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Strelok+ v4.4.5 [Paid]


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Strelok+ v4.4.5 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: This smart ballistic calculator can use G1, G7 and... custom drag-functions 


This is paid version of ballistic calculator Strelok.
By buying this version you get:
+180 reticles! Full reticles list see here: http://www.borisov.mobi/StrelokPlus
- ability to scale scope reticle (reticle subtensions) to scope magnification (if reticle is placed to second focal plane). So, it's support different scope zooms and indicate current magnification.
- Trajectory calibration ("Truing") feature.
- all new features and reticles will appear in this version, not in free version.
- support of PSI pressure units and internal barometer, humidity sensor and temperature sensor (if exist)
- abitity to change target type and select from: Round target (you can change diameter), Old IPSC Target, IPSC Target, IPSC Universal Target, IPSC Mini Target, IPSC A4 Target, IPSC A Target, Target number 4, Moose Target, Elk Target, Whitetail Deer Target, Aoudad (Barbary sheep) Target, Crow Target, Man Target, Wild Boar Target, Coyote Target, Fox Target
- ability to measure slope angle by phone camera
- ability to input current altitude from internal GPS sensor
- support WeatherFlow wind meter

What's New:
Added reticles:
- APLR FFP IR MOA, Cronus BTR 4.5-29×56, Athlon
- Deploy MOA, Forge 2.5-15x50, Bushnell
- Center X, Neos 4-12×40, Athlon
- HALO2, Genesis 1-8×28 FFP, Blackhound
- MAR-133, 4-16X44 SFIR FFP, Marcool

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