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Morphix TV v2.1.1


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Morphix TV v2.1.1
Requirements: Android 4.4 & UP Firesticks, Phone & Box, Fire Cube
Overview: Morphix TV is a more recent APK to the streaming scene and consists of a solid library of famous Movies to pick from. This is additionally a “one-click play” Movie app, which can make for a greater convenient and fun streaming experience.          


Morphix TV offers a simple user interface for convenient navigation, and you will note that it appears very similar to Morph TV.

At first look, this APK seems to be a clone of Morph TV. However, in the most current alternate log, the developers claim that Morphix TV “is not a clone of any app.”

As cited previously, Morphix TV is an extraordinary APK for one-click Movies. There are a ton of famous Movies to choose from with most containing excessive first-class streaming links.

You will word that the sole categories to pick out from inside the Movies menu are Trending and Popular.

Morphix Tv Apk Features:

-AdFree by default!
-Easy to use
-stream movies
-100% safe
-Lot’s more

What's New: 
Version 2.1.1 MARCH 3,2020
-New! Low profile mode, Enable if app is slow
-New! TV Shows return! Add categories on TV Shows, Also added a year filter for shows
-Alot of old code removed, Expect faster loading times and better stability
-Improved Movie details layout Android phone
-TV Shows can now be added through the server, No more updates through the app to see new TV Shows
-Fixed bug last movie/show on the list would not show
-Note: Please keep in mind, there is only one developer adding movies,tv shows, handling app updates, and handling the servers so don't expect alot of content inside the app

Tested for 1 Hr on Gen2FS & 1 Hr on 6,7 & 8 Phones
      *Some movies may not play!

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: [Credits to Morphix TV]



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