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iGO Primo 2.0 ( (16 may 2012) thin 1.1 Android - Final Edition 2012 (All Resolutions)


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iGO Primo 2.0 ( (16 may 2012) thin 1.1 ANDROID Final Edition 2012 320x240, 400x240, 480x320, 800x480, 854x480, 960x540, 1024x600, 1024x768, 1180x720, 1280x720, 1280x800, 1920x1200


*Requirements: Android v2.2+

*old iGO my way must uninstall before install iGO Primo

*Jelly Bean 4.1.1 sound problem

*Some skins work only in landscape mode

*DCMI folder can be a real problem for some model phones, Try to rename the folder DCMI1

*EMPTY DCMI folder OR dispose images that are not taken with the camera




iGO Primo 1920x1200,1200x1920 (Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T 1920x1128, 1200x1848 and others)


iGO Primo 1280x800, 800x1280


iGO Primo 1280x720, 720x1280


iGO Primo 1024x768, 768x1024


iGO Primo 1024x600, 600x1024


iGO Primo 960x540, 540x960


iGO Primo 854x480, 480x854


iGO Primo 800x480, 480x800


iGO Primo 480x320, 320x480


iGO Primo 400x240, 240x400


iGO Primo 320x240, 240x320


New Version >>> http://android-zone.pw/topic/19318-igo-primo-24-israel-9629483387-android-31-jan-2015-torrent/


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