well-being improvement. Download Sleep Booster and enjoy your perfect sleeping experience.
       We help you fall asleep easily. 
       We care about your sleep during the night. 
      We wake you up smoothly with no stress. 
      ️30+ sleep boosting sounds that let you fall asleep easily without waking up at night 
      ️30+ relaxing meditations for a better night’s sleep
      ️Smart Alarm clock that finds the best time of light sleep phase to wake you up well rested and energized
      ️10+ specially designed refreshing alarm melodies that wake you up gently
      ️special breathing technique to unwind your mind before sleep 
      ️sleep quality assessment used for all-inclusive individual sleeping solutions
      ️adjusting sleeping schedule
      Download Sleep Booster and start treating yourself with pleasant nights  and energetic mornings  
      You can contact our client support: [email protected]
      Terms & Conditions: https://sleep-booster.com/info/terms.html
      Privacy Policy: https://sleep-booster.com/info/privacy-policy.html
      Premium Unlocked
      Supported archs: Universal
      Debug info Removed
      Modded by Lunadev
      What's New: 
      Winter Holidays special edition.
      Bug fixes and performance improvements. 
      Enjoy your next-level sleep experience.
      We are always striving to improve our app and the quality of your sleep.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Fitify Yoga v1.0.5 [Pro]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Get Fit, Flexible, Strong, Lose Weight with best in class yoga app by creators of the Fitify App.

      Get Fit, Flexible, Strong, Lose Weight with best in class yoga app by creators of the Fitify App.
      6 Difficulty Levels
      All the training sessions offer 6 experience levels - no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.
      ‣ Quick and effective workouts built by professionals
      ‣ 6 difficulty levels, suitable for everyone, men, women, beginner, and pro
      ‣ perfect for working out at home
      ‣ HD videos of real trainers (no animations)
      ‣ Keep track of finished workouts and progress
      ‣ Burned calories tracking
      ‣ Customized workout reminders so you never cheat on your routine
      ‣ over 100 exercises
      ‣ Sync data with Google Fit
      ‣ Requires no equipment
      ‣ Share with your friends on social networks
      ‣ Works 100% offline
      More than 40 yoga classes
      Keep Healthy
      Office Yoga
      Yoga After Sitting
      Detox Yoga
      Yoga Essentials
      Flexibility Essentials
      Strength Essentials
      Balance Essentials
      Supine Yoga Essentials
      Body Focus
      Chest Opener
      Hip Opener
      Upper Back & Neck
      Healthy Spine
      Healthy Back
      Neck & Shoulders
      Upper Back
      Lower Back

      Yoga For Flexibility
      Full Body Flexibility
      Lower Body Flexibility
      Upper Body Flexibility
      Supine Stretching
      Yoga For Women
      Period Pain Relief
      Prenatal Yoga
      Postnatal Yoga
      Tone Up
      Yoga for Strength
      Core Strength
      Strong & Flexible
      Balance & Strength
      Weight Loss
      Calorie Burner
      Burn Fat & Tone Butt
      Burn Fat & Tone Abs
      Time Of Day
      Morning Yoga
      Productive Day
      Yoga for Sleep
      Yoga For Better Mood
      Happiness Boost
      Energy Booster
      Deep Relaxation
      Yoga For Sports
      Runners – Improve Performance
      After Run Stretching
      Yoga for Cyclists
      What's New: 
      No Changlog
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Yoga for weight loss - Lose weight in 30 days plan v2.6.6.1 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Yoga for weight loss is your virtual instructor in your pocket at home

      It is well known that yoga is a perfect assistant and weight reducing app for men and for women for boosting metabolic processes in the body - the asanas used in each workout speeds up the metabolic processes starts for example thigh slimming workout for men and gives a very good load for all muscle groups of the body. Lose weight program and exercises plan does not require any additional equipment – just 10 free minutes and your smartphone. Everyone can do app training: it has different difficulty levels and day by day your results will increase! We've created 3 different programs with more than 50 different workouts - it is a complete and effective weight loss guide for everyone!
      Application features:
      ️ 80 the most effective and time-tested static and dynamic exercises that are working on all muscle groups of the body;
      ️ All exercises have detailed audio video and text instructions: the answer to the question of how to lose weight in 1 week in the app especially for women;
      ️ The virtual coach will show and tell how to perform each train for getting the most effective results in loss weight plan free from any time limits and will motivate you to work harder;
      ️ 3 training programs divided by levels of difficulty and continuing each other with more than 50 different slimming workout for women. Yoga for beginners free app offline does not require an internet connection - so you can train anywhere;
      ️ You can also make and create your own training< set its duration and time for rest;
      ️ Notifications system – now you will never forget to do women exercise at home to reduce weight in 30 days;
      ️ System of achievements and rewards. If you are looking for yoga exercises for beginners - this is right for you;
      ️ Breathing tips and advice - the instructor will tell you how to breathe (only in the premium app version).
       In this app we’ve selected and combined the most effective lose weight workout for women & for men. Open the app and all you need is just to follow the virtual instructor recommendations. Yoga women exercise at home to reduce weight fast will speed up metabolism processes in your body make your muscles work and moreover you’ll do a great body stretch.
      The training system is built in such a way that they have increasing complexity. As you exercise you improve your strengths do effective weight loss program for women and what is most importantly form a habit of regular sports.
      If you do not get some asanas the first time then it’s okay. The main thing is to try and in time you will succeed! Weight loss for fat is hard for all people and everyone needs just do it. During classes it is very important not to over-train the body so the app contains a special training calendar. We recommend that you do 2-4 arm slimming workout per week and primarily focus on your well-being! 
      How to lose weight in 30 days with the help of the app: a very important element of any goal is to track your progress. We introduce a 10-step system. You record your body parameters at the beginning and set the desired body parameters. Then you do weight reducing exercise for women & for men. You just need to reach the next stage and that’s it!
       Yoga exercises for beginners will help you to lose weight in 30 days in the most harmonious and healthy way without side effects in the cardiovascular system. How to reduce weight in 7 days in body: as practice shows 1 week of regular exercises is enough to start and to get first results. If you really want to do the slimming workout – this app is right for you. Just try to do the first day of yoga for beginners for fat burn and you will definitely see the results.
       Good luck!
      Premium Unlocked
      Supported archs: Arm64-v8a 
      Debug info Removed
      Modded by Lunadev
      What's New: 
      We have updated videos of all the exercises;
      Now you can set up a time for each exercise;
      System libraries update.
      This app has Credit advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Healthy Spine & Straight Posture - Back exercises v3.3.6 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview:  As it is said "Human is as young and healthy as flexible his spine and Here it helps to do yoga and exercises to help you keep Healthy

      To have a healthy spine is very important. Our back workout at home and flexibility training - is that thing what every busy person must do. 
      Let's do a simple experiment: stand up straight keep legs straight and try to touch the floor with your palms. Is it hard? If you can't touch the floor if you have any tension or any kind of neck pain - you definitely should do yoga for spine health which on is characterized by its flexibility so pre-take care of your health make stretches for back pain exercises and do posture correction exercise for women spinal stim. 
      Application features:
      ️ 90 different types of back exercises for men at home with a detailed video audio and text instructions for each scoliosis exercise;
      ️ 3 time - tested programs based on yoga for spine health principles – make a great back muscles workout at home;
      ️ The system of motivation and rewards – keep motivated and do spine exercises every day and create better posture;
      ️ Set reminders and notifications – now you will never forget to do yoga for neck pain;
      ️ Develop personal training programs and use scoliosis meter;
      ️ The system of statistics of your results - track spine flexibility every day.
      Most people have a sedentary lifestyle. Modern life is forcing people to spend more time sitting - when you sit for a long time in the office in a car or a bus it causes great harm to the body. Most often there is no possibility to completely change the way of life but there is always the opportunity to do healthy spine workout. Just do back pain relieving exercises to receive more energy in your life. Stooped sharp shocks and prolonged compression loads can cause vertebrae to shift and pinch the nerves of the spinal disc. Everyone needs to improve bad posture!
      That is why every person should do back flexibility stretches and just follow the straight posture app instructions for the spinal stim health.
      In addition a permanent job in the office and at the computer has a very negative impact on our posture and hence there is a slouch (as a result - the lack of energy and general malaise headache). The only way is to do stretches for back pain exercises. Therefore posture correction exercise for men and neck pain are connected with each other.
      The only thing you need to do is just follow our virtual instructor recommendations and do the back exercises for women & men. And the results will definitely come in a short time. Let us do an experiment. Try to do the first week in the yoga for better posture correction app & spine workout...
      What is spinal scoliosis?
      The Scoliosis is a fairly common disease which is the companion of many people due to the characteristics of the modern lifestyle. Scoliosis exercise app will take care of this. Back flexibility training & workout will become a great assistant with it. The danger of the spinal cord injury is not only in the aesthetic imperfection of the figure. It leads to chest deformity which causes cardiac muscle overvoltage and breathing problems. One of the effective measures of therapy is gymnastics in scoliosis app and to do special back exercises for women at home. And you will fix your bad posture and spinal disc!
      This app is for:
      The main goal of this application is to create a stable habit of back flexibility stretches strengthen them and make flexible. Finally try to do spine exercises for at least a week and you will definitely see results and will become more energetic. This app is developed for all age groups. Posture exercises are divided by difficulty and are suitable for both men women children and elderly people and for everyone who needs spinal cord injury exercise.
      Premium Subscription Unlocked
      Supported archs: Armeabi-v7a+Arm64-v8a
      Debug info Removed
      Release by Lunadev
      What's New: 
      Dear mEL Studio community,
      this is a major update, which includes:
      -new design features;
      -some new features;
      -now you can set a different time for the exercises.
      Please, hive nice and healthy back workouts!
      This app has Credit advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Zen - Relax and Meditations v4.1.004 [Subscribed] [Mod Extra]
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: If you want to live a happier, healthier and more balanced emotional life, Zen is the perfect app for you.

      On Google's list of 'Best apps of 2016'
      Zen offers a diverse and ever-growing amount of content and features, such as: 
      · Weekly new Guided Meditations for relaxation, deep sleep, mood improvement, anxiety relief, stress reduction, focus at work and much more. 
      · Audios and videos for relaxation and meditation. 
      · Deep sleep music and morning music for positive energy.
      · Binaural beats therapy with frequencies for better sex, chakra healing, endorphin release, intelligence boost, mood elevation, among many others. 
      · ASMR audios for mental massage, relaxation and deep sleep. 
      · A unique mood monitoring feature allowing our users to keep track of their emotional status.
      · Reflections and inspirational quotes, proverbs and motivation messages.
      What's New:
      We are "Living without regret" improving the experience of our users.
      In addition to bringing improvements and correcting any instabilities, we have also simplified your choice to become a premium subscriber, now the monthly subscription option is easier and more accessible for you within the app.

Amazing, right? We hope that you, like us, will enjoy the new version and that Zen will continue to transform us every day.
      Have an idea you want to share? Send an email to [email protected]
      Mod Info:

      Premium / Paid features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
      Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from Android.manifest;
      Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
      Ads layouts visibility disabled;
      Google Play Store install package check disabled;
      Debug code removed;
      Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
      Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
      Facebook ads bundled SDK removed completely;
      No active trackers or advertisements;
      AOSP compatible mode;
      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
      Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Original package signature changed;
      Release by Balatan.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Relax Rain - Rain sounds: sleep and meditation v6.1.3 [Premium] [Mod Extra]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: The largest collection of relaxing rain for Android. Over 30 rain sounds (free and HD) mixable with thunders and music in order to reach a state of complete relaxation.

      Ideal for sleeping, meditation, concentration or if you have tinnitus problems (ringing in the ears).
      You can adjust the volume of rain, thunders and music individually to find the ideal combination and so encourage a deep relaxation of the mind.
      You can keep the app in the background in conjunction with other apps (for listening your favorite music, play games or browse the internet).
      It is also possible to set a timer and turn off the screen. At the end of the set time, the sound fades gently and the app closes by itself, so you do not have to worry about close it if you fall asleep.
      The rain sounds and relaxing music have beneficial effects on the body and soothing the mind because, by covering the external environment noise, promote relaxation and help in different occasions: for better sleep, to concentrate in work, study or reading, for meditation, etc.
      Relax your mind, remove the stress and find your inner peace. Go into your oasis of calm.
      *** Main features ***
      - 30+ perfectly looped rain sounds (free and HD)
      - Thunders and music mixable with the rain sounds
      - Individual volume adjustment for rain, thunders and music
      - Ability to use the app along with other apps
      - Timer for self-closing the app
      - Audio pause on incoming call
      - No streaming is required for playback (no data connection required)
      - No audible loop thanks to redesigned audio engine
      *** List of rain sounds ***
      - Rain in the forest
      - Rain on the street
      - Strong thunderstorm
      - Thunders and music
      - Rain in the park
      - Bungalow in the forest
      - Under the tree
      - Thunderstorm in the countryside
      - Rainy night with crickets
      - Tropical storm
      - Rain in the garden
      - Thunderstorm
      - Rain on the tin roof
      - Under the umbrella
      - Puddles in the countryside
      - Rain against the window
      - Hailstorm
      - Water in the gutter
      - Distant storm
      - Light rain at night
      - Home in the rainforest
      - Light rain on the windshield
      - Rain on leaves
      - Light rain in the garden
      - Heavy rain on the windshield
      - Tent in the rain
      - Dripping water
      - Tent in the thunderstorm
      - Wind and rain
      - Inside the car
      - Rain in the city
      - Inside the caravan
      - Rain on the car roof
      *** Benefits for sleep ***
      Have you trouble falling asleep? This app helps you to sleep well by blocking the external noises. Now you fall asleep faster and sleep better.
      Say goodbye to your insomnia! Enhance Your Life!
      *** Benefits for the mind ***
      The sounds of nature relieve the stress of modern life.
      The human mind reacts positively when it hears the sounds of nature because they arouse emotions that remind our primordial environment.
      Hear the sounds of nature leads us away from the noise and daily stress to make us return to the calm of our origins.
      *** Usage notes ***
      For a better experience, I recommend you the use of headphones or earphones to listen the relaxing sounds.
      You can use the app in background and with other apps.
      *** Notes on permissions ***
      - Device ID & call information (read phone status and identity)
      Used to stop sound on incoming call and to play again at the end of call.
      - In-app purchases
      Used in the purchase of the premium version.
      - Prevent phone from sleeping
      Used to keep alive the app when you turn off the screen or while using other apps.
      - Full network access and view network connections
      Used to verify the purchases and show ads.
      What's New:
      Bug fixes and improvements.
      Mod Info:

      Premium / Paid features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
      Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from Android.manifest;
      Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
      Ads layouts visibility disabled;
      Google Play Store install package check disabled;
      Debug code removed;
      Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
      Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs:  armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
      Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Original package signature changed;
      Release by Balatan.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Hydro Coach PRO - Drink Water v4.4.0-pro [Paid] [SAP]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Hydro Coach is the most motivating Water Drink Reminder and Water Tracker app of 2019

      Drinking water regularly is a big challenge in day-to-day life. Hands up – who really drinks enough water every day? Hydro Coach will help you by calculating how much water you need, tracking what you drink, and gently reminding you when to drink. It's time to unleash the power of water to improve your health. Because your health is worth it!
      PRO features:
      ⭐️ Unlimited Diary. Look back to all past days in your diary.
      ⭐️ Additional monthly statistics and unlimited weekly statistics.
      ⭐️ More widgets (e.g. 1x1 widget for fast drink inputs).
      ⭐️ Use hydration factors to define how well drinks are hydrating or dehydrating.
      ⭐️ Fast and easy intake from each notification.
      ⭐️ Export your drink history into a CSV file.
      ⭐️ No ads.
      Benefits of drinking water for your health:
      It’s an effective method of combating stress and tiredness
      Drinking enough water can clear up your skin
      Drinking enough water can improve your health in a few days
      It’s beneficial to weight loss and the basis of every professional diet
      Drinking more water can relieve headaches
      Key features:
      ✅ Improve your health with personal drink notifications
      ✅ Keep perfect track of your water balance through a simply designed diary
      ✅ Get a graphical insight into your water drinking habits with week and month statistics
      ✅ Practical widgets provide clear information about your water intake
      ✅ Create custom drink volumes easily
      ✅ Supports imperial (fl. oz.) and Metric (ml) units
      ✅ Share your water intake with your friends
      ✅ Direct water input through your android wear
      ✅ Synchronization with your google account
      ✅ Google Fit, Samsung Health und Fitbit
      How it works:
      Our formula calculates your ideal personal water requirement based on multiple factors like age, weight, gender and lifestyle. Select your favorite glass you normally use, and Hydro Coach will remind you to drink and refill it.
      What's New:
      We have fixed a problem with the latest Samsung Health update, redesigned Team and optimised the app for Android 11! Thanks for staying hydrated with Hydro Coach. Keep up drinking and share the app with your friends. 
      Sap Info:
      ● Single Package APK (No SAI Needed);
      ● Languages: en,pl
      ● Supported DPIs: xhdpi
      ● Supported CPU architecture: universal
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Tingles ASMR - Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds v3.4.0 [Premium]
      Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
      Overview: Tingles offers audio & video relaxation guides based on the ASMR relaxation method. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxation technique that helps people who struggle falling asleep or suffer from anxiety and restlessness. ASMR method is used by millions of people around the world and has been proven to have numerous health benefits including relieving stress, anxiety, and improving sleep quality.

      Tingles is the #1 app worldwide for ASMR relaxation method.
      ASMR method uses personal attention and soothing sounds to trigger an amazing relaxing feeling also know as "the tingles". The method has many therapeutic benefits and is an effective way to switch off and fall asleep. Join the millions around the world relaxing more and sleeping better with our premium quality guided relaxations.
      Benefits of ASMR:
      • Effective sleep help, cure for insomnia
      • Better sleep
      • Stress and anxiety relief
      • Great for meditation and relaxation
      • Increase mindfulness and focus.
      • Daily recommended videos
      • Thousands of hours of content
      • 1500+ creators
      • Listen with your screen turned off
      • Sleep timer
      • Watch in both landscape or portrait orientation
      • Download videos for offline playback
      • And much more
      What's New: 
      New in Latest Version:
      • New player design. We made sure that our best features are easily accessible.
      • When your sleep timer ends, we now give you a quick option to extend for 30 min.
      • Double tap (or more) on side of the player to seek forward.
      A whole new way to experience Tingles! We redesigned the app from the ground up. It features a simplified design, better content curation, and a unique new player that supports horizontal + vertical videos. 
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      MySwimPro : Swim Workout App v7.8.9 [Premium]
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: Swim faster, get stronger, and improve your technique with MySwimPro. Get a personal training plan, swim and dryland workouts, analytics and drills on your phone or smart watch.

      Swim faster, get stronger, and improve your technique with MySwimPro. Get a personal training plan, swim and dryland workouts, analytics and drills on your phone or smart watch.
      The MySwimPro coach helps you improve your performance and health with personalized swim and dryland workouts, weekly calendars, and tutorial videos to help you swim stronger. Beginners and advanced athletes welcome!
      • Write your own workouts
      • Log an unlimited number of workouts
      • Load & track workouts on compatible smart watches
      • Print from PDF
      • Sync to STRAVA
      • Monthly Challenges
      Try it free for the first 30-days – Introducing our most personalized training experience yet. Unlimited workouts, coaching, and advanced analytics. Speak with an experienced coach to reach your personal fitness goals!
      Commit to a weekly swim or dryland plan that is personalized to your skill level and goals:
      • Beginner Weight Loss
      • Advanced Technique Bootcamp
      • IMX Pro Challenge
      • 5k Open Water
      • Low Impact Dryland
      • Max Performance Dryland
      • Plus MORE!
      Swim set intervals are tailored to your speed and skill level. Get a truly personalized coaching experience with our dynamic interval algorithm.
      Take your customized workouts to the pool – export and print it, sync it to your smartwatch (not required), and leave your phone dry on deck.
      Easy-to-follow workouts and analytics tracking with most WearOS by Google, Garmin, and Fitbit smart watches.
      • At-home dryland workouts, with and without equipment
      • Tracking your progress and visualizing your improvement with detailed analytics like laps, SWOLF, strokes per lap, splits, calories burned and distance
      • Swim coach on your wrist guiding you through the workout set-by-set
      • Helpful tips and how-to videos
      • Stay motivated and connect with swimmers around the world
      • Pool, open water and triathlon workouts that guarantee results
      Get a free 30-day trial when you upgrade to a yearly subscription of ELITE COACH.
      Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions available:
      • Swim Pack – Unlimited swimming
      • Dryland Pack – Unlimited dryland
      • ELITE COACH – Full access to everything
      You can subscribe and pay through your Google Play Store account.
      Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable
      What's New: 
      * Fixed issue with creating accounts
      * UI improvements for the profile screen
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: credit ~Timozhai~
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