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Planimeter - GPS area measure v5.3.1 [Paid]


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Planimeter - GPS area measure v5.3.1 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0.3+ | Google Play Mod | Lucky Patcher
Overview: Planimeter is a maps ruler tool to measure area, distance, perimeter, bearing, angle and GPS coordinates on map. You can set notes for each point and use this app for mapping or store your favorite locations or landmarks and create GPS tracks.


The app provides unique real-time GPS tracking feature, that allows you to measure field, property or region simply by walking or driving around. This feature is useful for people working in such areas as farming, landscaping, architecture and construction, real estate business and fencing, sport, golf (distance between points) and hiking, tour and trail planning. With this feature Planimeter operates as GPS tracker / logger or pedometer to record walking path or track.

The other useful feature is ability to quickly outline areas by drawing path on map. Magnifying Glass helps to place and edit pin position accurately: http://goo.gl/iibDY5

Area measurements on maps are useful in farming and land survey, landscaping, paving and construction, road building and repairing, lot building and planning, roof area estimation for solar panel installation.

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Option to hide lines allows you to use the app as a simple tool for object mapping on Google Maps, lawn design, forestry. Planimeter can be used for placing way points to walk through or share your current location with family or friends.


- Accurate distance calculations and area measure
- Metric and Imperial units (m, km, feet, yards, miles, ha, acres)
- Quick distance estimation between cities, waypoints, poles
- Bearing and Angle between lines
- Cycle through points by touch
- show GPS coordinates for selected point
- GPS accuracy settings
- Manage saved projects: open, save, preview, share KML files. KML-files can be used to export data to Google Earth and Google Maps
- Save screenshot of map with measurements
- Share data by email: map screenshot, coordinates as text message, KML file
- Map/Satellite View
- Zoom In/Out and Edit point location

- Location search using GPS and Network
- Address Search
- Add points by touch
- Add current GPS / Network location as a point
- Add points by Latitude and Longitude in different formats (DD, DMS)
- Fit-in and center points on screen (quick point search)
- Last point is auto centered - make it easy to use on scaled up map
- Option to show/hide lines and pins
- Multiple Point Selection in Edit Mode
- Delete selected / last / all points
- Full-screen option.

- Preferences: adjust GPS accuracy, time search, delete option and color theme
- Target Mode for accurate pin placement
- Show current coordinates in Target Mode
- Stylus Drawing Mode.
- Smart Path processing functions: Simplify Lines, Convex Area
- Point to point distances shown on path or track
- Quick Export To Google Earth (in-app purchase)
- GPS Tracking with time and accuracy settings.
- Magnifying Glass for accurate pin placement and editing

- Notes Mode (in-app purchase) to save bookmarks on Google Maps
- Quick switch to Google Maps from Note Mode to navigate to selected point: http://goo.gl/nCRTQi
- share Google Maps link to selected location with label from Notes Mode

- add points via length and angle inputs http://goo.gl/8XbhJU

- Localization: English, Portuguese, Russian, German

What's New: 
5.3.1 Android 10 fix
5.2 Italian added
5.1 Cirlces (IAB) and Volume https://goo.gl/dkHuvy
5.0 Multiple areas (IAB) https://goo.gl/SrFMj3
4.6 multi-point navigation Google Maps http://goo.gl/3dUa2p
4.5 open KML http://goo.gl/2cdI8w
4.4 German: http://goo.gl/11U4nu
4.3 Distance and Brg feature): http://goo.gl/8XbhJU
4.2 share location in Notes Mode: http://goo.gl/lCVkbq
4.1 Quick nav to point http://goo.gl/nCRTQi
4 Notes Mode (IAB) http://goo.gl/s52VdU
3.8.9 Guide http://goo.gl/EIpR5M

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