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Send to Navigation v3.0.1 [ad-free]


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Send to Navigation v3.0.1 [ad-free]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: This app transfers search results, favorite places and other points of interest from Google Maps™ to preferred navigation app. It is compatible with other map providers and navigation apps too. You can now find the place you want to go using Google Maps™, and navigate to that location using your favorite navigation app.


Customizing navigation selection :

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iGO™ Nextgen how to use :
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iGO™ Primo how to use :
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1. Make sure internet connection is enabled.
2. Find destination place in the Google Maps™ (by searching or touching)
3. Slide up the bar at the bottom, Select "Share" button and tap "Send to Navigation". ("Share" button may be different place.)
4. Select your favorite navigation application and you are inside ! if navigation app is not installed, you will redirect Google Play™ store for download app.
5. If your current location is wrong, wait for GPS signal a short time and then, route will be calculated again by navigation application.
6. A simple advice : Please be sure every time if the destination location correct.
* Be-on-road™
* CoPilot™
* CoPilot Truck GPS™
* Google Navigation™
* HERE WeGo™
* İBB Yol Gösteren™
* iGO Avic™
* iGO Gift™ (v9.18.x)
* iGO Nextgen Başarsoft™ (v9.18.x)
* iGO Nextgen Israel™ (v9.18.x)
* iGO Nextgen Palestine™ (v9.18.x)
* iGO Primo Başarsoft™ (v9.6.x)
* iGO Primo Israel™ (v9.6.x)
* iGO World™
* Karta GPS™
* Magic Earth™
* MapFactor™
* Maps.Me™
* Mapy.cz™
* Navitel™
* Navmii (Navfree)™
* Offline Maps & Navigation™
* OsmAnd™
* OsmAnd+(paid)™
* Sygic™
* Sygic™ (walking mode)
* Sygic Car Navigation™
* Sygic Professional™
* Sygic Truck™
* Sygic Voucher Edition™
* TomTom™
* TomTom MyDrive™
* Waze™
* Yandex.Navigation™

Locations from Google Maps™ search
Locations from Google™ search
Locations from Google Chrome™ search
Locations from Whatsapp™
Locations from Yandex Maps™
Locations from Telegram™
Locations from Maps.me™
Locations from Here Maps™
Locations from Sygic™
Locations from Be-on-road™
Locations from Offline Maps & Navigation™
Locations from waze™ support.
Locations from booking.com™
Locations from tripadvisor™
Locations from foursquare™
Locations from airbnb™
Locations from hotels.com™
Locations from trivago™
Please suggest me your favorite navigation application. It can be included.
Google Maps™, Sygic™, Yandex.Navigation™, Waze™, Nokia HERE Maps™, Google Navigation™, Maps.Me™, Navitel™, MapFactor™, TomTom™, iGO™ and other brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. This application is not affiliated with either of these companies.
What's New
* v2.9.7 :
- Fully ads FREE and PRO version.(Until release real pro)
- Old appearance (4 button view) came back.
- Built-in Google Maps (the other view) will release soon with a different name.
* v2.9.6 :
- Major update released.
- Embedded Google Maps™ support.
- Favorites support and many new features...

What's New: * v3.0.1 :
- Location that was received from HERE WeGo™ bug fixed.
- Location that was received from Easy Navigation™ (our new app) support.
- TomTom Navigation™ (nds) support.
- Locations that came from Google Earth™ support.
- Locations that came from Mapy.cz™ support. (before share button, max zoom on Mapy.cz™)
- If four button is the same, auto start added. -

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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