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Vengeance v0.9 (Mod Money)


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Vengeance v0.9 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 5.0
Overview: - Vengeance is a single-player RPG in which you can immerse yourself in a story accompanied by beautiful music and atmosphere. Your journey will be rewarded with legendary and mythical items.
- Vengeance has many costumes that can change the look of your character and give him personality to your taste.

Captură de ecran
- Vengeance has amazing gloomy and colorful graphics, as well as beautiful effects.
- Vengenace has a crafting and item enhancement system.
- In Vengeance, you can play one character using different skills, including the skills of summoning undead.

What's New: 
- Locations: Owerseer's Dungeon 3 and Hatred Rift (Owerseer's Dungeon 3)
- Boss: Dungeon Warden
- Uber Boss: Merciless Hatred
- 37 mythical items (can drop from Merciless Hatred)
- Weight of legendary and set items is 1. (rare and mythical items were already 1)
- Reduced duration of animation of melee two-handed weapons

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