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Cooking Diary v1.22.2 (Mod Money)


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Cooking Diary v1.22.2 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.4
Overview: An IMGA award-nominated game―experience the magic of cooking with millions of players over the world!

Captură de ecran

Welcome to the world's culinary capital Tasty Hills! Just like any capital city, there's lots happening: restaurant critics write bombastic reviews, chefs create new masterpieces, and competitors cook up evil plans.
Dive into this whirlwind of events and etch your name into the history of the city of haute cuisine!


Test your cooking skills in this game's many colorful and fun levels! Make dozens of amazing dishes to win the hearts of the gourmets of the culinary capital of the world!


Join a culinary guild or create your own to take part in thrilling competitions. Invite friends, play together, and win fabulous prizes!


Open new restaurants and decorate them to suit your taste. Change the wallpaper, flooring, curtains, and pictures on the walls! Upgrade your kitchen, put in a TV, sound system, and new furniture to ensure that your customers keep coming back for more!


Be the most stylish and elegant chef in the city with HUNDREDS of different article of clothing and accessories. Grow a beard or mustache, change your hairstyle, the color of your eyes, or even the shape of your face!


- Open the restaurant of your dreams with a unique design and utterly unsurpassable cuisine!

- Decorate your restaurant however you like!

- Shake up your character's appearance using more than 300 articles of clothing and accessories!

- Participate in competitions between chefs' guilds!

- Play and cook with your friends!

- Regular free updates!

Create your character and set off on a grand culinary adventure! 

What's New: 
Chef, discover new culinary routes!

• Start up the food truck and get to know your favorite characters better!
• Collect prizes along the route: rubies, new outfits and hairstyles!

What's New: 
Have you ever dreamed of being a comic book hero? The pop culture festival is going to make your dream come true!

- The food truck is hitting the road!

- Food truck super prizes: outfits, hairstyles, and much more!

- Pet: make friends with a cute puppy!

- Restaurants: Matryoshka Delight and Twin Pines!

- 6 new episodes!

Come back to the culinary capital soon, there are many interesting things in store for you! Enjoy your time in the game, Chef!

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