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Big collection of m3u files 19-11-2020 {M3U + Xtream + StbEmu MAC}

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Big collection of m3u files 19-11-2020 {M3U + Xtream + StbEmu MAC}
Requirements: Valid for all devices

and more =3000channels

Tested worked 19-11-2020
Maybe it will stop at any time .. and I will try to update periodically

What's New: 
 will update daily

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:



Xtrem codes :



StbEmu codes:



stalker player v4.0  for PC :



SFVIP-Player-x86  and x64 v1.0.7 for PC:



Playlists by language :



Playlists by category:



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    • By PRO_APK
      OnScripter Plus v2.0.16 (Ad Free)
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Plays NScripter games on your Android device. Plays all language visual novels (if already translated). Bring your game to your phone to play on device.

      This application has more features and has a different user interface than the other ONScripter applications.
      Visit the Github page to setup games. https://github.com/matthewn4444/onscripter-plus-android/wiki/Setting-up-a-Visual-Novel
      If you want this app to be translated to your language, email me if you would like to help translate.
      Want no ads? Get the ad free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onscripter.pluspro
      - Place games in any folder in your SD card or internal memory
      - Able to change the default folder to place your games
      - Able to hide controls when playing a game and bring them back up with a swipe from the sides
      - Able to increase and scale up the text size
      - A game does not require a font file to play (it will use a default font provided by the app)
      - English proportional font is supported
      - Supports UTF-8 script encoding (for French, Spanish etc)
      - Support Hangul Korean character set
      - Chinese support
      - Basic ONScripter-EN
      - Support PONScripter features to play some other English games
      - In-game font changing support (through options)
      - Implement widescreen (ported) games
      - Implement a widescreen (adapted-hack) mode
      You can try a free ONScripter game Narcissu at the following link: http://narcissu.insani.org/down.html
      Thanks to Studio O.G.A for the original source code. http://onscripter.sourceforge.jp/android/android.html
      What's New:
      - Fixes game patching file management, fixes Tsukihime patch issues
      - Fixes games "loosing" progress in games
      - Adds special characters to Spanish/Portuguese etc
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Big collection of m3u Links + [NEW] IPTV checker v2.5
      Requirements: Valid for all devices 
      Overview:  BEST Generator IPTV FREE & UPDATE DAILY 100% WORKING

      more =3000channels
      [NEW 3-5-2021]
      1-I add links checker v2.5 for PC
      Tested worked 4-5-2021
      Maybe it will stop at any time .. and I will try to update periodically
      What's New: 
       will update daily
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
      IPTV checker v2.5 for PC:
      stalker player v7.1 for PC :
      SFVIP-Player x64 v1.2.1.56 for PC:
    • By PRO_APK
      Ultimate Fishing Knots v9.17.0 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: This application illustrates how to make the most popular fishing knots

      ✔ 58 knots in five categories
      ✔ Easy-to-follow instructions
      ✔ Tablet support
      ✔ Favorites support
      ✔ Eagle eye mode
      ✔ Three different themes: Black and Light, Automatic
      ✔ Fish browser
      ✔ Removable Ads
      ✔ 5 supported languages: English, Hungarian, Italian, German and Spanish
      Happened in summer of 2011. I was fishing and I had to tie a knot, which I used a very long time ago. Ok, no panic, “there is an app for that”, so I’ve checked the Android market, but I was quite disappointed, as I could not find such app, which would gave step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions with good photos.
      So I’ve made this app. That’s it.

      This application illustrates how to make the most popular fishing knots, categorized in 4 chapters: line, hook, misc and boating knots. Step-by-step instructions help anyone to master those.
      Line knots
      • Tying loops: Simple loop, Bight, 3-turn loop
      • Stop knots: Multi-wrap stop knot, Figure of eight stop knot, Uni stop knot
      • Dropper loops and leaders: Butterfly loop, Dropper loop, Surgeon’s knot, Alpin, Linfit
      • Joining leader to loop: Joining loops 1-2, Quick joining to loop
      • Line to line: Albright, Blood and Fishermans knot
      Hook knots
      • Spade end hooks: Domhof, Needle knot, Snelling
      • Knotless knot
      • Eyed hooks: Crawford, Herkules, Trilene, Fisherman's knot 1-2, Lefty's knot
      • Fly or/and eyed hooks: Duncan, Mörrum, Orvis
      • Drop shot knot
      • Palomar knot
      • WF knot
      Misc knots
      • Knots for swivels and snap locks: Clinch, Hangman’s knot, Sling knot
      • Not-a-knot
      • Arbour knots
      • Rapala knot
      • Universal knots: Rebeck, Kentauri, Pitzen
      Sea knots
      • 3x Dropper loops, Thumb knot, Marshall knot, Knot for trolling, Spider knot, Bimini twist
      Boating knots
      • Bowline, Anchor knot, Sliding knot, Double hitch, Cleat knot and Clove hitch
      What's New: 
      Version 9.17.0
      • New fishes: Pigo, Danube salmon, Bluegill
      • Android library updates to provide up-to-date security and stability
      ☆Premium features unlocked
      Debug Info Removed
      Modded By Srajawwal09
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      iLightShow for Philips Hue / LIFX / Nanoleaf v2.0.46 [Premium]
      Requirements: 5.1+
      Overview: iLightShow connects the Spotify streaming service to Philips Hue, LIFX and Nanoleaf Aurora lighting systems. Perfect to make your home parties really awesome! Transform your apartment or house into a real dancefloor. Simple but efficient, iLightShow does not need many options, you just need to login to Spotify and link your Philips Hue Bridge, we do all the rest for you. 

      Why should you use iLightShow?
      During parties with friends, turn on your LIFX / Philips Hue / Nanoleaf lights and transform your house or apartment into a festive place.
      Relax while listening to music and create your own ambiance, from chill to electro, iLightShow will create light effects on all musical styles.
      Want to stay awake while working at home? iLightShow can provide you with a lot of powerful energy.
      - Real-time lights synchronization (Philips Hue, LIFX and Nanoleaf aurora smart lights)
      - Automatically syncs the lights to the official Spotify music player
      - Super accurate - works on top of the Spotify audio analysis service
      - Stop / Resume Spotify playback as much as you need
      - Add / Remove Hue / LIFX bulbs during the show just with one click!
      - Control the brightness and intensity of the show
      - Either let the app control the colors or select the colors of your choice
      - Automatic Light effects, like strobe and flashes (mimics Stroboscope)
      - Delay the sync when using external accessories
      - Philips Hue multi-bridges support
      - Sonos speakers synchronization
      - Philips Hue Bridge and some Philips Hue Smart Bulbs. Also works with TRÅDFRI bulbs, linked to the hue bridge.
      - OR/AND LIFX lights (no bridge required)
      - OR/AND Nanoleaf Aurora panels (no bridge required)
      - A Spotify Music Account
      What's new:
      - White flash is back for the non-party mode + improved for the party mode
      - The ambient lights are now reset after selecting a new Hue mode 
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Prismify - Perfect sync for Philips Hue & Spotify v3.0.2 (Premium)
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: Prismify aims to bring your the perfect synchronization between your Hue lightbulbs and Spotify.

      What makes Prismify unique is that it uses and combines the possibilities offered by the entertainment areas from Philips Hue with the very detailed analysis about the track being played by Spotify.
      It allows Prismify to achieve (in ideal conditions) perfect sync between the lighting and the sound as well as multiple other things.
      The light show from Prismify is deterministic, randomness has little to no place here.
      The new 2.0 feature allows you to customize the different parts of a track, as well as saving this personalization, so that the next time the track in question comes up, your custom settings will automatically be applied to the lighting.
      You need three things for that :
      - the Spotify app installed on the same device as Prismify
      - colored Hue lights with a bridge v2 and an entertainment area already created
      - being connected to Internet
      Then, connect to Spotify, select your entertainment area and hit Play!
      You can:
      - choose between multiple color palettes (only 3 in the free version) (there is one that always matches the track cover of the song being played)
      - create your own palettes, based on your imagination or the track cover
      - select the order in which lights are gonna be played
      - adjust the brightness and flashiness
      - select when all lights should play a sound
      - filter out sounds depending on their loudness or length
      - attribute specific sounds to specific lights (e.g.: all the C, C# will be played by the lightstrip)
      - ...
      Note that while most of the settings above are "premium", there are no specific limitations in the free version, it is completely usable with all your lights! But the default settings might not be the best for every taste and every kind of music.
      Another "cool" thing to note is that you can enjoy the lighting provided by Prismify even if it's not the Spotify app on your mobile which is playing the music. The only thing needed in that case is that the same account is used on both Spotify apps. Altough be aware, in that case, it might happen that both Spotify apps aren't in perfect sync which results in a small delay (ranging from a few milliseconds to one second, which can be corrected using the delay setting if needed).
      In all cases, I hope you'll enjoy Prismify!
      What's New: 
      - Rolling back a few internal changes which seem to provoke a crash on some devices.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Mary’s Recipes: Meal Planner & Grocery List v3.1.2 [Premium]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Not sure what to cook today?
      Don’t have time to plan menu in advance?
      Tired of cooking the same meals?

      Our team cooked and perfected every recipe for more than a year. We don’t like to spend the whole day in the kitchen and everybody in our team have small kids. That’s why every recipe is not only healthy and balanced but also extremely easy and quick to cook.

      At the moment we have recipes in following categories: breakfasts, soups and stews, snacks, hot meals, salads, drinks, desserts and sauces.
      This fun and useful tool will help to answer the most important question in human history – “What’s for dinner?”. Kids love to play with this tool and we have to admit adults do too.
      For more serious matters we made a detailed planner. Balanced and varied menu takes your dietary requirements into account (you can select vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and milk free recipes). To make it easier to plan – you can enter your own recipes.
      You can easily save, share or print menu that you have created in mixer or planner. Every recipe is beautifully drawn and in the end of a PDF document there’s a shopping list for your menu.
      For users with kids we have prepared very useful tips. Everyday prompts from Maria Kardakova with main principles of building healthy relationships with food.
      • SEARCH
      We couldn’t left you without convenient search. Find recipes by their names or by entering one or more ingredients.
      All the recipes are suitable for children from 10 months old.
      Yours sincerely, Maria Kardakova MSc.
      Registered Associate Nutritionist, 
      Senior Associate, The Royal Society of Medicine, 
      What's New: 
      Meet the new "Fermented products" recipe set, in which we share the recipes, tips & tricks for successful fermentation at home.
      This app has Credit advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By APK
      Big collection of m3u files +stalker player v7.1 for PC
      Requirements: Valid for all devices
      Overview:  BEST Generator IPTV FREE & UPDATE DAILY 100% WORKING

      and more =3000channels
      Tested worked 28-4-2021
      Maybe it will stop at any time .. and I will try to update periodically
      What's New: 
       will update daily
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
      stalker player v7.1 for PC
      SFVIP-Player x64 v1.2.1.48 for PC:
      Playlists by language :
      Playlists by category:
      Playlists by country:
    • By PRO_APK
      OBDeleven car diagnostics app VAG OBD2 Scanner v0.36.0 [Pro] [Mod Extra]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: PRO Diagnostics, Programming and Monitoring for all Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Škoda vehicles. Download the application, plug OBDeleven scan tool into OBDII port and access your car via Android devices.

      Download the application, plug OBDeleven scan tool into OBDII port and access your car via Android devices.
      Smart Bluetooth device operating with cloud-based automotive software provides the functionality of professional diagnostic systems. Easy to use application helps you understand and improve your vehicle without complex or expensive tools.
      Enables every car enthusiast to interact with the vehicle.
      • Automatic vehicle identification from VIN
      • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
      • Read information about control unit
      • Diagnostic data log sharing via email
      • Observe battery status
      • Connected cars history
      • Gauges
      • Engine, Equipment and Fault code look ups
      One click coding applications for daily users.
      We did the coding for you! Activate or deactivate car functions using one click coding functions for daily users which doesn't require any additional knowledge. Lots of different applications are available for various vehicles and can be purchased using in-app credits. One-Click-Apps availability depends on the vehicle equipment.
      More than 700 unique applications have been developed and categorized into:
      • Workshop. Reset service and inspection lights (Oil service reset, Brake pads replacement, etc.)
      • Retrofits. Adapt additional vehicle parts after installation (LED license plate lights, Washer fluid level sensor, etc.).
      • Adjustments. Adjust and activate various vehicle comfort functions for your needs.
      More functions and special features for professionals.
      • Trouble code Freeze frame
      • Advanced control unit information
      • Live data / Charts
      • Coding / Coding II / Long coding
      • Sub control units Information
      • and coding
      • Gateway installation list
      • Adaptation / Long adaptation
      • Output test
      • Security access / Login finder
      • Control unit reset (UDS), backup and programming history
      • Diagnostic service change
      • Car programming history and backup
      • Basic settings
      Official and licensed cloud-based diagnostic software is constantly updated with new features.
      After signing the contract with Volkswagen Group, OBDeleven system can fully support diagnostic, programming and coding functions for Audi, Volkswagen, Škoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini vehicles.
      The application works only with OBDeleven device, which allows you to fully access all car systems.
      The system is using online databases so it requires a constant internet connection for fast and smooth operations.
      OBDeleven DEVICE:
      Unique Bluetooth device, which allows you to do full car systems diagnostics, programming and monitoring. The device connects to OBD-II diagnostic socket. This tool works only with OBDeleven application for Android.
      This application doesn't work with ELM327 and other OBD-II devices! It requires unique OBDeleven device.
      The system is using online databases so it requires a good internet connection for fast and smooth work!
      WIKI and SUPPORT:
      What's New:
      Fixed an issue where additional history items were created after using one click apps
      Fixed an issue when performing coding on KWP control units would create two coding history items instead of one
      Mod Info:

      Pro / Paid features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
      Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from Android.manifest;
      Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
      Google Play Store install package check disabled;
      Debug code removed;
      Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
      Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
      Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Original package signature changed;
      Release by Balatan.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Hue Essentials - Philips Hue & TRÅDFRI v1.21.0(202104080) (Unlocked)
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Discover ways to get more out of your smart lighting. 

      Imagine unlimited possibilities in your smart home. Set scenes and fast effects to your mood.
      Experience Dance Sensation in your entertainment area with Philips Hue Entertainment. Enjoy a more colorful ambiance on your IKEA TRADFRI gateway.
      Feel more in control with schedules and automation from sunrise to sunset. Widgets, Shortcuts, Quick settings tiles, and Wear OS help you get more out of your smart lights.
      Control multiple bridges simultaneously without switching between them.
      Supported devices
      • Philips Hue bridge
      • Philips Hue Bluetooth lights
      • IKEA TRÅDFRI gateway
      • deCONZ (ConBee)
      • diyHue
      • LIFX
      Scenes & effects
      Create the perfect ambiance from your photos or the included photo library. Experience special animations like lava, fireplace, fireworks, or lightning.
      Wake up at sunrise and go to sleep at sunset with fading lights.
      Get into the party on the beats of your music. Sync your lights for a night of disco with strobe effects (updates 25 times/sec).
      Quick access
      Create rooms and groups to organize your lights. You can even put a light in several groups. Place widgets for temperature sensors, easy control of lights, setting color and brightness without opening of the app.
      Add shortcuts to your home screen for quick opening of your room. Control your lights through an optional notification in the notification panel.
      Smart lights & controls
      The unique ‘Touchlink’ search allows you to find new (3rd party, Zigbee) lights. Use included wizards for easy setup of your devices.
      You can set scenes, actions, or even multiple scenes on a button to make your switch a real investment. Experience the right ambiance during different times of your day with your motion sensor. All of your creations are stored on the bridge. Easy for you and your family.
      Configure endless automation possibilities through the Tasker plugin.
      Make it look like you are at home using 'Away from Home' (out of home control).
      Communicate directly with your Hue bridge using the API debugger. View technical details of your Hue bridge and update its resources like lights and sensors.
      You want it all?
      Fast performance with ad-free experience. Purchase the premium version to unlock full content.
      Share your experience
      Community: https://community.hueessentials.com
      Mod info:
      ● All premium features unlocked.
      ● Multiple Bridges unlocked.
      ● Effects and WearOS addons are NOT unlocked too.
      ● I have only tested the app on DEMO bridge, on actual bridge it may not work as intended, so let me know if anything goes wrong.
      What's New: 
      • You can now run Entertainment programs on multiple bridges and lights simultaneously
      • Entertainment now supports third party lights, deCONZ gateway, IKEA TRÅDFRI gateway
      • Aqara/Xiaomi Cube on deCONZ supports all gestures like shake, turn, drop, etc
      • Tuya compatibility fixes on deCONZ
      • Temperature for Xiaomi plugs is now shown on deCONZ
      • Improvements to Android 11 device controls
      • Fixed error when adding a time condition
      • Performance improvements
      • Updated translations
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      ALP Astrology v6.7 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Astrology comprises of many concepts and uses many tools and methodologies to arrive at predictions. Foremost among them is the Dasa and bukthi based on the moon and the star it occupies.

      Astrology comprises of many concepts and uses many tools and methodologies to arrive at predictions. Foremost among them is the Dasa and bukthi based on the moon and the star it occupies. All major predictions are derived from this, but this does not do justice to Lagna or Ascendant. Hence the need to make predictive astrology more complete and more accurate by giving due importance to the lagna.
      Just as the moon keeps moving from the first star aswini to the last one revathi the Lagna also keeps moving. This concept which is the brainchild of Mr.Poduvudai Moorthy.,who has spent a lot of time and effort on researching this concept and fine tuning it to suit the current requirement of a proper predictive system.
      In the course of his research the author has arrived at the exact speed the lagna travels which is 1 year 1 month and 10 days to traverse one nakshatra pada.It takes 10 years to traverse one zodiac sign so it covers 120 yrs life span of an individual same as vimshottari Dasa.
      This concept is called as "ALP"Akshaya Lagna Pathadi. The concept of moon movements and lagna movements combined together thereby giving pin point accuracy in prediction. For example for a person born in September 1964 in mithuna lagna the ALP, that is the moving lagna, falls in Scorpio in 2019. Effectively with this as base the position of planets in the natal horoscope and in relation to the current transit position is taken into consideration to predict current events.
      The author has done his research on various astrology methods, which includes KP system, Prasna marga, Nimittam (astrology based on omens) Reiki, Pranic healing and Past life therapy.
      This concept of ALP is now in the form of a book called ALP method of astrology published by Vijaya pathipakam.
      What's New: 
      - Fixed a bug in Launching Training Video
      ¥ Paid features unlocked
      ¥ Only Basic training videos unlocked, in untouched app also there's no option to buy advanced or superior videos, options are disabled..
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      AtomicClock — NTP Time (with widget) v1.8.3 [Pro][Modded]
      Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
      Overview: Ever wanted to know exact current time to celebrate someone's birthday or New Year's Eve? Or simply to synchronize clocks? AtomicClock provides exact times based on NTP servers which are getting their time directly from atomic clocks!

      • current time in correct time format
      • analog & digital clock
      • choose from different time servers
      • customizable widget with time & date (Pro version required)
      • acoustic ticking
      • choose between different clock faces
      • switch between local time and UTC, 24-hour and 12-hour clock
       What's New:
      • Added some additional fonts to the new fonts option
      • You can now choose from a handful of fonts for the widget (Android 8+)
      • Improved widget size calculation
      Short Mod Info:
      ● Pro Features Unlocked
      ● Ads Implementation Removed
      ● Analytics Implementation Removed
      ● Google Stuff Removed
      ● Multi-Language
      ● Compression Flags Untouched
      ● No Third Party Patch
      ● No Additional Lib
      ● 2.4 MB
      ● Release by Kirlif'
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      RegexH v2.4.7 b71 [Unlocked][Modded]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: RegexH is your app for working and / or learning regular expressions at different levels.

      With this application you will be able to understand a regex expression, thanks to the complete explanation of each of the elements that compose it. In addition, it allows you to design regular expressions by just selecting pre-established components.
      Moreover it has other functionalities as:
      -value expressions
      -recognize captured groups
      -to make replacements
      -generate common expressions
      - save the regex you use most *
      It also has the necessary information about the different elements that make up the syntax of regex expressions.
      The design of this application is specially meditated to facilitate navigation to the user.
      *Help translate the app to more languages via GitHub https://github.com/sky10p/regexh-languages
      *This is the free version. Ads have been deleted when saving regular expressions. There is a paid version that adds some non-essential functionality (In Default Terms submenu, you can use regular expressions by default)
       What's New
      Version 2.4.7
      -solved regex keyboard issues
      Version 2.4.5
      -Added case insensitive flag
      -Added lookbehind regex to explanations and help.
      -Added lookbehind regex to the keyboard.
      -Fixed minor issues
      Mod Info:
       ● Paid Features Unlocked
       ● Google Stuff Removed
       ● Billing Removed
       ● Works Offline
       ● Compression Flags Untouched
       ● No Third Party Patch/Lib
       ● 1.6 MB
       ●  Release by Kirlif'
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      VAG DPF v3.18.8 [Paid] [Patched] [Mod Extra]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: AG DPF shows you the most important data related to the DPF particulate filter and its regeneration phases using an ELM327 Bluetooth/WIFI adapter.

      With this app you can know if the filter is actually in regeneration process, if a regeneration is waiting to complete, how many km have you traveled since last regeneration, etc. This app doesn't use standard OBD2 commands as almost all other apps, it uses directly CAN commands specific of car model and this is the reason why it doesn't work with every car; due to the use of CAN commands, the app needs al least a decent ELM327 adapter (see note below); some users reports correct app working with a 10-15 euro adapter.
      VAG DPF community: google.com/+ApplagaApp
      ATTENTION!! This app works only with VAG (Audi Volkswagen Seat Skoda) that are equipped with engines listed below; for diesel engines not listed is not guaranteed the full compatibility, so if you anyway buy the app, consider that some or all functions couldn't work correctly.
      IMPORTANT!! Before buying this app I suggest to try the app "VAG DPF Free" to check the correct functionality of your adapter and your Android because the free application shares the connection method and the data reading code so it's perfect to test if these important functions are working correctly.
      Engines supported:
      CRBC (2.0TDI 150CV)
      CFHD (2.0TDI 143CV)
      CUNA (2.0TDI 184CV)
      CFFB (2.0TDI 140CV)
      CFWA (1.2TDI 75CV)
      CLHA (1.6TDI 105CV)
      CXXB (1.6TDI 110CV)
      CAYC (1.6TDI 105CV)(partially on Passat 3C MY10)
      CAHA (2.0TDI 170CV)(beta, requires verification)
      Tested by users:
      (*) = partial support
      IMPORTANT some of the engines above may be incompatible, it depends on the engine software version, so use the VAG DPF FREE app to check your engine before buy!!!!
      Core functions:
      - Display of 12 DPF filter parameters like: soot mass accumulation in the filter, regeneration duration, km traveled and time passed since last regeneration, EGR valve closing, exhaust gas temperatures of inlet and outlet of DPF (Attention: data shown may vary depending of the engine type due to the presence of the parameters into the engine ecu)
      - Manual or automatic parameters update
      - Display, for all the parameters, of the previous value and the difference between the actual and the previous value (only for automatic update delays different from 0 seconds)
      - Ability to exclude one or more parameter to increase the reading speed
      - Display of the filter filling percentage before reaching of the filling limit that starts the execution of a field regeneration (standard regeneration controlled by the engine ecu)
      - Graphical display, using a progress bar, of the filling percentage value before starting a field regeneration or a service regeneration
      - Graphical display of the filter status: red filter for the regeneration phase (passive, field or service) of grey filter with different back internal areas depending on the filling percentage value
      - Display of extra data: adapter communication error counter, filter filling rating in µg/min, update time of all the 12 parameters, automatic update delay actually selected in options menu
      - Notification bar icon to show an active connection and the auto-update process running
      To know all the functions explained in detail you can open a little guide directly in the app's menu.
      About ELM327 adapters:
      Currently on the market you can find a huge list of low cost clone ELM327 adapters using a cloned simplified version of the ELM327 chip; using these adapters with this app may introduce readings errors and also car connection problems or app freezing.
      For an optimal use I suggest a good quality adapter like an OBDLink LX, but the app also works with cheap adapters provided decent quality.
      What's New:
      - added DAVA engine to group 15 (thanks Pawel)
      - added CKFC engine to group 0 (thanks Denis)
      - added CRCA engine to group 17 (thanks Liciniu)
      Mod Info:

      No root or Lucky Patcher or Google Play Modded required;
      Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Google Play Store install package check disabled;
      Debug code removed;
      Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
      Languages: Full Multi Languages;
      CPUs: universal architecture;
      Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
      Original package signature changed;
      Release by Balatan.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      DiveMate (Scuba Dive Log) v5.5 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: DiveMate is the dive log book app to quickly and easily document your diving experiences.

      DiveMate is the dive log book app to quickly and easily document your diving experiences. Connect your dive computer, transfer dives and enrich them with personal experiences via picture, video and notes. https://www.divemate.de
      For some dive computer models we offer DiveMate Fusion accessories for the transfer.
      DiveMate is also very well suited for diving instructors in training. Students' dive computers can be read directly after diving and analyzed on the tablet using the profile.
      DiveMate is optimized for smartphones and tablets. The logbook with manual entry of dives does not need any additional packs. Powerful additional features can be supplemented with the one-time purchase of "Extension Packs" and used on all Android devices.
      • Transfer from your dive computer (supports over 170 models from 22 manufacturers via USB, Infrared and Bluetooth [Transfer Pack])
      • This allows fast and easy logging of dives
      • Complete logbook: Paper and PC no longer required
      • Optimized for smartphones and tablets of all sizes
      • Display of depth, pressure and temperature profile
      • Capture your diving experiences with pictures, notes and buddies with signatures
      • All dive data plus RMV/SAC, weight, bottle and gas parameters
      • Brevet and medical instructions
      • Multi-Edit function: updating equal fields of several dives with one change (advantage compared to dive templates)
      • Share your dives and dive sites
      • Merge dives and re-number dives comfortably
      • Dive site management with over 20 online maps (also via GPS)
      • Save many online maps for offline use when traveling [Map Pack]
      • Multiple divers (for at least one pack for more than 2 divers)
      • Print: logbook, profile, dive site map [Data Pack]
      • Backup & Sync between Android devices via Dropbox [Data Pack]
      • Sync with PC/Mac programs [Data Pack]
      • Statistics
      • Nitrox MOD calculator
      • Works on liveaboards or off the coast without internet connection
      • Continuous development and improvement based on user feedback
      • Languages: English,German,Italian,French,Spanish,Dutch,Russian
      Supported scuba dive computers:
      • AERIS A300 ai,A300 CS,Atmos 2,Atmos ai,Atmos ai 2,Atmos Elite,CompuMask,Elite T3,Elite T3.1,Epic 1,Epic 2,F10,F11,Manta,XR2
      • AQUALUNG i200,i300,i450T,i550,i750TC
      • ATOMIC-AQUATICS Cobalt,Cobalt 2
      • CRESSI Leonardo,Giotto,Newton
      • DIVESOFT Freedom
      • DIVESYSTEM iDive DAN,iDive Deep,iDive Easy,iDive Free,iDive Pro,iDive Reb,iDive Tech
      • GARMIN Descent Mk1
      • GENESIS ReAct Pro,ReAct Pro 2
      • GENZ Black EANx,Black TMX
      • HOLLIS DG03,TX1
      • LIQUIVISION Kaon,Lynx,Xen,Xeo
      • MARES Airlab,Icon HD,Icon HD net ready,M1,M2,Matrix,Nemo,Nemo Air,Nemo Excel,Nemo Wide,Nemo Wide 2 (2013),Puck Air,Puck Wrist,Puck Wrist 2 (2013),Puck Pro,Quad,Smart,Smart Apnea
      • OCEANIC Atom 1.0,Atom 2.0,Atom 3.0,Atom 3.1,DataMask,OC1,OCi,OCS,F10,Geo,Geo 2.0,Veo 1.0,Veo 2.0,Veo 3.0,Veo 180,Veo 200,Veo 250,Pro Plus 2,Pro Plus 2.1,Pro Plus 3.0,Versa Pro,VT Pro,VT 3.0,VT 4.0,VT 4.1,VTX
      • RATIO iDive Deep,iDive Easy,iDive Free,iDive Reb,iDive Tech,iDive Easy Sea Jewels,IX3M
      • REEFNET Sensus Ultra
      • SCUBAPRO-UWATEC Aladin 2G,Aladin One,Aladin Prime,Aladin Sport,Aladin Square,Aladin Tec,Aladin Tec 2G,Aladin Tec 3G,Aladin Tec 3H,Chromis,Mantis/M1,Mantis 2,Meridian,Galileo Luna,Galileo Sol,Galileo Terra,Galileo Trimix,G2,Smart Com,Smart Pro,Smart Tec,Smart Z
      • SHEARWATER Nerd,Perdix,Petrel,Petrel2,Predator,Teric
      • SHERWOOD Amphos,Amphos Air,Insight,Insight2,Vision,Wisdom1,Wisdom2,Wisdom3
      • SUBGEAR XP5,XP10,XP Air,XP Air (2014),XP-H,XP-3H,XP-3G
      • SUUNTO Cobra,Cobra 2,Cobra 3,D4,D6,D9,D4i,D4i Novo,D6i,D6i Novo,D9tx,DX,Eon Steel,Gekko,Hel O2,Mosquito,Spyder,Stinger,Vytec,Vyper,Vyper 2,Vyper Novo,Vyper Air,Zoop,Zoop Novo
      • TUSA Element2,Talis,Zen,Zen Air
      • XDEEP Black BT,Black EANx,Black TMX
      ssi,padi,scuba diving,divessi,diverlog
      What's New: 
      Version 5.5
      - solving issue of Bluetooth connectivity on some Android 11 devices
      - Mares Genius: corrected deco depth
      - Suunto Eon Core/Steel: added deco, events and alarms
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      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      PC Creator - PC Building Simulator v3.0.06 [Mod]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: The PC Creator is a simulator tycoon game, where you try yourself as a PC builder for free! 

      The PC Creator is a simulator tycoon game, where you try yourself as a PC builder for free!
      You need to perform clients commissions with various requirements: to assembly a computer from the ground up, to mount the operating system's images, to upgrade a computer, to install different programs, fix the items, games and much more.
      In addition to this, you have a special opportunity to create your mining farm to mine the cryptocurrency and to set up your own computer shop.
      User-friendly interface
      Despite the fact that our gaming setup has a lot of various functions, we made our best to develop the stylish, modern and comfortable interface for managing all game's processes:
      ★ animated controls
      ★ useful tool-tips
      ★ user-friendly and plain positioning of buttons
      ★ elements icons speak for itself
      All, mentioned above, you can see in the virtual world of the PC Creator!
      Build your PC from the ground up
      You can build the PC of your dream in our game. In the shop you can choose and buy a motherboard, a processor, a video card and other parts. Then you are about to install the operating system, drivers, favorite programs and games. And all these you can do in the one app on your smartphone.
      Wide choice of accessories
      There are a lot of modern machine parts in the game: motherboards, processors, video cards (PS express, etc.), random access memory, power units for all tastes, CPU, GPU. Moreover, you can overclock these parts to top and enjoy their productivity after this.
      How to improve your service creator studio center
      By finishing client's commissions, you receive the experience points and the virtual coins. You can purchase a new room for your service center with earned money. Moreover, there is an opportunity to replace the equipment with more powerful and modern one.
      Learn how to improve your PC
      You will learn how to fix up personal computers while playing our game, replacing or repair parts with better ones. In addition to this, you will notice that not all parts comply with other ones of your PC. Our simulator will teach you, how to choose details correctly, in case to make the most of your computer for gamer, stores, or individual orders. In case PC building game come looks like PC part picker on your computer. You'll have to make different construction sets to improve your professional skills in building games!
      Opportunity of installing popular operating systems
      PC Creator give you an opportunity of installing popular operating virtual systems: Linux, macOS, Windows. The process of installing is very close to realistic, so it is a good time to learn how to install or fixing different OS.
      Simulation of programs
      There is the built-in PC simulator, with help of which you can install various programs, games and test them without leaving the game. To play your favorite games on your phone, what could be better?
      Rating of the players
      Our famous team has also devised and developed the system of rating of all players over the world.
      So, in your cabinet, you can look at the best players by several parameters:
      ★ reputation
      ★ quantity and quality of finished commissions
      ★ winnings item in the wheel of fortune
      Your primacy won't have left unnoticed.
      Things don't work out? Ask for some pieces of advice in the official chat of the game in discord, where players share their knowledge, experience and just communicate with each other on various subjects. There are contests and promotions held in our game. You will be pleasantly surprised by them, because job of our community to make simulator games better! And by the way! If you want to try to assemble your PC in 3D - you're welcome in PRO version of PC Creator!
      What's New: 
      ● Improved localizations
      ● Added LEGEND PC Case
      ● Improved Skills system
      ● Recreate game economics
      ● Improved UX of the game
      ● Improved mining process
      ● Added LIVE Bitcoin function
      ● Fixed many bugs
      Mod Info:
      Unlimited Money
      This app has Credit advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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