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Counter - Click Counter & Thing Counter v1.2 [PRO]


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Counter - Click Counter & Thing Counter v1.2 [PRO]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Counter - Click Counter & Thing Counter is an open-source Android tally counter. It makes it simpler to count. You can have multiple counters with names and values of their own. Values can be altered with volume buttons. Digital counter free is an easy app that lets you count/count any activity you want. It can only be used for general counting as a count counter. The counter app is intended for Android consumers who want to count on their spiritual count. You can readily begin counting the songs and the app gives you multiple feedback on the counter click button. Vibration or haptic feedback is also accessible in the counter setting. The counter app from the Android platform gives you all the features you find in your physical counter.

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Features of Counter - Click Counter & Thing Counter:

# Multiple counters.
# Left-handed mode
# The theme of the counter.
# Sound on button press.
# Vibration on button press.
# History of the counter.
# Use hardware buttons.
# Counter animations.
# Custom counters name, value, and step.
# Reset individual or all counter value.
# Very easy to use.

It can count by pressing the linked microphone button. Tap the screen to begin counting as a click counter. The previous count will be saved even if you leave the app. Tap the Reset icon to reset the count. To add a fresh counter, tap the Add button. Use the counter list to handle all of the counters. Count individuals, steps, sheep, anything else. Just press to maintain your present count. Would you like to count kisses, sheep, cigarettes, laps, dots or anything else? This app is for you.

Counter by UX apps is a strong and easy-to-use instrument for counting items, clicks, days, occurrences or anything else. It provides you complete control of your counter-you can use many parameters, such as increment/decrement value or max/min value, to create counting even more convenient and efficient. This click counter app also lets you generate a few count counters, sort them, organize them in organizations, and a lot more. You can also add a counter widget to your home screen for super-quick counting.

Counter - Click Counter & Thing Counter even you close the digital counters, the number will not be erased. When the application is restarted, the number will appear on the screen. To pulse the amount, you should click the button. You can save the amount, date and name of the button you want to save. You don't have to check your screen, because the digital counter app will alert you to vibration. The digital counter has three main buttons: the counter button, the save button and the pulse button.

Counter - Click Counter & Thing Counter you can change the vibration or color from the buttons on the top of the screen. In addition to saving the battery, you can use the night mode application. The counter is free and you're not going to see any advertisements during that time. Even if you close the application, you will never lose the numbers until you click the pulse button. You can save all of your names and dates. Count anything without any limitations using On-screen buttons or volume buttons.

This is a counter number app with number counting for push button counter. That is a tally counter app with automatic counting and click counter widget for quantity counter war. This is a counter terrorist to word counter games with people counting like to counter plus one with counter attack game. This click counter app also lets you create a few count counters, sort them, organize them in groups, and more. You can also add a counter widget to your home screen for super-quick counting.

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