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Filterly: the easiest. v1.102 [Unlocked]


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Filterly: the easiest. v1.102 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: We've created Filterly to make the easiest app to edit photos and adjust its color.

Captură de ecran
From the creators of Shapical X, Movee, Shapical, Crystallic, Glitchy and Deleo, featured on Google Play in 100+ countries

To use Filters is probably the most classical way to edit photos, and there are plenty of apps, developed for this, but what all of them are missing?

Our team in sixhands one day decided that there is no a single Photo Filter app that we all use, and we realised: "We will create our own".

We've created Filterly to make the easiest app to edit photos and adjust its color.

Filterly is must-installed app for your phone if you're using social media and post photos there or just like us you're in love with art.

And of course with our best designers we've developed our own set of stunning filters we so wanted to share!

Waiting for you in our new brand Filterly app!

Filterly is a really lightweight app, so you can download it easily and start to create you stunning graphics right in a moment.

What's New: 

Minor UI changes
Bug fixes

● Premium Features Unlocked

This app has no advertisements

More Info: 


Download Instructions:



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