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Dont touch my phone v9.8 [Ads-Free]


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Dont touch my phone v9.8 [Ads-Free]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: don't touch my phone will secure your mobile from crooks touching and will protect your phone from snoopers from touching and spy touching your phone antifurto de celular 

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You don't have to tell to any one that please don't touch my phone anymore or don't tap my phone. Because this theft alarm will protect your phone from crooks and snooper . Protect your phone from your workmate also.

How to use

do not touch my phone and alarm touch or theft alarm is simple to use. antifurto de celular . Dont touch my phone uses your phone sensor and works as mobile alarm touch and theft alarm by touching your phone .

Just go to the activate alarm feature in don't touch my mobile app and activate this anti theft alarm feature to make your phone secure from snoopers, crooks, and workmate with this dont touch my mobile app .

Many alarm tones are included for alarm touching and theft touching and mobile touch . Simply select your favorite theft alarm tone and mobile touch tone. so don't touch my
mobile have lots of useful options . Now no need to say don't tap my phone or dont touch my smart phone because you have don't touch my phone. your phone is completely protected with don't touch phone privacy antifurto de celular .

PIN feature is also available in do not touch my phone app to prevent your valuable privacy from snoopers and crooks and workmate and thefts touching antifurto de celular . No need to please don't touch my phone any more .

why to use don't touch my phone

There are a lot of snoopers, crooks and naughty workmates out there and they always want to touch your phone and tap your phone and who unlocks your smart phone and who touched my phone. so it is important to use dont touch my mobile, anti theft alarm, don't touch my mobile , don't touch phone privacy, alarm touch and who unlocks my phone .

So it is important to use dont touch my phone or do not touch my phone to get rid of asking don't tap and don't touch phone privacy or please don't touch and don't touch anything with dont touch my smartphone and don't touch the phone alarme antifurto.

This mobile touch app is an amazing option by telling your friends again and again that dont touch my phone and other things like do not touch my phone, dont touch my smartphone , please don't touch , don't touch phone privacy, do not touch my phone , dont touch my mobile , don't touch the phone, mobile touch, don't touch anything, don't touch my mobile and you will have no issue like who unlocks my phone and who touched my phone. The best option of don't touch my mobile and dont touch my mobile is mobile alarm touch alarme antifurto. Mobile alarm touch will alert you with alarm sound and will notify you that who touched my phone and who unlocks my phone alarme antifurto .

What's New: 
Performance Improved
Minor Bugs Fixed

This app has no advertisements

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