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MARVEL Strike Force v6.7.1 (Latest Update)


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MARVEL Strike Force v6.7.1 (Latest Update)



- New Apocalypse Saga - Recruit Apocalypse
- New Death Saga
- 4 new characters: Apocalypse, Absorbing Man, Kang the Conqueror, and Moonstone
- Ability and Stat Improvements for: Ultron and Ultron Fabricator
- MARVEL Strike Force's 5th Anniversary
- Destructive Diva month-long event
- Cosmic Crucible K.O. rewards update
- Marvelstrikeforce.com Relaunch
- Saved Squads Enhancements
- New Costumes
- Commander Level 95

MOD info

Winning gift from TeamAR to you

Install Steps:

 this mod only runs for rooted devices for now!! Tested on Nox Android 5 - your mileage varies on other devices

uninstall GG or memory editing, they are not compatible with mod

install original game from playstore, login, make sure you can get to your account !!!

quit game, download mod, rename mod to "base.apk"

copy mod and replace base.apk that exists in your /data/app/com.foxnext.m3-1/

reboot your device

play game. wait for half minute when you're in lobby. menu is no longer here, the gift is automatically applied.PS. you may need to rename mod apk to "com.foxnext.m3.apk" depending what emulators/devices you have, easiest way to see is by going to /data/app/com.foxnext.m3-1/ and check the largest apk there. Too many requesting mod for this game - here you are the gift from TeamAR. This mod should work in most places except some of the high-end areas - for those areas, you don't WANT to use mod anyway. Play clever or otherwise FoxNext will be on your back chasing you. Give FoxNext a big kiss, they've been lazy, cheap, and pain in the b*tt for a long time  Notes: 1.) if you BIND your account to google, then you better install ORIGINAL game, login there, then BIND to facebook. otherwise game might fail to identify you properly in google 2.) if you try to run this mod ontop of existing game, it will crash - uninstall prev game first before installing mod ! 3.) remember to uninstall GG cause mod is not compatible with it 4.) current mod only work for armeabi-v7a machines

Download MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Mod APK

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