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Dongshadow - an icon set v39 [Patched]


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Dongshadow - an icon set v39 [Patched]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: A beautiful, crispy set of not-exactly-simple icons, accented with dong shadows. The emphasis here hasn't been on photorealism or consistency, but on looking at the qualities of each and every icon, and then adding an artistic emphasis to that essence. I've also added a bunch of delightfully idiotic wallpapers.


To be perfectly honest, this started as a joke and transitioned into another "protest song", then into something worthwhile and at least halfway back into a joke again. Like with the desaturated themes, it felt to me as if every icon maker had a longshadow pack out, to the point where it just became ridiculous.

Now, I'm not saying there isn't variation out there. You have your dark shadows, bright shadows, shadows going south east, north west, straight down. You have uneven shadows, muddled shadows, pixellated shadows and shadows that make no sense at all in terms of physics, aesthetics or object/castoff relations.

I'm also not saying that 54 different people cannot produce their individual artistically unique takes on the phenomenon, I'm just saying that if you grabbed the initial offerings from Dave or Will, you'd have been pretty well covered before the remaining 52 came along.

Then again, people want what they want - and if people want to get bent over a barrel, who am I to refuse them a decent looking barrel and a dong to go with it?

I hope you enjoy my Dongshadows.

As is customary, there's a pretty dashboard, a couple of internal/external wallpapers, links to my social media presences and various interesting online resources. There's also a fairly robust IconRequest feature.

And, of course, apply-buttons for most of the major launchers. Supported launchers include most of the ones you would expect - these are supported to various degrees. The big ones work well, others may or may not work. Stock launchers typically don't support icon packs.


* Install and open
* Select your launcher to apply the icons
* Check out the wallpapers in the EXTRAS tab
* Check out the other extras
* Request icons or check the status of requests.
* Rate and review

=== SUPPORT ===

You're welcome to contact me via the contact options within the app.

You cannot communicate with me through the review section here. Depending on your language and/or regional settings, I may not even be able to see your comments.

What's New: 
More dong.

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Download Instructions:




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