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Android CPU Architecture


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Android CPU Architecture

Different Android handsets use different CPUs, which in turn support different instruction sets.

Each combination of CPU and instruction sets has its own Application Binary Interface, or ABI.

The ABI defines, with great precision, how an application’s machine code is supposed to interact with the system at runtime.

Android CPU Architecture Table :

Name CPU Architecture Setting
arm ARMv5TE armeabi
arm ARMv7 armeabi-v7a
arm64 ARMv8 AArch64 arm64-v8a
x86 i686 x86
x64 x86-64 x86_64
mips mips32 (r1) mips
mips64 mips64 (r6) mips64

To Find the CPU Architecture of Your Device use CPU-Z, CPU-X, AIDA64, or Similar App.

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