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Drone Shadow Strike v1.22.121 [Unlimited Coin / Cash]

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Drone Shadow Strike v1.22.121 [Unlimited Coin / Cash]
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: Drone Shadow Strike is the most epic military warfare game that offers an addictive mixture of strategy, fast-paced combat and real action! Operate the world’s best UCAVs with an arsenal of weapons and bring the rain!


Set in the heart of covert aerial warfare, with real world inspired immersive environments and the original FLIR (Forward looking Infrared) camera, the game puts you in the hot seat of a special ops operator. You must work your way up the chain of command over a series of covert missions, using ultra high tech equipment, strategy & skills and superior firepower to lay waste to the enemies of the state, all at the tap of your fingertips!
Reaper, evade enemy fire and raid their bases before they take you out. You are clear to engage!
The game is completely free to play but some in-game items require an in-app payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device.
Exclusive Features:
•Fly 7 different types of UCAVs, from prototypes to official in-service aircrafts!
•Defend, Survive, Strike or Escort; 24 missions in 4 real world inspired campaigns.
•Cannons, Guided Missiles, Rockets & Bombs; 4 types of weapons, 20 ways to light ‘em up.
•Superior upgrades. Choose to be light & stealthy or loud & proud!
•7 Additional enhancements. Dominate the battlefield with airstrikes, nukes & more!
•Simple and easy intuitive touch controls, command the battle with just a fingertip! 
•Fight alongside friendly AI forces. Provide overwatch and protect them at all costs!
•20 official Ranks. Start as an Airman Basic and rise up to command as a Master General.
•Over 280 Challenges & 70 Achievements.
•More campaign episodes to come.

What's New: 
Bug fixes and optimizations.

This app has AdColony, Chartboost advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:     


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      GTA: Chinatown Wars v1.04 + Mods
      Requirements: 4.0 and up

      Following his father's murder, Huang Lee has a simple mission: deliver an ancient sword to his Uncle Kenny to ensure his family retains control of the Triad gangs of Liberty City. Huang is a spoiled rich kid who expects everything to run smoothly, but his trip does not go exactly as planned. After being robbed and left to die, he will search for honor, riches and revenge in the most dangerous and morally bankrupt city in the world.
      Built specifically for portable devices, the groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is now available on select Android devices.
      - Epic storyline with tons of side-missions, addictive mini-games and hidden collectibles 
      - Widescreen resolution support 
      - Support for Android TV devices 
      - Updated, highly customizable touchscreen controls
      - Enhanced graphics, lighting and explosion effects 
      - Compatible with select Android Bluetooth and USB controllers
      Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese.
      Requires Android version 4.0 or greater.
      What's New: 
      General bug fixes and improvements.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
      Mod 1:
      - Ammo & Money
      Mod 2: 
      - Infinite ammo
      - Infinite health
      - Infinite money
      - 1 hit kill
      - Walk through walls
      - Walk through objects
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      Lunar Rescue Mission Pro v1.00 (Paid) + Unlocked
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      Vehicles include the Mothership, Rescue Lander, Magnetic Rescue Lifter, Moon Buggy, Magnetic Cargo Buggy, Cargo Lifter Platform, Cargo Buggy Platform & Crane.

      Challenging game play with a gripping story line, Lunar Rescue Mission delivers action and adventure in an eerie atmosphere.
      - 18 large mission sectors.
      - 8 vehicles to master.
      - Sandbox mode.
      Inspired by scfi and spaceships!
      Are you skilled enough to succeed?
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      Finally Released!
      This app has no advertisements
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      Defend Your Castle v0.1 (Paid)
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      Will you and your court rise to the challenge, or stand aside as they raze your Castle to the ground? 
      • Battle many different types of enemy invaders, requiring varying tactics to defeat 
      • Upgrade your kingdom with fortified walls, the archery range, wizard tower, craftsmen's workshop, and the demolition laboratory 
      • Strengthen your forces by converting soldiers and assigning them as Archers, Wizards, or Craftsmen to work within your castle or deploying them as Bombers 
      • Cast powerful spells with the aid of your Wizards 
      • Your superb defending abilities now earn you up to 60 achievements! 
      • Unlimited levels: Continue to grow the strength of your Kingdom indefinitely 
      • Heroic difficulty mode for players of royal descent
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      Released Defend Your Castle for Android!
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      Epicalypse v1.05 (Unlocked)
      Requirements: 4.1
      Overview: EPICALYPSE™ is a fast-action arcade game that will test your wits and reflexes against hordes of descending cosmic horrors.

      • 40 levels (20 regular + 20 hardcore) of crazy action.
      • Complex Boss Fights!
      • Change the speed of the fireball from "slow" to "madness" to make the game less, or even more challenging.
      • Turn off the game's sound effects and/or music and play music of your own choice as the background music, if you prefer.
      What's New: 
      Version 1.05
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
      All Levels Unlocked
    • By Apophis
      Shadow of Death: Dark Knight v1.54.0.0 [Mod]
      Requirements: Android 4.1+
      Overview: The story began in the City of Light - Aurora's land, where was blessed by Gods. This was the land where King Luther built and ruled his kingdom with strong hand and kind heart. Not long after, the royal association called The eyes of Oracle was founded to preserve and develop ancient knowledge, including Magic, Alchemy, Astrology, Medicine, etc. 

      Thanks to this knowledge, King Luther created a Powerful kingdom, as well as one of the most beautiful periods in Aurora's history.
      However, The tragedy began from the reign of the 15th King Luther. It seemed to be a good reason that he wanted to bring his beloved sister back from the dead. He studied everything he thought that could be useful: Magic, Medicine, even Alchemy to create a terrible disease that was healed by only him. He took advantage of it to gather the bodies for his evil purposes.
      Everything seemed to be worse after the explosion of his lab. Not only many strange creatures but also diseases with no cures started to appear more and more whereas 15th King Luther disappeared left his kingdom in the darkest period of Aurora’s history.
      At that time, there was a man named Max who used to be a royal Knight of King Luther 14th, (returning from the war with the outside forces. He was one of many experimenters of King Luther 15. 20 years after the explosion, Max woke up in a strange place with fragmented memories, amazing strength and toughness.
      He wanted to find the answers for what was happening to himself and Aurora. That was when Max's journey began and the legend of ‘’Shadow of Death’’ appeared...
      “Shadow of Death” is the greatest combination of Role-playing game (RPG) and Classic Fighting game, which lets you equip your Shadow with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets to make an unbeatable hero. 
      In each epic battle, you’ll become the warrior in the journey of conquering the dark world and you will have to collect swords, weapons, and awesome armors, etc to make yourself stronger and stronger. Be ready for such an exciting game that you can’t stop until you are the best fighter and master of sword game. 
      ▶ BATTLE
      When the battle begins, each stickman needs to fight against many dangerous monsters. This battle is so hard that you have to try your best to win, using multiple skills and swiftness. Do not forget to avoid physical attacks as well as magical attacks from monsters
      The graphics in Shadow of Death are inspired by light and darkness, which creates the great contrast. In addition, the spectacular effects will make you stunned. Use some powerful magic and burn the darkness world.
      Enjoy the multiple upgrades in the best rpg games. Two system that you can upgrade to more powerful are Equipment system and Skills system.
      Some monsters are extremely dangerous & you will need more powerful weapons than the basic ones. 
      ▶ FEATURE
      - Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly lifelike detail by an all-new animation system.
      - Unlimited crystals
      - Unlimited souls
      What's New: 
      What’s new in Shadow of Death version !
      ✔️Supported change control layout
      ✔️Supported ON/OFF notification
      Our development team is continually improving the game to deliver the best mobile entertainment. Thank you for playing and we hope you continue to support future updates of Shadow of Death.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:    
    • By Apophis
      Strike Force v1.1.0 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 4.1
      Overview: Space Squad: Galaxy Attack Of Strike Force – Shooting just keeps getting better!

      Space Squad : Galaxy Attack of Strike Force is not your usual arcade games - It is the essence of the retro arcade shoot’em ups. From the very first moment, you will be immersed in its vivid graphic and superb gameplay mechanics, especially the intense galaxy attack
      SHOOT EM UP AND EVADE TO SURVIVE - Reload your spaceship cannon and surprise the enemies with a destructive missile.Use your skills and agility to fly through the deadly enemy territory, defeat all the alien shooter and rescue your squad
      Are you ready to gather your sky strike force to kill all the alien invaders and protect the sky? - Become the greatest Captain of the Galaxy now!

      ►CLASSIC SPACE SHOOTER GAMES : Top-down perspective, old school graphic, and superb gameplay mechanics.
      ►UNIQUE SPACESHIP : Assemble and test with different spaceships and form your own air force
      ►VARIOUS CANNON EFFECTS: Upgrade your aircrafts, devices,and equipments to become the strongest sky strike force.
      ►CHALLENGING PvP: Defeat your opponents to become a space shooter champion !
      ►HD GRAPHICS: Beautiful maps levels with immersive missions to complete.
      ► ADDITIONAL MODES: Easy, Normal, Heroic. Accessible to beginners, as well as shooter games addicts.
      ►EXTREME BOSSES: Defeat powerful BOSSES, gigantic enemy aircraft to claim hidden rewards.
      ►HALL OF FAME: Boost your final score with a host of in-game achievements.
      What's New: 
      - Add bets to PVP 
      - Optimize aircraft skills
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By Apophis
      DC Legends: Battle for Justice v1.24 (Mods)
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: As the shadow of the Blackest Night prophecy falls on every world, sheer will alone cannot save the shattered DC Universe. 

      It’s up to you to lead a team of DC’s greatest champions to victory, but know this: peace can only be restored with a strategic mind. Experience the ultimate role-playing game packed with all of your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Join Superman, Batman, The Joker and more in a battle against Nekron. How will your choices affect the fate of the DC Universe?
      TEAM UP
      • Collect and form teams of Super Heroes and Super-Villains from across the DC Universe
      • Construct your own allegiance of the Justice League or build your own Lantern Corp
      • Unite unlikely allies such as Green Arrow, Doomsday, Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, and Harley Quinn to create the perfect lineup for each mission
      • Battle against Nekron and the Manhunters in a story-driven campaign across iconic DC locales, including Metropolis, Themyscira, Thanagar and more
      • Immerse yourself in cinematic action and vivid environments that bring each encounter to life as you unleash Superman’s Heat Vision, Bizarro’s Flame Breath, or Flash’s Speed Force Vortex on wave after wave of undead foes
      • Compete against other players around the world to demonstrate your superior team-building skills to climb the ranks in 14 unique Leagues with escalating rewards
      • Earn new characters and additional rewards through daily and weekly special events tied to the latest in DC comics, movies and TV
      • Collect iconic and powerful gear for your hero, like Batman’s Batarang, Sinestro’s Power Battery, or Lex Luthor’s Kryptonite Ring, to upgrade their combat abilities
      • Rank up your Super Hero and Super-Villain to five star and become a Legend
      • Legendary heroes not only exhibit more powerful stats, but have improved Super Powers and a whole new visual persona
      What's New: 
      Upgrade your DC Legends heroes to epic new levels of power with Rebirth! And just in time to battle against Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips, in his Legendary Events!
      Check out all the new Heroes that have been added!
      * Mary Shazam is a mystical powerhouse and Earth's mightiest girl! 
      * Lightning strikes twice when Freddy Shazam joins the family!
      * Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, is never going to slow down! 
      * And the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, is a beacon for all his allies!
      Mod V1:
      1. Unlock all rooms
      Mod V2:
      1. Instant win on revenge attack
      2. High Damage
      Mod V3:
      1. Unlock all rooms
      2. Instant win on revenge attack
      3. High Damage
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:  

    • By Apophis
      Zombie Night Terror v1.0 [Paid]
      Requirements: Varies with device
      Overview: Infest the right guy and plague the world with zombies.
      Zombie Night Terror is a strategy action game where you are the brains and zombies your brawlers.
      Yes, you are the one creating a zombie apocalypse!

      A highly innovative gameplay with a new take on strategy gaming threaded with stunning pixel art, brilliant gameplay and a touch of indie craziness.
      We brought the PC version and made it mobile! Featuring...
      Command a Zombie Horde: 
      Your zombie horde will obey your every command without any strike risk or complaints … On the downside; you can’t have any heated conversations about late night movies or cool books anymore tough!
      Do you need a bigger horde? Well, just convert Humans to your cause then! You don’t necessary need to bring flowers and be charming, as a single bite right into the neck (or anywhere that pleases you) should be enough to do the trick!
      Unique Mutation System:
      Take advantage of our mutation system to overcome the enemy’s defences, by creating powerful new zombie types.
      Combo System: 
      We spiced it up allowing you to combine those and see what your enemies are made of (literally). Let’s show those pesky humans how to have fun!
      Destructible Environments:
      In times of a zombie apocalypse, humans love to take their time playing hide and seek. However when the hunger for tasty flesh is this painful, you don’t have time for such childishness. So use the power or your horde to destroy their playground and spread terror among them.
      Perfectly adapted for mobile
      One time purchase
      No in-apps, no Ads
      What's New: 
      New game icon
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By TWD
      Forces of Freedom v4.5.0 [Mod]
      Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
      Overview: Forces of Freedom is a tactical team combat game, currently in Early Access. 

      Play real-time multiplayer battles in intense 5v5 rounds - think Blitz meets SOCOM. Play as a sniper or rifleman in this PVP MMO, with authentic military soldiers from across the globe and across timelines. Starting in the 1960s up to today's special forces, Forces of Freedom is intense combats over multiple maps and game modes.
      What's New:
      New Challenge System & New Soldier 'Krizis' !
      - 1 challenge with 3 goals
      - Complete the Challenge to unlock the new soldier!
      - The 1960’s Russian Scout ‘Krizis’. His rapid firing submachine gun and two barriers make him the most effective for capturing the flag.
      - Active Ability: Barrier
      - Improved grenade usability & stay informed about updates via push notifications.
      -Radar Mod
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By TWD
      Pocket City v1.1.268 (Paid)
      Requirements: 4.3+
      Overview: Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

      No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.
      Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for Android devices.
      - Build a unique city by creating zones and special buildings
      - Trigger fun events like block parties, or disasters like tornadoes
      - Complete quests to earn XP and money
      - Unlock advanced buildings by levelling up
      - Unlock new land with different terrain types
      - Succeed by optimizing your cash flow, traffic, happiness, and more
      - Enjoy a dynamic city with citizens, vehicles, animals and animated buildings
      - Upload your city to the cloud to transfer to another device, or share with a friend
      - Intuitive, touch-based city building
      - Playable offline
      - Play in portrait mode or landscape mode
      - NO microtransactions
      What's New: 
      - Fix bug where sound gets repeated louder and louder. If problem persists, let me know at [email protected]
      - Minor performance/load improvements
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:   
    • By TWD
      Drone : Shadow Strike 3 v1.3.148 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: The best FPS game is back with evolved war action and advanced military arsenal to push the excitement of shooting games even further. Drone Shadow Strike 3 carries the legacy of its predecessor. It's time to enter the battlefield and test your skills in the most dynamic and intense first-person shooter game.

      Soldier! The eye in the sky is back, wafting in the air - silent but deadly. Your enemies won’t see you coming, and before they realize, it’ll be too late. UCAV warfare has completely eliminated human casualties for us. Remotely controlled Combat Drones specialize in hunting down terrorists and other hostile entities. War in the modern world is no longer conventional, but covert and asymmetrical.
      With every passing minute, your enemy grows stronger, bolder and more cunning. Survival is of utmost priority here soldier. Operate the world’s best UCAVs and shoot your way through a series of action-filled covert missions, using ultra high tech equipment and weapons including rockets, missiles, cannons, etc. Disrupt the enemy control, provide close Air Support and raid Enemy Bases worldwide before they take you out. There isn't a better first-person shooter experience in a free Drone game anywhere!
      - Immersive Gameplay - Compete with players engaged in FPS battles with real-world inspired environments
      - Complete missions - Survive through high tension enemy attacks or escort your on-ground battalion to safety
      - Top the Leaderboards - Master your shooting skills and win fabulous rewards
      - Strategize your attacks with MALE (Mid Altitude Long Endurance) Drones for precision targeting and HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) Drones for greater area damage
      - Take aim through your crosshairs and complete missions and challenges
      - Cement your victory with the Kill-Cam Finisher
      - Lock-in on your target and follow your kill to its destruction
      - Adapt to changing terrain & fog using multiple vision modes - FLIR and Night Vision
      So, step into the best military warfare FPS game that offers an addictive mixture of strategy, fast-paced combat, and real action!
      - Fly different types of UCAVs, from prototypes to official in-service aircraft!
      - Defend, Survive, Strike or Escort
      - Simple and easy intuitive touch controls - Command the battle with your fingertip
      - 44 missions in 7 real-world inspired campaigns
      - 4 types of weapons and 21 ways to light ‘em up
      - 7 Additional enhancements - Dominate the battlefield with air strikes, nukes & more!
      Soldier! Your country needs you. Dominate the resistance in the best fps action game and show them the marksman you are. Be the Ultimate Combat Commander and make your army proud.
      May victory belong to you! Over and Out!
      The game is completely free to play but some in-game items require an in-app payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device.
      * Permission:
      - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress.
      - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress
      *Also optimized for tablet devices
      Like us: https://www.facebook.com/reliancegames/
      Follow us: https://twitter.com/RelianceGames
      Watch us: http://www.youtube.com/reliancegames
      Visit us: http://www.reliancegames.com
      What's New: 
      The Mission Screen Freeze issue that blocked Pilots adventing into action right after their training has been resolved. Now delve into immersive and enhanced war experience with a few other bug fixes and game optimizations.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By TWD
      METAL SLUG ATTACK v4.5.1 [Infinite AP]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: The sequel to the worldwide hit "METAL SLUG DEFENSE" finally appears!
      "METAL SLUG ATTACK" joins the battle with numerous improvements!

      ▼Simplified control!
      "METAL SLUG ATTACK", the very latest entry in the legendary game series from SNK PLAYMORE, is a tower defense game with simple controls which can be enjoyed by everyone, and 2D dot-pixel characters who move and battle each other smoothly! Moreover, the newly added "Support System" feature will offer players deeper strategies and even more fun!
      ▼A plethora of missions!
      "METAL SLUG ATTACK" has different types of missions for all types of players with its "ATTACK!" game mode, in which players have to free military bases occupied by Morden's Armies, as well as the "P.O.W. RESCUE", "COMBAT SCHOOL" or "TREASURE HUNT" game modes.
      ▼Improve your Units!
      Collect items throughout your missions, and use them to customize your favorite Units. Make them evolve, level them up or activate their skills by equipping your Units with items!! Let's try to make the most impressive and poweful units!
      ▼Worldwide battles!
      In addition to the "Real Time Battle" mode which can be played and enjoyed by 4 players simultaneously, up to 6 decks can clash together in asynchronous battles! Defeat all your challengers, and hone your skills to become the Best Player in the World!
      ▼Play in co-op with brother-in-arms!
      Battle in co-op missions with brother-in-arms in the "Guild Raid" and "SPECIAL OPS" game modes, and communicate with them via the chat and mailing options. Make sure to fully enjoy "METAL SLUG ATTACK" with your best partners!
      What's New
      Thank you for using Metal Slug Attack. 
      Updates in Ver 4.5.0: 
      Added Extra Ops 
      Added new units 
      Updated Mystery Crank 
      Added contents to the Dress Up 
      Updated Shops 
      Please enjoy Metal Slug Attack.

      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:         
    • By TWD
      Kingsman - The Secret Service Game v1.3 (Paid)
      Requirements: 4.4
      Overview: Experience the Kingsman’s universe of full-throttle stylized action, and amazing weapons and gadgets.

      Featuring a unique visual twist that captures the essence of the Kingsman world, the game challenges you to complete a set of missions using stealth abilities and the Kingsman’s arsenal of weapons.
      As the Kingsman base is destroyed, Eggsy takes it upon himself to get to the root of the conspiracy and uncover the perpetrators.
      Infiltrate enemy bases in locations all around the world using stealth skills or brute force combat.
      • Expand your armory by unlocking powerful and stylish weapons
      • Distinctive art style
      • Engaging stealth action-based gameplay
      • Narrative set in the Kingsman universe
      • Help Eggsy on an important mission to save Kingsman
      Download this narrative-driven spy game on your mobile device and start playing
      What's New: 
      • Expand your armory by unlocking powerful and stylish weapons
      • Distinctive art style
      • Engaging stealth action-based gameplay
      • Narrative set in the Kingsman universe
      • Help Eggsy on an important mission to save Kingsman
      What's New: 
      Launch Issue has been fixed.
      Minor Bug Fixes.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 

    • By TWD
      Runic Curse v1.08 (Paid)
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: A group of travelers stumbles upon a storm on the high seas and is shipwrecked. Adrian, a member of the crew, wakes up on an unknown island that has been overtaken by the so-called "Runic Curse". It is Adrian who will have to find out what happened to his crew on this island with a terrible fate.

      Key features:
      - Dynamic combat system with stamina management and rolls, which give iframes
      - RPG elements: Level system with selective increase of characteristics, equipment, abilities for previously inaccessible areas
      - Many options for combining cold weapons and magic runes
      - 10 extensive locations with various enemies and bosses
      - Craft expendable runes and upgrade runes for weapons
      - More than 55 types of spells
      - New Game+ in unlimited quantities
      - Boss Rush mode
      What's New: 
      - Added level 5 runes for weapons
      - Fixed a bug when the Ice rune (Sword) level 4 had a rune multiplier 0
      - Fixed minor bugs
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By TWD
      Beat Tiles v1.0.7 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Beat Tiles combines fast-paced gameplay with a massive number of carefully selected songs to create a rhythm journey unlike any other.

      Beat Tiles is a one-button music game. Test your reflexes and rhythm skills as you guide the ball from tiles to tiles. Follow the beat and perfectly tap as the ball dance will result in a joyous, relaxing and satisfying experience that will completely blow you away.
      How to play
      Follow the beats and tap the screen when the ball hit the tile. Listen to the music and play to get the perfect score. Move your fingers to experience the thrills of compact rhythms.
      Tap mechanic that is simple but hard to master.
      Enormous songs from excellent independent musicians and fast-paced gameplay make it impossible to not enjoy this EDM party.
      Multiple levels of increasing difficulty that will challenge your hand speed limit.
      Share your record with your friends, and compare with worldwide players on the ranking list!
      Futuristic graphic and effect that will create a novel experience.
      So let’s hit the music tiles, follow the beat, and enjoy this musical journey with Beat Tiles.
      What's New: 
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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