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Draw Pixel Art Pro v3.41 [Paid]


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Draw Pixel Art Pro v3.41 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: A convenient raster graphics editor optimized for working with small images (pixel art design) in PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF formats, with the ability to create animation and work with a sprite set (strip) in PNG format.



The app includes:
- Nice and user-friendly interface in both portrait and landscape orientation on different dpi screens;
- Animation functions, previous Ghost frame, frame Manager, animation player with smooth playback capability and adjustable playback speed;
- The ability to choose the transparency background of black, gray and white;
- Quick access to eraser, palette and all tools;
- 9 tools to work: brush, line, square, oval, spray, fill (4 and 8 directions), color change, eyedropper, selection, and each tool has its own flexible settings;
- Full 32-bit ARGB palette (with transparency channel) in two formats: hue and rgb (as in Adobe Photoshop);
- Ability to store and quickly switch between hundreds of color samples, sample Manager;
- Ability to work with very small images at high magnification without interpolation (blur);
- Convenient pixel grid with the ability to configure it;
- Fast switching types of toolbars for easy work and review;
- Full-save application state after closing and full resume when opening (auto-save images, animations, palettes and settings);
- The possibility of instant cancellation 50 recent changes in canvas (undo) and return the undo (redo);
- 5 modes of colour mixing: normal, overlay, lighten, darken, multiply;
- 3 effects: black and white, inverting colors, 8-bit colors;
- The ability to rotate the image at an arbitrary angle, horizontal and vertical mirroring, stretching, cropping or expanding the canvas (crop) with reference to the nodal point of the image;
- Rich settings for all aspects of the application, including service options for advanced users, allowing you to change the number of cancellations, the maximum image size, the threshold number of fps, the maximum number of samples in the palette, and others;
- Ability to save images and animations (in the form of a sprite set) in PNG format and animated GIF, palettes in a special format PLT and PAL;
- Functions of loading images and palettes from other programs (image galleries, file managers, etc.));
- Built-in file Manager that provides a brief description of sprites, images and palettes;
- Access to the last 3 open image files and palettes;
- The function of adding external or copied images to the selection tool with the ability to set the color mixing mode for it;
- Transformation function of the selected area;
- Ability to export the animation to a GIF file with subsequent publication (optional).
The list of features will be updated with application updates.
PS: it's not Photoshop, of course, but it's not Paint.


What`s New:
- Added the ability to hide layers, give them names, change their transparency and color blending mode
- Added the ability to set the timing for each frame separately
- Added the ability to choose the brush shape as circle or square
- Fixed false touch of the canvas when scaling and scrolling
- Improved app stability

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