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GlassWire Data Usage Monitor v3.0.334r [Premium][SAP]


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GlassWire Data Usage Monitor v3.0.334r [Premium][SAP]
Requirements: 5.1 and up
Overview: GlassWire makes it easy to monitor your mobile data usage, data limits, and WiFi Internet activity in real-time. Instantly see what apps are slowing your phone’s Internet connection or wasting your mobile data.

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Give GlassWire a try and see what’s using your WiFi and mobile data right this moment.

Key features
• GlassWire’s data alerts keep you under your data limit and save you money on your monthly phone bill. Get alerted before you reach your carrier data limit to avoid overage fees.
• See a LIVE real-time graph of which apps are currently using your mobile carrier data or Wi-Fi Internet connection.
• Instantly know every time a new app accesses the network and begins using Wi-Fi or mobile data.
• Go back in time to see which apps used mobile data earlier in the week or month. See past Wi-Fi or mobile usage by day or month.
• Go to GlassWire's "Data Plan" screen to set up zero-rated apps that won't have their data usage counted against your data plan.
• Check GlassWire’s Speed Meter on its notification bar to quickly see real-time data usage.
• Help protect your privacy and reveal suspicious app activity through GlassWire’s live graph.
• Block apps from connecting to the network, or allow or deny new connections before they start with GlassWire’s mobile firewall.

Protecting your privacy
Our company was founded specifically to help people protect their privacy and security. We make money through sales of our app, not by selling your data to third parties. With GlassWire your data and app usage information never leave your phone.

Instantly block badly behaving apps with GlassWire’s premium firewall
Instantly allow or deny new app connections with GlassWire’s new mobile firewall. GlassWire can block app WiFi connections, mobile connections, or both simultaneously! GlassWire premium also has unlimited themes.
For only $4.99 (with a free trial) you’ll be supporting online privacy and getting full access to all our premium features. GlassWire never shows you ads or violates your privacy.
Tap our top left menu in our app and tap “Upgrade GlassWire Mobile” to support our work and try out our new firewall features for free. Your support is essential in helping us keep improving GlassWire and you’ll have access to all new future features we add.

Supported mobile networks & providers
GlassWire works great with many different mobile data providers and telecoms world-wide including Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, and ATT. It’s also compatible with 3G, 4G, Edge, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and most other popular telecommunications networks. GlassWire can also provide you with Internet usage alerts if your Cable, DSL, or Satellite ISP has data caps.

GlassWire Android Reviews
“10 best privacy apps for your phone”–Android Authority
“GlassWire for Android now shows what’s eating up your data”–SlashGear
“GlassWire’s free Android app helps you monitor app data usage”-Droid Life
“The best Android security apps to lock down your phone”–The Daily Dot

How can we improve GlassWire?
Please join our forum forum.glasswire.com and let us know, or email us at

Bug & problem reporting
Find a bug or another problem? Go to the top left three line menu button inside the GlassWire app, then choose “Send Feedback” with debug logs so we can fix the problem.
We also have a bug bounty program hackerone.com for you hackers out there.

 What's New
•GlassWire’s 3.0 major update is here! The completely redesigned app is extra light on resources and super accurate.
•Check out the awesome completely redesigned interface! Swipe right on the graph to go back in time to see past data usage details.
•Try the new Firewall profiles! Allow or deny connections from newly installed apps.
•Hot new themes!
•Find an issue? Go to the bottom right menu and choose “send feedback”.
•Thank you for supporting GlassWire’s mission to protect your privacy & data!

Mod Info:
● Standalone Android Package
 ● Android App Bundle Repacked  (Split APKs Packer v5.2.2):
     • Languages: Multi (full set)
     • DPIs: hdpi, ldpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi
     • CPUs: None
 ● Premium features Unlocked
 ● AOSP Compatible
 ● Release by Kirlif'

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