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TVZion v3.8 B45 RE [Stable Mod]


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TVZion v3.8 B45 RE [Stable Mod]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: TVZion - One app to stream them all



TVZion - One app to stream them all
The best streaming app there is.

Features only on TVZion

TVZion home
The TVZion home featuring fully user customizable collection of sections (genres, years, New in HD etc) each of which scrolls endlessly and expands to a full screen list when clicked, gives you everything you need at your fingertips.

Seamless Trakt - Trending sections, lists
Zion seamlessly integrates with Trakt.tv to help you pick up where you left. 
You can access your personal Trakt collection, watch list, history, lists, liked lists through Zion's Trakt browser.

Cached torrent streaming
Now stream HQ content off torrents directly with your Real Debrid and Premiumize subscriptions.

Made for Android TV
Don't you just hate it when you're browing your TV and it feels like you are still on your phone at work? Well, no more, TVZion is 100% optimized and built for Android TV, checkout the screenshots above yourself.

AutoPlay & AutoNext
Autoplay: TVZion will auto play the highest quality link (as configured) automatically for you.
AutoNext: TVZion will auto play the next episode automatically for you even when using an external player.

Custom link filtering/sorting
Sort/filter links by bitrate, resolution, ping time, filesize, quality with TVZion to play the perfect link, every time, automatically.

Advanced meta data detection
Now TVZion will report EXACT resolution/bitrate to help you choose best link. Enough of guessing video quality with file size.

What's New: 

- [Introducing] [ZionClub] Debrid Suit [DS]: Build, manage and stream directly from debrid cloud using Debrid manager, magnet picker, debrid cloud as source.
- [Introducing] [ZionClub] Debrid Manager: Fully manage debrid services from app. Search cloud, add magnets, clear history, unlock external links, and most of all, watch content from your debrid cloud directly.
- [Introducing] [ZionClub] Debrid Cloud Source: Links from debrid cloud will now directly show up on link list. [Settings > Content > Debrid cloud > Enable]
- [Introducing] [ZionClub] Magnet Picker: Browse scrapped magnet links in a list and also add them to your debrid cloud directly from link search page.
- [Added] Option to keep RD/AD library sanitized by not adding cached torrents to account for streaming.
- [Added] Option to customize timeout for RD to gather metadata on a magnet and add it before failing.
- [Added] [Resolvers] [+4]
- [Fixed] [Resolvers] [+3]
- [Fixed] AD cached torrents will now return file size for cached torrents.
- [Optimized] Faster advanced metadata collection.
- [Changed] Files will sort by file size as bitrate is subjected to availability.
- [Changed] Cached torrents are now enabled by default and will longer required to be enabled manually.
- [Changed] Transcoded versions are now disabled by default.
- [BugFix] Episode progress was not being logged when autonext was being used without trakt.
- [BugFix] Stuck on collecting metadata.
- [BugFix] Large trakt lists.
- [Refactor] 30% of the full code base was fully refactored for better management.

● ZionClub Membership/Features Unlocked
● Banner Placeholders Removed
● Analytics Disabled
● Update Check Disabled

Mod Stable : Re-did the whole mod. Now works with Firestick, Fire Dongle, TV Boxed and all other devices.

This app has no advertisements

More Info: Mod By Stabiron


Download Instructions:




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