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Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness) v5.2 [Premium]

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Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness) v5.2 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.3+
Overview: Pro Gym Workout is your bodybuilding and Workouts trainer. Use our workout videos to Workout anytime anywhere. No personal trainer required. 



Our workout programs contain detailed information of Sets, Reps, Load, Speed and Rest to help you reach your fitness goal. Workout at home or at the gym using our goal oriented workout routines and training program

WORKOUTS: 120+ Exercises and 9 workouts
● Abs workout
● Biceps workout
● Triceps workout
● Forearms workout
● Chest workout
● Legs workout
● Shoulder workout
● Back workout
● Calves workout
● Cardio workout

WORKOUT PROGRAM: 16 Workout routines inbuilt
● Beginner bodybuilding
● Advanced bodybuilding
● Fat loss (12 weeks fat loss)
● Fat loss & muscle gain (6 weeks fat loss)
● belly Fat destroyer
● Quick Belly fat loss
● Arms workout program
● Attractive Abs program
● Massive chest workout
● Beginner fitness
● Pro fitness
● Beginner powerlifter
● Pro powerlifter
● Advance powerlifter
● Mass gainer (gain weight in 3 months)
● Abs gain (workouts for abs in 6 weeks)

● No internet connection required.
● Workout videos by professional bodybuilder that show you the right technique
and movements with detailed description.
● BMI calculator, Protein calculator, Calories calcutator, Fat calculator
● Like to add exercises to favourites
● Create your own custom workout routines by adding your favorite exercises
● Day wise listed workouts program and exercises
● Search workouts easily using search feature
● Receive new training exercises added in the app
● Workout tracker: timer in workout plans with accurate set, reps, load, speed and rest
● Receive notifications about: Workout supplements, Workout exercises, Bodybuilding diet, Bodybuilding news, fitness news, health tips, Gym fitness exercises and more.

NOTE: You can choose to remove ads permanently from the app by purchasing ads free pack.
NOTE: You can purchase the Premium version within the app to unlock everything in the app.

Feel free to send us feedback for suggestion and improvements, we will reply as soon as possible.

If you install the app you agree to our terms and conditions https://progymworkout.com/termsandconditions.html

Contact us via email [email protected] for help and support.
Website: http://www.progymworkout.com
Thank you.

What's New:
1. You can see the muscles worked in the exercise
2. Add the weight you lift in the exercise
3. Sets Reps and notes can be added by the user for an exercise
4. Language change option added in settings
5. Faster app performance for your workout routine

MOD Features:
Unlocked Premium
Ads removed
All Lessons Unlocked

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:




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      Seven - 7 Minute Workout v8.5.0 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Getting fit has never been this easy – or this much fun. Seven’s workouts are based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit in the shortest time possible. 

      With personalized workout plans Seven also makes sure you get the most out of your training. Want to Get Fit, Lose Weight or Get Strong? Just set your goal and fitness level, and let Seven take care of the rest.
      WHY SEVEN?
      • Work out anywhere, anytime, no equipment needed
      • Create a habit of working out with our everyday workout challenge
      • Compete with friends for extra encouragement and support
      • Earn achievements from novice to athlete as you vary your routine
      • Create your own workouts tailored to your needs and preferences
      • Keep it fun with instructors like the Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader and many more
      • Get faster results with personal workout plans adapted to your fitness level
      • Access all workouts and over 200 exercises for more varied training
      • Receive exclusive support and guidance from our certified personal trainer
      What's New:
      More motivating ways to do your workouts!
      Level Up
      Complete workouts in your Plan to level up and get new challenges.
      Rate Workouts
      Get workout recommendations by rating your workouts.
      Activity Map
      See who is working out with you, all over the world.
      Top 10
      Explore today's most popular workouts in the Discover section.
      Mod Info:
      Full version unlocked;
      Google Drive, FIT works;
      Ads Removed;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v3.2.7 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Blue light from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and prevents you from falling asleep easily at night.

      ☆ Don't be robbed of a good night's sleep!
      This app adjusts your screen color to reduce the blue light and helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep.
      ☆ Features
      ▽ Free Screen Filter App to Protect Your Eyes
      You can reduce the strain on your eyes easily.
      It is simple but effective!
      All you have to do is launch this app.
      ▽ Screen Filter with Natural Color
      This app's filter has a natural color so you can read news, emails and websites clearly.
      This app doesn't dim the screen but adjusts the screen color to reduce blue light which causes strain on your eyes.
      This natural color filter makes your smartphone screen shift to the screen for night.
      ▽ Easy Operation
      It is easy to turn on or off with just one tap. 
      You can adjust the opacity of the filter.
      You can choose from 7 different filter colors. 
      ▽ Turn On or Off Quickly and Easily
      You can choose to show or hide a filter icon in the status bar, making it easy to adjust the settings any time
      ▽ Startup Automatically
      You can choose to launch this filter on startup. 
      ▽ Simple App
      This app doesn`t drain your battery except when setting up the filter, since it only adjusts the color temperature. Moreover, memory usage is also low.
      ▽ Reliable App
      This app's developer has been registered as an official developer by an independent organization in Japan.
      http://goo.gl/C4qIk (Japanese website)
      ▽ Remove ads
      Please purchase the full version to remove ads.
      * If you want to install an app from a third party store such as Amazon. Please turn off the filter first to enable installation.
      * When capturing a screen (screenshot) turn off the filter first, otherwise it will apply to the captured screen as well.
      * If other screen adjustment apps are already running on your smartphone or tablet, it may affect the screen color making it too dark for your eyes.
      What's New:
      Support for Android 10
      Mod Info:
      Full version unlocked - no additional key needed;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Twilight: Blue light filter v11 build 342 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Are you having troubles to fall asleep? Are your kids hyperactive when playing with the tablet before bed time?

      Are you using your smart phone or tablet in the late evening? Twilight may be a solution for you!
      WARNING: Android O does no allow the app to cover your notifications any more..
      Recent research suggests that exposure to blue light before sleep may distort your natural (circadian) rhythm and cause inability to fall asleep.
      The cause is the photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin. This receptor is sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range which may suppress Melatonin production - a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep-wake cycles.
      In experimental scientific studies it has been shown an average person reading on a tablet or smart phone for a couple of hours before bed time may find their sleep delayed by about an hour.
      The Twilight app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day. It filters the flux of blue light emitted by your phone or tablet after sunset and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. The filter intensity is smoothly adjusted to the sun cycle based on your local sunset and sunrise times.
      Get more from Twilight
      1) Bed reading: Twilight is more pleasant on the eyes for night reading. Especially as it is able to lower the screen backlight far below the ability of the backligt controls on your screen
      2) AMOLED screens: We have tested Twilight on an AMOLED screen for 2.5 years without any sign of depletion or over-burning. If properly configured Twilight causes less light emission (by enabling dimming) with more equal light distribution (dark areas of the screen such as the status bar get tinted). This may in fact increase your AMOLED screen life time.
      Basics on circadian rhythm and the role of melatonin
      - location - to find out your current sunset/surise times
      - running apps - to stop Twilight in selected apps
      - write settings - to set back-light
      - network - access smartlight (Philips HUE) to shield you household light from blue
      Automation (Tasker or other)
      Related scientific research
      Amplitude Reduction and Phase Shifts of Melatonin, Cortisol and Other Circadian Rhythms after a Gradual Advance of Sleep and Light Exposure in Humans Derk-Jan Dijk, & Co 2012
      Exposure to Room Light before Bedtime Suppresses Melatonin Onset and Shortens Melatonin Duration in Humans Joshua J. Gooley, Kyle Chamberlain, Kurt A. Smith & Co, 2011
      Effect of Light on Human Circadian Physiology Jeanne F. Duffy, Charles A. Czeisler 2009
      Efficacy of a single sequence of intermittent bright light pulses for delaying circadian phase in humans Claude Gronfier, Kenneth P. Wright, & Co 2009
      Intrinsic period and light intensity determine the phase relationship between melatonin and sleep in humans Kenneth P. Wright, Claude Gronfier & Co 2009
      The Impact of Sleep Timing and Bright Light Exposure on Attentional Impairment during Night Work Nayantara Santhi & Co 2008
      Short-Wavelength Light Sensitivity of Circadian, Pupillary, and Visual Awareness in Humans Lacking an Outer Retina Farhan H. Zaidi & Co, 2007
      High sensitivity of the human circadian melatonin rhythm to resetting by short wavelength light. Lockley SW & Co. 2003
      Sensitivity of the human circadian pacemaker to nocturnal light: melatonin phase resetting and suppression Jamie M Zeitzer, Derk-Jan Dijk & Co 2000
      For a desktop alternative, try RedShift (Linux) or on Windows the app which has no relation to this project whatsoever, whose name cannot be said aloud or whispered as it is a Trademark, lets call it Lord Voldemort of the blue light flux filtering apps.Guessed it? Let us know in the comments.
      What's New: 
      - Filtering notification shades, status bar and lock screen when enabling Twilight accessibility service
      - Android TV works again with accessibility service
      -Works on Wear watches without the Draw over other apps permission screen though Accessibility service
      Mod Info:
      Pro features unlocked - no additional key needed;
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Home Workout - 30 Day Fitness Challenge v1.4.12 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: Nowadays, the day to day life is rather sedentary, which is why you may need to stay in shape at all times. The best thing you can do in order to achieve such results is to use Fitness Challenge, an application designed to help you create and manage home workouts according to your needs!

      What can you do with Fitness Challenge? Quite a lot of things! The first thing you have to note about the app is that it enables you to create one of a kind workouts that suit your needs and preferences. You are always in control and you never have to worry about any type of challenge. Plus, since you can create challenges for any given day, you also have a calendar that allows you to track the progress for each day and the total progress as well!
      Fitness Challenge is your own personal trainer and it helps you stay in the very best shape without any hassle. If you want, you can try out some of the various challenges integrated within the app. These challenges are designed to have a gradual workout time increase, so you will start getting fit and you will lose weight naturally. 
      Application allows you to view statistics like the energy expenditure and the workout complexity. This way you can see if you are working out enough or if you need to make any changes. You also have the opportunity to make your training more comprehensive by combining more difficult exercises.
      Another thing to keep in mind is that you have a dedicated section for workouts. You have ab exercises, legendary “7 minute” full body workout as well as butt and leg exercises. You are free to choose how to do them, not to mention that you can easily create your own workout if you want. The workouts can be short as well as comprehensive and they also integrate a timer. This allows you to know when to stop and in the end it can be an incredible experience for sure.
      Since you can have your own plans and create your dedicated workout routines, you can easily lose weight naturally and without a problem. Plus, these are exercises for men and they also work very well for women too.
      Fitness Challenge is the best tool that you can use if you want to workout at home and without any hassle. It really works as expected and it brings in front a resounding set of benefits! You even get proper health information such as body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, ideal weight and current weight. 
      Don’t hesitate and check out Fitness Challenge, the ultimate workout companion! Shed weight naturally and take your health to the next level!
      -    Stay fit and create your own gym at home!
      -    Different duration of challenges: 7, 14 and 30 days
      -    Exercise every day, gradually increasing workout time.
      -    Timer with voice and video instructions.
      -    Log your body weight and track your progress.
      -    A bunch of useful info regarding your health.
      -    Detailed statistics, including spent calories and workouts complexity.
      -    Randomize exercises. View videos-instructions before workout.
      -    Home screen widgets.
      What's New:
      If you enjoy using this app, please take a moment to rate it, and tell us what changes you'd like to see, or bugs you've discovered.
      Mod Info:
      Premium features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
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      Mindroid: Psychowalkman, Mind machine, AVS v4.9 build 125 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Mindroid is an AVS (Auditory Visual Stimulation device - aka Mind Machine or Psychowalkman) app for Android.

      - Material design 
      - Unlimited number of programs
      - Online program library
      - External glasses (USB connector)
      - Google Cardboard support
      It provides each of your brain hemispheres with a signal (either audible or visual) with a slightly different frequency in order to stimulate your brain waves. For more info on this phenomenon please refer to this Wikipeadia article.
      The aim of this app is to induce either relaxation, meditation, creativity or sleep state of your mind depending on the selected program.
      Audible stimulation is full-featured and comparable with single purpose AVS devices. Headphones needs to be used in order for the audible stimulation to be effective!
      Visual stimulation is experimental. In order to perform visual stimulation close your eyes and match the red spots on your display with your eyes.
      NOTE: Mindroid is fully compatible and encouraged to be used with Google Cardboard or any similar or any similar home brew solution. 
      You are kindly welcome to use Mindroid for FREE if you are fine with the default setting. To take advantage of all the available programs and to mix them with the different environments, please consider purchasing the Mindroid Unlock for a minimal Play Store price. We will very much appreciate your contribution and use it for further improvements of this app. Please install the Unlock on top of the current installation (do not uninstall Mindroid).
      Thank you very much for downloading Mindroid. Have fun!
      CAUTION! Mindroid shall not be used by users suffering any epileptic or cardiac symptoms.
      MIndroid is a great life hacking app which may helps you to relax, get more productive or with your insomnia, stress or sleep..
      What's New:
      -Slide to exit button hides in full screen
      -Few fixes
      Mod Info:
      Pro features unlocked - no additional key needed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      GymUp Pro training diary v10.40 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: GymUP is the apps which combines a very functional training scratch pad, a large base of exercises and training programs.

      You can choose the appropriate training program from your reference book and begin to follow it. And if you decide to draw up your own training program you will have more than 500 available exercises described in details. In due course you will be able to get a very detailed statistics which will allow you to plan sets, weights and reps.
      The pay version doesn’t have any limits.
      A little bit more about functionality. Using this apps you will be able to:
      * Record your workout results in a convenient and logic way (supersets are maintained)
      * Plan sets, reps and weight using previous workout results (they will be presented in the form of convenient lists and diagrams)
      * Find a proper program in a reference book using filter by parameters (place of performing, sex, workouts number, etc.)
      * Draw up your own free training programs and exchange them with your friends
      * Discover new exercises using filter by parameters (muscles, efforts, training level, etc.)
      * Get your activity statistics in the form of calculations and image data
      * Record your body parameters (photo, weight, height, muscles circumference, etc.) and look at their growth dynamics
      * Use sport calculators (optimal proportion calculation, fat percentage, etc.)
      * Export all the data to Excel
      * And lots of other things
      Whats New:
      * if the training day was set for the program, then the difference with previous results is displayed on the screen with the results of the training
      * improved search for exercises and programs by substring
      * a user comment is displayed in the exercise guide
      * Added the ability to set a note visual tag
      * full localization of the application interface in all supported languages
      * Fixed a bug when the application crashed during group deleting of workouts
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      White Noise Pro v7.6.7 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Launch day sale! Get 66% off regular price! It'll never be this inexpensive again. As seen multiple times on the Today Show--Find out why the world is sleeping better with White Noise. Features ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night.

      Launch day sale! Get 66% off regular price! It'll never be this inexpensive again. As seen multiple times on the Today Show--Find out why the world is sleeping better with White Noise. Features ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night.
      Do you have trouble going to sleep? Are you traveling on a plane and need a quick power nap? Does your newborn baby wake up in the middle of the night? There are numerous benefits to using White Noise:
      • Helps you sleep by blocking distractions
      • Relaxes and reduces stress
      • Pacifies fussy and crying babies
      • Increases focus while enhancing privacy
      • Soothes headaches and migraines
      • Masks tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
      Even when you’re asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noises such as faucet drips or police sirens can interrupt your sleep. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.
      50 HD sounds are included as part of the application (no downloading required unless you want more) including all the color noises (brown, white, pink, etc), mechanical sounds like box fan or air conditioner, light to heavy rains, rushing water sounds, beach and ocean waves, and so much more. For the entire list of sounds please visit our website. No streaming is required for playback.
      • 50+ HD full stereo perfectly looped sounds with additional free sounds from the White Noise Market at http://whitenoisemarket.com/
      • Record and loop new sounds with total ease
      • Background audio support so you can use other apps while listening
      • Create new soundscapes by mixing multiple noises together with support for adjusting volume, balance, and pitch of each individual sound in the mix.
      • Full screen digital clock with multiple colors and brightness controls makes it the perfect companion for any nightstand
      • Advanced alarm and timer system that slowly fades audio in and out so you awake naturally feeling more refreshed
      • On-screen media player and volume controls with swipe gesture support for navigating sound collection
      • Star favorite sounds and mixes in the sound catalog for quick access using the Favorite view
      • Designed to work on all Android-based phones and tablets
      • Advanced Settings let you prevent interruptions such as notifications, tweak buffer size for optimal playback, adjust sound volume, balance, pitch, custom alarm snooze times, and more. All the pro tools and settings you need for better sleep.
      • No Advertising
      "Savannah's Secret to a better night's sleep."
      DR. OZ SHOW: 13 Miracles of 2013
      "Revolutionary Sound App!”
      AMAZING ANDROID APPS - Book by Daniel A. Begun
      "White Noise can instantly transform a chaotic environment into a calm oasis."
      THE WASHINGTON POST: Smartphone Puts Newborn to Sleep
      "For the next four months, the infant slept with his father's phone in his crib and White Noise tuned to 'air conditioner."
      HEALTH MAGAZINE: "Help you turn off your brain, fall asleep faster, and get the rest you desperately need"
      WAKE_LOCK / DISABLE_KEYGUARD: Alarms unlock and wake the device
      WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Downloaded and exported sounds are written to external storage
      RECORD_AUDIO / MICROPHONE: Create and loop new recordings
      CAMERA: Assign photo to your recordings. Camera is not used for anything else.
      LOCATION / READ_GSERVICES: Geo Tag your new recording. Location is not used for anything else.
      What's New: 
      7.6 - Implemented new navigation, providing a smoother and consistent flow. Many changes under the hood to support current and future versions of android. Improved app startup time. Support library updates with stability and other bug fixes.
      7.6.7 Additional fixes for running when installed on SD Card. This should be fully resolved now. Thank you for supporting White Noise!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner v1.0.29 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: ★Have your personal trainer AT HOME★

      Home Workouts will help you scientifically get in shape. No expensive equipment or coach needed, just use your body weight and take a few minutes a day, and you'll have a better body in no time!
      It has workouts for your abs, legs, arms and butt as well as full body workouts. All workouts are designed by experts and suitable for both men and women. With voice guidance (TTS), detailed descriptions, animations and professional video guidance, you can make sure you use the right form during every exercise.
      Warm-up and stretching routines are also available for scientific exercise. You can design your own workout to build muscles or lose fat efficiently, and it’s easier for you to keep exercising every day.
      The calendar will log your workout progress, so you will stay motivated. Also, you can see your weight trend on the weight chart.
      ✓ Classic Full Body in 7 Minutes
      ✓ Toned Abs in 5 Minutes
      ✓ Slender legs in 7 Minutes
      ✓ Sexy arms in 7 Minutes
      ✓ Tighten butt in 7 Minutes
      ✓ Upper Body
      ✓ Lower Body
      ✓ Full Body
      ✓ Strength Body I
      ✓ Strength Body II
      ✓The training balances different muscle groups
      ✓Workouts of varying difficulties
      ✓Workouts for men and women
      ✓ Warm-up and stretching routines are available
      ✓ Record training progress automatically
      ✓ The chart tracks your weight trend
      ✓ Customize your workout reminder
      ✓ Detailed video and animation guide
      ✓ Share with your friends on social media
      What's New:
      No changelog
      Mod Info:
      Pro features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      7 Minute Workouts PRO v4.2.5 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Scientifically proven workouts and exercises for fat loss and muscle building.

      The 7 Minute Smart Workout Challenge contains:
      chest, classic, six pack abs, woman, butt, intense, skipping rope, fat loss and alpha 20 research proven workouts.
      App contains bodyweight and dumbells exercises.
      Workout length is only 7 minutes.
      The best part? 
      Short, simple to perform and very effective.
      Workouts are made for males and females.
      Whether you are beginner or overweight, it doesn't matter.
      App contains 7 minute workouts for everyone.
      We strive to make the highest quality health and fitness apps.
      Major muscle groups:
      - Abs
      - Back
      - Arms
      - Biceps
      - Calf
      - Chest
      - Forearms
      - Legs
      - Shoulders
      - Triceps
      - Quadriceps
      - Hamstrings
      - Glutes
      - Trapezious
      Whats New:
      Profile Crash
      Locked Workouts Fixed
      Tutorial Bug Locks Screen Fixed
      End of Workout UI/UX Improved
      Calorie Counter
      Transformation Center
      Active Training Plan
      Badge Section
      Settings Improvement
      Languages Added:
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout PRO v4.2.5 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Get fit with Six Pack Abs Workouts , no equipment required!

      Get fit with Six Pack Abs Workouts , no equipment required!
      Six Pack Abs Workouts will keep your abdominal muscles fit and in shape! In just a few minutes a day you can be healthy, Six Pack Abs Workouts is equipped with more than 20 workouts for every fitness level and with more than 100 exercises to pick from to create your own workout routines.But training only won’t help you lose weight fast thats why Six Pack Abs Workouts has custom nutrition plans built it which will transform your abs in just two weeks!
      Six Pack Abs Workouts offers lots of different workout types (hiit, high inensity, advanced, intermediate, beginner ….) which contain number of calories and info as which muscle group is being used in that workout and whats its intensity.
      But to make sure that you don’t get injured and that you can work out to the fullest Six Pack Abs Workouts contains stretching and warm up workouts which will keep your muscles and spine healthy, and prevent any injuries.
      Our exercise library is more than 100 and we are adding exercises every week!The high quality videos and animations will help you execute the right movement of the exercise.
      Six Pack Abs Workouts do not only contain high quality workouts the app also contains advanced training and workout plans which will guide you though the process of becoming a stronger version of your self.
      Beside workout and training plans Six Pack Abs Workouts contain also high quality and scientifically proofed nutrition and diet plans which will show results in two weeks of use.
      Detailed meal plans and guides will help you maximise your results and achieve the body you deserve!
      Beside from the quality of workouts, warm up workouts , stretching workouts, exercises ,training & nutrition plans and meal plans the app has features which will help you stay motivated and train on time!
      Feature list:
      - Record workouts and plan history
      - Log your calories, workouts and plan history on Apple Health
      - Train with Apple Watch and Apple TV
      - Stay motivated with a achievement system
      - Filter exercises by muscle group or hardness
      - Ability to create your own workout routines
      - Personal trainer with reminders which will notify you when to work out!
      - Video followed workouts
      And much more….
      Major muscle groups that the workouts hit:
      - Abdominals
      So there is no need for GYM routines.
      Workouts are pure insanity to lose the belly fat and for pumping your iron abs muscles.
      With these workouts and exercises, you will get functional strength, explosiveness (explosive power) and defined body.
      Mix those workouts to improve your stability, stamina, agility and coordination.
      App is based on HIIT (High intensity Interval training) regimen, which will improve your cardio and fast up your fat loss.
      Main function of this app is cardio, bodyweight and aerobics - better fitness, body health, fast metabolism for fat burning with a workout plan and exercise training program.
      A portion of the exercise list:
      Sit ups, wall sit, jumping jacks, punch, Abs Scissors, Chin Ups,Crab Walk…. And many more
      What's New: 
      Profile Crash
      Locked Workouts Fixed
      Tutorial Bug Locks Screen Fixed
      End of Workout UI/UX Improved
      Calorie Counter
      Transformation Center
      Active Training Plan
      Badge Section
      Settings Improvement
      Languages Added:
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      PrimeNap Pro: Sleep Tracker and Smart Alarm v1.1.2.5 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: PrimeNap is a sleep tracker app featuring a highly-customizable sleep cycle alarm clock.

      The sleep tracking is easy to use and allows you to take as many naps during the day as you like.
      It's also a sleep pattern plotter, a screen dimmer, a dream journal, a sleep debt calculator, a sleep noise detector and a sleep sounds/music player.
      ✔ Sleep tracker
      ✔ Sleep debt analysis
      ✔ Synchronized sleep cycle alarm clock
      ✔ Gradual volume increase
      ✔ Snore detection
      ✔ Easy snooze using multitouch, add 5 minutes per finger
      ✔ Screen dimmer
      ✔ Red filter
      ✔ Dream journal
      ✔ Sleep stats for user-specified daily activities
      ✔ Sleep sounds
      Benefits of using a sleep tracker and sleep cycle alarm clock
      With modern day work schedules, our sleep patterns have become widely irregular and oftentimes much shorter than they should be. PrimeNap's Sleep Tracker can help you analyze your sleeping patterns and correct them if necessary. Using PrimeNap's smart alarm functionality, you can avoid being pulled out of deep sleep by a well-meaning time-based alarm clock, and instead wake up gently after sleep cycle completion and thereby simulate a natural awakening.
      How it works: Movement during sleep is known to roughly correlate with the actual sleep stages obtained by polysomniography. This sleep movement is registered by the phone and translated into fairly accurate sleep cycle information.
      Recommended use: Use this sleep app with proper hardware. If convenient, switch on airplane/flight mode to minimize any emissions. Reboot or close other apps that might cause the phone to heat up during the night.
      What's New:
      No changelog
      Mod Info:
      No LP or Google Play Modded needed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Hydro Coach PRO - Drink Water v4.2.8-pro [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1+ | SAI
      Overview: Hydro Coach is the most motivating Water Drink Reminder and Water Tracker app of 2019

      Drinking water regularly is a big challenge in day-to-day life. Hands up – who really drinks enough water every day? Hydro Coach will help you by calculating how much water you need, tracking what you drink, and gently reminding you when to drink. It's time to unleash the power of water to improve your health. Because your health is worth it!
      PRO features:
      ⭐️ Unlimited Diary. Look back to all past days in your diary.
      ⭐️ Additional monthly statistics and unlimited weekly statistics.
      ⭐️ More widgets (e.g. 1x1 widget for fast drink inputs).
      ⭐️ Use hydration factors to define how well drinks are hydrating or dehydrating.
      ⭐️ Fast and easy intake from each notification.
      ⭐️ Export your drink history into a CSV file.
      ⭐️ No ads.
      Benefits of drinking water for your health:
      It’s an effective method of combating stress and tiredness
      Drinking enough water can clear up your skin
      Drinking enough water can improve your health in a few days
      It’s beneficial to weight loss and the basis of every professional diet
      Drinking more water can relieve headaches
      Key features:
      ✅ Improve your health with personal drink notifications
      ✅ Keep perfect track of your water balance through a simply designed diary
      ✅ Get a graphical insight into your water drinking habits with week and month statistics
      ✅ Practical widgets provide clear information about your water intake
      ✅ Create custom drink volumes easily
      ✅ Supports imperial (fl. oz.) and Metric (ml) units
      ✅ Share your water intake with your friends
      ✅ Direct water input through your android wear
      ✅ Synchronization with your google account
      ✅ Google Fit, Samsung Health und Fitbit
      How it works:
      Our formula calculates your ideal personal water requirement based on multiple factors like age, weight, gender and lifestyle. Select your favorite glass you normally use, and Hydro Coach will remind you to drink and refill it.
      What's New:
      Thanks for hydrating with Hydro Coach. Keep drinking and share the application with your friends.
      SAI Instructions:
      1. Download and install latest SAI app (Split APK Installer);
      2. Download this .apks&zip archive app;
      3. Install and Open SAI / Choose "Install APKs" button / Find and Select downloaded .apks archive app;
      4. Wait for install and done. Enjoy!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Bike Computer - Your Personal Cycling Tracker v1.7.9.3 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Transform your phone into a beautiful Bike Computer.

      Cycle with confidence and improve with each ride! Bike Computer offers personalized metrics, it syncs with Strava and Facebook, and provides safety with the unique Keep me Safe feature.
      The community of over 100.000 active cyclists have covered over 3 million kilometers to date, and they are still going strong. That amounts to a bike ride to the Moon and back… eight times! Join us.
      Stay focused on the important things:
      • A minimal, yet powerful design - Bike Computer has a minimal interface that is designed to keep you focused on your performance.
      • Personalize your metrics - We talked to hundreds of cyclists what they need for better experience. We discovered that as cyclists improve, they also like to focus on different metrics. Now, with a new customizable dashboard, you can follow those metrics that are most important to you. 
      • Dark theme that saves battery life - There is nothing more impressive than a Bike Computer wrapped in black. With the Dark Theme you can follow closely your performance during night rides, and save battery life during the day. 
      • Safety is a priority - Keep me Safe ™ will send SOS messages with the location of your accident. Note: Keep me Safe™ works only when the phone is firmly secured to a bike mount.
      Get more out of your Bike Computer:
      • Save activity even when offline - You don’t have to be always online anymore. Now your activities will be saved even when offline, and synchronize when you connect!
      • Premium deals for premium users - Now you can get that cycling gear you always wanted, for a discounted price.
      • Learn how to improve - Now you can analyze your performance in detail with speed and elevation graphs from every stage of your ride.
      • Support for your devices - Bike Computer works with almost all Bluetooth activity tracker and HR monitors.
      Stay connected with the cycling community:
      • Sync your rides with Strava - You can save your activities on Strava, share it with friends on social media, or with other Bike Computer cyclists.
      • Awesome maps for GPS navigation - Find your friends and fellow cyclists on a map in real-time and join them for a bike ride.
      • Make your rides unforgettable - Share your rides with beautifully designed overlays. Express your passion for cycling with awesome stickers, and make your cycling photographs more beautiful for sharing on Instagram and Facebook. 
      Let's ride!
      What's New:
      *Two Subscription Tiers now available. Get Keep Me Safe and the dark theme at lower price.
      *Introducing challenges. Complete a challenge and earn a badge in your profile.
      *Keep me Safe messages are now sent directly from device via SMS.
      *Performance optimizations.
      *Battery improvement.
      *Various bug fixes.
      Mod Info:
      Premium features unlocked.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Hypnosis for Life Success v1.4.8 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Listen to numerous audio programs, courses, and workshops to learn how to create feelings of success in every facet of your life. With the help of professionally guided hypnosis courses and meditation programs, you will develop the skill to visualize your success and manifest it within the very fabric of your life. 

      Listen to numerous audio programs, courses, and workshops to learn how to create feelings of success in every facet of your life. With the help of professionally guided hypnosis courses and meditation programs, you will develop the skill to visualize your success and manifest it within the very fabric of your life. Attract the man or woman of your desires, attain whichever material you wish to possess, create a business that yields great abundance, and feel fulfilled in your life with the encouragement provided by the plethora of professionals at Empowered Hypnosis.
      VISUALIZE YOUR SUCCESS: Learn how to turn your process of goal-setting into a visual exercise, and will your countless successes into existence. Declutter your mind, achieve optimal physical health, and lighten the load of your soul with the many positive affirmations and meditation programs provided by Empowered Hypnosis. Create a successful life by creating a happy one.
      TRANSFORM YOUR BELIEFS: How long have you believed that you just aren’t destined for great success? Watch how as you redirect your belief about your own personal success to that of being presently successful, you will begin to see magic happen within and without the parameters of your life. With the help of multitudes of hypnosis workshops and programs, you can transform the way that you see yourself and the world around you and ultimately change your life entirely.
      DISCOVER LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE: What if I told you that there is limitless wealth in the Universe and that there is enough out there for you to never have to work again? With the help of the many experts at Empowered Hypnosis, you can tap into this vault of never-ending abundance and welcome its bounty into your life.
      FREE APP: This app is free to download and includes 100+ hours of free audio programs and workshops. Subscribe to unlock and gain access to all available content (in-app purchase fees apply).
      GET ON TRACK: Audiojoy makes staying disciplined and feeling inspired simple with subliminal affirmations, guided meditations, life-hacks, mind-expanding hypnosis, and more.
      This app makes it easier than ever to attract the success you desire and deserve into your life. Open a successful restaurant, become wealthy doing what you love, feel confident in your relationships, learn the keys to success, and explore the world of limitless abundance that is available to you with the help of the many professionals at Empowered Hypnosis and wide range of different audio programs and workshops they have provided.
      This app is packed full of wonderful features to help you creating a successful and fulfilling life:
      + 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content
      + Daily featured audio content
      + Search and explore all content
      + Add to a favorites list
      + Listen when offline
      + Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
      + Read along with the text version
      + Sleep and meditation timer
      + Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
      + Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated
      Audiojoy creates easy, how-to content to create happier lives. We believe everyone can develop the skills to be the very best they can be. Audiojoy make it simple to practice these techniques, so that you can hone-in on what you want and get rid of what you don’t. Download our apps, launch your own program, workshop or course, and start learning today!
      This app includes hundreds of hours of affirmations, meditations, and hypnosis workshops. Here are samples of the audio content you will explore throughout this app:
      + Personal Growth - Self Development, Resolving Conflict, Resentments, Anger, Worry
      + Health - Better Sleep, Boost Immune, Stop Headaches
      + Business - Leadership Skills, Sales Mastery, Enjoying Work, Networking
      + Relationships - Healthy, Happy, Lasting, Romance, Jealousy, Marriage
      + Social Skills - Communication, Better Friendships, Empathy
      and much more...
      What's New
      - Fixed "audio stops playing" annoying bug, ugh, sorry!
      - Fixed "track disappears from playlist" bug, yay! - Fixed "cannot play a sound" bug, phew! - Fixed "disappearing play button" bug, grrrrr! - If you like our app, please share your favorite track on FB and Instagram!
      - Fixed the mysterious “Track Name” bug, sorry ya’ll
      - Other small bugs squashed
      This app has NO advertisements
      ※ Premium features unlocked
      ※ Release by Zameel
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Spartacus Workout v0.0.23 [Paid]
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: This high-intensity workout will burn fat, build muscle, increase strength and test you to your very limits. Be sure to start small and work your way up.

      This high-intensity workout will burn fat, build muscle, increase strength and test you to your very limits. Be sure to start small and work your way up.
      This versatile app can be used in a number of ways:
      Simply start your desired workout and leave your phone in your pocket or on the ground. It is designed to be compatible with Bluetooth headphones, earphones and speakers meaning you can workout while listening to your favourite music without having to touch your phone.
      Follow the on-screen animations as a guide to the exercises and once you have learned the names and actions for the exercises, listen to the personal trainer without even watching the screen.
      More exercises to come...
      What's New: 
      Stronger preparation time!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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