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Fluidity - Adaptive Icon Pack v1.8b [Patched]


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Fluidity - Adaptive Icon Pack v1.8b [Patched]
Requirements: 8.0 and up
Overview: Fluidity is a new adaptive icon pack that looks great on any device! Use squircles, circles, squares, rounded squares, or even teardrop!



• Lawnchair Launcher v2 (recommended)
• Nova Launcher
• Hyperion Launcher
• Rootless Launcher
• Shade Launcher
• Poco Launcher 2.0**

Other launchers may work, but we have not tested them to ensure they are fully compatible.


Q: Why is this app not available on my device?
A: Adaptive icon packs require Android 8.0 or higher.

Q: My launcher doesn't provide options to change the icon shape. How can I change the shape?
A: If you are running Android 10, you may need to go into your system settings to change the shape of the icons.

Q: My launcher doesn't support adaptive icon packs. How can I get it to work with my favorite launcher?
A: Contact your launcher's developer and ask them to add support for Fluidity and other adaptive icon pack.


Please contact us at for any concerns regarding this icon pack.

*Icon shape options depends on your launcher and/or version of Android you are running
**Requires Android 10 and icon shape is controlled by system

This app was compiled by myAP Express

What's New: 
• 20+ new icons!
• Activity fixes
• App update was compiled by myAP Express

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:







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Hey since you're AWESOME at getting different icon packs do you think you could hunt down Black Cappuccino paid/patched icons please? I've tried myself on Google but the website it takes me to I am unable to download them myself.
Thanks in advance!

Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk

Searce in The Forums..you found

Gesendet von meinem SM-N975F mit Tapatalk

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