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FunControl. Better than parental control! v1.0.190205 [Premium]


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FunControl. Better than parental control! v1.0.190205 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Does your child play too much or spend time with useless applications? Let us change this and your child will spend his or her time in a smarter way!


Our solution will help your child to stop spending hours in games, cartoons and other entertainment applications without stress (!), devoting his time and energy to training and development. An ideal solution for caring parents!

This application allows you to determine which of the applications installed on the device are educational and which ones are entertaining and to set a flexible balance between them (for example: 1 minute in the educational application equals 2 minutes in the entertainment application). Using educational applications your child earns time, which he can then use for entertainment applications. When the earned entertainment time ends, games and other "harmful" applications are blocked. In order to unlock them, you need to earn time for entertainment again. Thus, thanks to our application, your child will not only have fun, but also constantly learn!

In addition, if you have few education applications on your device, then we offer you a list of recommended educational applications from which you can always choose something suitable for your child.


• Specify a category for applications installed on the device: Entertaining, Educational, Neutral, Blocked.

• Adjust the balance between entertainment and educational applications.

• Automatic locking of entertainment applications at the end of time earned in educational applications.

• Setting up a list of applications that will be completely unavailable for your child.

• Output of information and statistics about the time spent in educational and entertainment applications.

• Selection of educational applications recommended for installation.

• Manually incrementing / decrementing the accumulated time (for example, as a gift, for good behavior or for good grades).

• The ability to temporarily unlock the entertainment application or completely deactivate the application by entering the parent PIN.

• Support for profiles of several children.

• The child can choose his own name, set himself an avatar and character in his profile.

Install our application right now for your child to learn more and play less!

Our app is going throught public beta-testing mode. For all participants of beta testing, we provide the opportunity to use the application FunControl for free for the period of beta testing, and also within 3 months after the release. In addition, for all active participants in beta testing we will provide the possibility of a personal extension of the free subscription up to 1 year from the date of release. Active participation means that you have to search and send us all the bugs that you've found, the completion of questionnaires, etc.

The standard trial (free) period for our application is 2 weeks. This period is unique for each device. Thus, if you use one Google account on different devices, then the trial period will operate separately for each of your devices.

This application uses the Device Administrator permission. It is necessary in order to block the removal of the application by children without entering a parent PIN. If you do not use this feature (activated in the settings), then the device administrator's permission is not required.

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