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Diabetes Diary - Blood Glucose Tracker 1.9

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Diabetes Diary - Blood Glucose Tracker v1.9
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Blood sugar levels and concentration of glucose in the blood are usually measured in mg/dL and mmol/L.


Controlling blood sugar levels is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for individuals with diabetes. Diabetes Diary - Blood Glucose Tracker makes it easy to track glucose readings.
Blood Sugar: is very useful for who often checks their blood sugar / glucose levels and offers an easy way of logging your blood sugar readings in one place and track it.
Medication: is a medication tracking logs that reminds you tracks medicines that you've taken or not them.
Blood Pressure : Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. Blood pressure is usually expressed in terms of the systolic pressure (maximum during one heart beat) over diastolic pressure (minimum in between two heart beats)
Weight: Track your weight loss progress with our weight statistics. Weight loss charts includes trend lines for losing weight per week, per month, per day and all time.
A1C: The A1C test is a blood test that provides information about your average levels of blood glucose, also called blood sugar, over the past 3 months. (A1c or eAg)
App Features :
- Blood Glucose statistics for week, month and 3 months including all events.
- Daily reminders get a notification at times you specify every day.
- All Statistics (averages per day, per week, per month, all time)
- Tags (useful to keep track of reactions to exercise, types of food, etc.)
- US Standard or International Standard units (mg/DL or mmol/L)
- Use and set different Blood glucose level units - mg/DL or mmol/L
- Settings for track on/off events throughout app
Diabetes Diary - Blood Glucose Tracker Useful Terms : Average Blood Sugar Level, Sugar Diary, Check your daily Blood Glucose Diary, Blood Glucose Monitor, Glucose Tracker, check your blood sugar levels, Free Diabetes Tracker, Glucose log, Blood sugar tracker, Weight Tracking logs and Blood Pressure log.
What's New
- Minor bug fixed for reports & statstics
- Pulse added into Blood Pressure (including reports)

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      Twilight: Blue light filter v11.9 build 380 [Pro]
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      Are you using your smart phone or tablet in the late evening? Twilight may be a solution for you!
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      - location - to find out your current sunset/surise times
      - running apps - to stop Twilight in selected apps
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      Automation (Tasker or other)
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      Amplitude Reduction and Phase Shifts of Melatonin, Cortisol and Other Circadian Rhythms after a Gradual Advance of Sleep and Light Exposure in Humans Derk-Jan Dijk, & Co 2012
      Exposure to Room Light before Bedtime Suppresses Melatonin Onset and Shortens Melatonin Duration in Humans Joshua J. Gooley, Kyle Chamberlain, Kurt A. Smith & Co, 2011
      Effect of Light on Human Circadian Physiology Jeanne F. Duffy, Charles A. Czeisler 2009
      Efficacy of a single sequence of intermittent bright light pulses for delaying circadian phase in humans Claude Gronfier, Kenneth P. Wright, & Co 2009
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      The Impact of Sleep Timing and Bright Light Exposure on Attentional Impairment during Night Work Nayantara Santhi & Co 2008
      Short-Wavelength Light Sensitivity of Circadian, Pupillary, and Visual Awareness in Humans Lacking an Outer Retina Farhan H. Zaidi & Co, 2007
      High sensitivity of the human circadian melatonin rhythm to resetting by short wavelength light. Lockley SW & Co. 2003
      Sensitivity of the human circadian pacemaker to nocturnal light: melatonin phase resetting and suppression Jamie M Zeitzer, Derk-Jan Dijk & Co 2000
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      Diary - Write Journal, Memoir, Mood & Notes book v1.15b [Pro]
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      Diary – Write Journal Memoir Mood & Notes features:
       Password protection – Lock and protect your private notes and diary entries with a PIN security code.
       Themes and Font style – Personalize diary by picking one of our themes and by setting a custom font style.
      ️ Dropbox Sync and Backup – Backup your journal entries and never lose your memories. Use Dropbox sync to transfer your notes to another device or restore them in a case of an accident.
       Emojis and Mood tracker – Express yourself using lovely emojis and smiley faces. Track mood by choosing appropriate emoji every day.
      ️ Photo journal – Keep your photo memories by adding photos to your diary entries. Those can be travel photos group photos with your friends or any private photos that you want to keep secure under PIN code.
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       Search and Organize – Sort your note book by date or name and search through your memoir to find those records that you want to remember.
      What's New: 
      Thank you for using Diary.
      We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Yoga Home Workouts - Yoga Daily For Beginners v1.53 (Premium)
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      Overview: Daily Yoga At Home
      You can easily workout Yoga anytime and anywhere even at home or in bed. Only with Yoga Home Workout – Daily Yoga you can do Yoga no equipment require.

      Are you looking to learn about Yoga?
      Are you a beginner to yoga?
      Do you want to practice difficult postures in Yoga?
      With many easy to advanced yoga poses we've compiled the level from easy to difficult for beginners to advanced like Easy Pose Boat Pose Gate Pose Mountain Pose Handstand ...
      With over 100 Yoga poses will bring you great experience and many health benefits. Many exercises we have compiled help you have many options to practice such as toning abs Yoga for beginner advanced yoga recovery yoga for back pain ...
      Yoga lose weight fast and healthily
      With postures that help burn fat toning the body along with diet will help you lose weight fast and healthily. Yoga loses weight but combines muscle gain and adjustment of bodybuilding index extremely effectively.
      Yoga preserves beauty
      With exercises that have been practiced for thousands of years Yoga helps to keep the body toned. Practicing yoga is also a great spiritual therapy helping the mind to relax sleep well dispel depression and anxiety.
      Yoga helps flexibility and balance mobility
      Professional Yoga coach
      Applications with more than 100 postures are illustrated with realistic 3D images to help you easily catch yoga exercises from easy to advanced
      * Automatically record workout progress and sync with Google Fit
      * Body tracking graph BMI
      * Customize your own workout plan
      * Daily practice reminder
      * All exercise instruction by 3D Video
      Release by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      add new plan
      This app has no advertisements
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      Sleep Cycle: sleep analysis & smart alarm clock v3.13.0.4977 [Premium]
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the 
      lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed.

      Waking up made easy.
      Featured in: CNN, Wired, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, The New York Times and many more. 
      "It just works. Period. It does exactly what it advertises which is absolutely amazing." 
      -- 5/5 stars on 148apps.com
      Sleep cycle is continuously rated as the best smart alarm clock, Sleep Cycle is now the worlds most used intelligent alarm clock.
      * Sleep Cycle monitors your movement during sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your phone. 
      * Sleep Cycle then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time. 
      * Look at the screenshots for recommended phone placement. 
      As you sleep you go through different phases, ranging from deep sleep to light sleep. The phase you are in when your alarm goes off is critical for how tired you will feel when you wake up. 
      Since you move differently in bed during the different phases, Sleep Cycle can use the accelerometer in your phone to monitor your movement and determine which sleep phase you are in. 
      Sleep Cycle wakes you when you are in your lightest sleep phase. 
      Sleep Cycle was developed using proven sleep science and years of research and development. 
      √ Waking up made easy! Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.
      √ Detailed sleep statistics and sleep graphs for every night.
      √ 15 carefully selected, high quality, alarm melodies.
      √ Use your own music as wake up sound
      √ Snooze by shaking or tapping the phone lightly.
      √ Customizable wake up window. From instant (regular alarm clock) up to 90 minutes.
      √ Background mode - set your alarm and exit Sleep Cycle - sleep analysis will continue in the background
      √ Sleep notes - see how events such as drinking coffee, eating too much or having a stressful day affect your sleep quality
      √ Long term graphs - track sleep quality over time, see which days of the week you sleep best and much more
      If you're curious on sleep, we now have a sleep training program. A couple of e-mails for everyone that want some help to sleep better. So far, it's English only but still available for any user, no matter your language settings.
      What's New:
      Bug fixes and improvements.
      Mod Info:
      Premium features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
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      • 39 different 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts (choose to focus on abs, arms, butt, legs or cardio)
      • 10 to 30 minute randomized full body workouts
      • Pilates, stretch, ball, kettlebell workouts and more
      • Unlike most competitors, no in-app purchases or subscriptions!
      • Great for both men and women
      • Video showing how to do each exercise 
      • 385+ exercises 
      • Multiple custom routines 
      • Random routines 
      • Landscape mode 
      • Ad-free 
      • No internet required to do the workouts 
      *** TheStreet named Daily Workouts one of the best fitness apps!!!
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      Bug fixes and enhancements
      This app has no advertisements
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      Six Pack in 30 Days. Abs Home Workout v1.09 [PRO]
      Requirements: 5.0 and up
      Overview: Take a few minutes to get a flatter belly.
      No equipment needed! Just use your body to workout at home.

      Get everything you need:
      ✔ 30-day workout plans for six-pack abs
      ✔ Step by step increase in intensity
      ✔ Illustrated exercises
      ✔ Voice feedback
      ✔ Detailed history
      ✔ A beautiful, fit body
      What's New: 
      + optimized for Android 10
      MOD INFO
      Standalone Android Package
      ☆Premium features unlocked
      Email Dependency removed
      Unwanted files removed
      This app has no advertisements
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    • By PRO_APK
      Medica: Medication Reminder, Pill Tracker & Refill v8.1.1 (Premium)
      Requirements: 5.0 and up
      Overview: Medica reminds you to take the right medication at the right time and also to refill your stock of pills before they run out

      With Medica add medications capture medicine photos and set schedule of when to take them. When it's med time Medica will remind you. Take or skip doses record notes and track your adherence… It's useful for chronic patients as well as normal forgetful people with occasional common cold. It's won 5 prestigious awards... all those cannot be wrong!
      • Unlimited number of medications
      • Supports 17 types of medications with stunning graphics: Tablet Capsule Syrup Injection Powder Drops etc.
      • Take photo of the medication using your phone camera
      • Set a default dose that you still can change/adjust when you take the medication (useful for medical plans with changing doses)
      • Track your medications: open the pill tracker screen and view medication log and track your taken skipped and missed pills for the past days weeks and months.
      • Print the tracking report: or save it as PDF and show it to your doctor.
      • Adherence score: view your day progress as you take skip or miss doses.
      • Monitor your medication adherence and earn badges.
      • Delete a medication or deactivate it to keep it for reference.
      • Protect your privacy by setting a passcode.
      As needed (PRN) take PRN medications whenever you need them and record taking them.
      Every days weeks or months schedule to take your medication at fixed times (to 12 times) every defined frequency of days weeks or months.
      Every specific weekday e.g. Every day except for Sunday or Every Monday & Wednesday.
      Every hour interval schedule to take your medication an interval after your last time of taking the dose. You set the interval (number of hours) and starting date & time.
      On-off cycle schedule to take your medication on a cycle of on days then off days etc. You also have the option to show placebo doses in the off days. Useful for tracking contraceptive (birth control) pills.
      • Reliable med alert along the day no matter how much you reboot your device
      • Notification of missed alerts (blinking LED vibrations tray icon)
      • Alert screen shows up even when your device is locked
      • Smart reminder: when you mark your next meds as taken or skipped the med alert will be silent - and you'll have a quiet sleep!
      • Convenient alert styles: Alert Then Stop Alert Forever Go And Come Notification Only
      • Customize your medication reminder: tone volume and vibration
      • Set custom reminder tone: pick your favorite ringtone
      • Mark your med doses as taken skipped or leave them as missed
      • Set the actual time of taking the dose
      • Add notes to your doses to keep a record of what's going on
      • Snooze the alert when you are not ready to take the meds
      • Adjustable refill reminder: reminds you to refill your stock of meds just when it goes under the threshold your adjust
      • Request refills from your pharmacy: send the amounts you need to be refilled from within the app!
      To boost your refill rates our Medica Refills app makes it very easy for your customers to get reminded and request refills from you. You'll need to see it here: http://irwaa.com/medica-refills-cs/

      Medica is an easy beautiful and reliable medication reminder... just what you really need. Forget about your old pill box and download this convenient pill tracker & refill reminder app.
      Release by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      [8.1.1] Fixing a critical billing issue that caused some premium users temporarily to lose their premium upgrade.
      • An overhaul of user interface: now you can easily navigate between screens of Meds, Taking, Tracking, Refilling, and Settings using the bottom navigation bar.
      • New adherence tracking now appears in the Tracking tab if enabled from the settings.
      • Other further usability improvements.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      GymACE Pro: Workout & Body Log v2.0.3-pro [Patched][Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: GymACE is the most versatile and most efficient workout log for strength training, weight lifting and bodybuilding - with or without weights, at home or in the gym. Grow bigger - get stronger.

      GymACE is the most versatile and most efficient workout log for strength training, weight lifting and bodybuilding - with or without weights, at home or in the gym. Grow bigger - get stronger.
      Key features:
      • Huge exercise database with descriptions and images.
      • Customize workouts, exercises and categories, turn off the integrated database, and/or link your own exercises to integrated exercises.
      • You can do each exercise one after another, but you can also skip exercises, do them in a different order, or do extra ones. You can also do as many sets as you want, or as the situation in the gym requires. GymACE does not restrict you in any way.
      • Suggests weight and reps based on previous sets and sessions.
      • Has three countdown timers to monitor your rest periods. They can be set to start automatically when you enter a set or switch to the next exercise.
      • You view your results in a concise, compact format grouped by session date and exercise. With the Calendar view you can view an entire month of workouts at a glance.
      • Shows your previous workout results right on the input screen, so you know what your goal is - no searching, no tabbing, it's just there.
      • Calculates your One Rep Max for each set and tracks your all-time best, which it celebrates with a user selectable sound effect.
      • Track your records
      • Draws a graph of your One Rep Max, repetition, volume or weight history for each exercise.
      • Detailed body statistics with predefined and custom data fields
      • Synchronizes with Withings Body Scales
      • Smart handling of body-weight routines (count reps) vs. weight routines (calculate One Rep Max).
      • Records cardio exercises with custom data fields.
      • Supports multiple sessions per day as well as overnight sessions.
      • Annotate sessions and send session reports via e-mail
      • Backup and restore the database via Google Drive.
      • Compatible with international weight units and allows for decimal weights.
      • GymACE is available for Android and Windows Phone
      News and release notes:
      What's New:
      • Bug fixes and performance improvements
      MOD INFO
      Standalone Android Package
      License check removed
      Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
      Debug Info Removed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Mood Tracker, Journal. Anti Depression (Reflexio) v1.3.19 [Pro]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Some people experience symptoms of anxiety or depression at times.
      In order to manage your thoughts and understand which factors and things can influence you mood every day we have created this application named Reflexio.

      Some people experience symptoms of anxiety or depression at times.
      In order to manage your thoughts and understand which factors and things can influence you mood every day we have created this application named Reflexio.
      Reflexio is a fabulous self care journaling application of daily questions, where every day you will discover a new question that will help you to know yourself better.
      With an intuitive interface Reflexiō is the quiet and safe space for self care where your thoughts have a special place.
      Every day you will receive a new interesting question about the most important topics of our life: health, self care, depression, gratitude, selfcare or relax etc.
      Open your mind with Reflexiō, and see how your emotional mood changes through the months and years.
      ASK 1 question a day that makes you think
      ✨ Every day you will receive a new question that will make you reflect on the most important topics of our life (like a personal diary)
      ✨ Share the questions that you like with your friends through social networks!
      SELECT your mood
      ✨ Select your mood on the mood tracker screen and answer each daily question
      ✨ You can choose between Happy, Good, Neutral, Bad or Awful (depression) to define how you feel
      ✨ As well you will be able to see statistics of your monthly and annual mood!
      ✨ Self help for anxiety & depression (self care diary)
      CHECK the statistics of your mood monthly and annually
      ✨ After the first month of use you can visualize the dynamics of your mood
      ✨ Do not forget to select your mood in every question of the day
      GET your personal Word Cloud
      ✨ You will get your personalized word cloud monthly, with those words that you use the most in your daily answers!
      ✨ The word cloud is a fast and dynamic way to know how you think
      ✨ The more complete your answers, more information your word clouds will have!
      NAVIGATE quickly through your calendar
      ✨ In the calendar you can go back to the questions from days past to see what you answered
      ✨ Our interface makes it easy and simple to check your answers
      Important : If you have noted that during a long period of time you have a bad mood or some kind of anxiety we recommend you to visit a doctor. It’s important to ask your doctor whether they think you have depression, anxiety, or it was just a bad mood days caused by the temporary life difficulties which is nothing to do with depression.
      Do you have any questions? In Reflexio we are always happy to know your opinion and your proposals to improve our application every day. Do not hesitate to ask us and we will answer you as soon as possible!
      Send us your questions and suggestions to [email protected]
      What's New: 
      We bring some good news! 
      Now you can search by tags, emotions, activities, date, words, and favorite notes! Update the version, open the diary, click on the magnifying glass icon and look for the necessary entries.
      Well that's it, hope you enjoy it 
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Sleepzy: Alarm Clock & Sleep Cycle Tracker v3.16.0 [Subscribed] [Mod]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Delve deep into your sleep and improve its quality with our fresh sleep monitor app Sleepzy!

      Healthy sleep = Healthy life!
      Sleepzy, the smart alarm clock and sleep tracker, finds the optimal time to wake you, delivers nightly sleep statistics, and detects whether you snore. These tools and more help you sleep well, monitor your sleep behavior and create healthy habits towards wellness. This sleep pattern tracker and alarm clock analyzes your sleep cycle and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, this sleep app will help you sleep better and bring you quality rest just like your favorite pillow.
      Sounds revolutionary, right?
      Discover Sleepzy now - the next-level sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm clock which will help you:
      - Wake up during the lightest sleep phase of your sleep to feel refreshed, rested and ready for the day
      - Manage your sleep cycle and create healthy habits to stay on schedule
      - Fall asleep to relaxing sounds and wake up to your favorite music
      - Set your Sleep Goal and track Sleep Debt to stay motivated and sleep better
      - Track Sleep Patterns to understand when you get your best quality sleep with the most captivating sleep tracker
      - Bonus up your life with an advanced weekly Sleep Stats and Sleep Tracker
      - Know your Sleep Quality and take the necessary steps to improve your sleep cycle
      - Find out whether you snore or make any sounds while sleeping with the Snore Recorder
      - Start your own Sleep Diary inside the app
      - Get into the most bountiful and relaxed state before bed
      Sleep Analysis:
      This smart alarm clock delivers a thorough sleep analysis of the user's sleep, records your sleep cycle and makes recommendations on what you can do to sleep better. Simply place your device next to your bed and this sleep tracker will use the microphone to analyze your sleep cycle tendencies.
      Sleep Diary:
      Want to find out how your daily routine influences your sleep quality and eventually sleep better? Start your own journal with Sleepzy alarm clock to observe correlations between your sleep patterns and daily activities. Add notes with your activities during the day to see how they influenced your sleep. Whether it was a fancy dinner, a morning run or anything that may impact sleep cycles - put this note down in the 'Sleep notes’ section and keep it directly on the app.
      Snore Recorder:
      Did you make any specific sounds overnight? Hard to guess! This sleep app has a perfect solution - sleep monitor. It measures and tracks if you snore while you slumber and identifies factors that may be impeding your sleep. Snore recorder also helps identify things you can do to sleep well.
      Start monitoring what affects your sleep cycle to get enough hours of rest tonight!
      It’s time to sleep better and wake up refreshed and energized! Try Sleepzy - the innovative sleep cycle tracker and sleep talk recorder!
      Note: movement and noise from a partner or pets while sleeping may impact results.
      Go Premium for added features:
      - Track sounds that you make while sleeping
      - 100% Ad-free
      By downloading this application, you agree to the Apalon Apps End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.
      You can choose from different subscription options.
      * A subscription with a free trial will automatically renew to a paid subscription unless you cancel the subscription before the end of the free trial period.
      * Cancel a free trial or subscription anytime through your account settings on the Google Play Store and continue to enjoy the premium content until the end of the free-trial period or paid subscription!
      What's New: 
      Discover your sleep patterns with our brand new feature “Sleep Notes“!
      Thank you for your continued support and feedback.
      We're committed to making the app even better, so never lose the drive to share your impressions and feedback with us!
      Mod Info:
      Premium Subscription unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Fitify: Training, Workout Plan & Results App v1.8.21 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: Join over 3 million people who exercise with Workouts & Plans from Fitify. 

      With us, you can workout using only bodyweight training (no equipment!). However, we are the only app out here providing also Workouts and Programs with fit tools, such as: 
      • Kettlebell
      • TRX
      • Bosu
      • Swiss Ball
      • Resistance Band
      • Foam Roller
      • Battle Rope
      Fitify is your ultimate workout app to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle & strength. With over 850 exercises in the work out app so your daily workout is always fresh, fun & effective! Work out anywhere, anytime using any fit tool. No equipment required, but if you have one - take advantage of it!
      Fitify Workouts have over 850 exercises so the workout is always fun, unique and effective.
      What can we do for you?
      • over 850 bodyweight & fit tools exercises - so the workout is always fun, unique and effective
      • Personalized fitness plan - custom training plan based on your experience, goal and time options. Each workout is created based on your personal fitness level to get you the best results.
      • 20+ prebuilt workouts - choose body part, type of training and duration
      • 15+ prebuilt recovery sessions - Stretching, Yoga, and Foam Rolling classes
      • ability to build your own “Custom workout” from our huge exercise database
      • works offline
      • voice coach
      • clear HD video demonstrations
      Fitness Plans
      • Weekly training plan full of Workout and Recovery sessions
      • Workouts only take 15-25 minutes to complete.
      • HIIT, Tabata, Strength Trainings, Cardio and Recovery sessions with easy-to-follow video exercises.
      • See history and track your awesome progress!
      Standalone Workouts
      Whether you go bodyweight or use a tool like Kettlebell, you can choose to follow a plan or run any of our prebuilt workouts. Choose body part/ type of training, duration. That’s it.

      • Fullbody Strength
      • Insane Six Pack
      • Complex Core
      • Strong Back
      • Complex Lower Body
      • Explosive Power Jumps
      • Brazilian Butt
      • Complex Upper Body
      • Arm Blaster
      • Monster Chest
      • Shoulders & Upper Back
      HIIT & Cardio
      • High Intensity (HIIT)
      • Light Cardio (LISS)
      • Tabata
      • Cardio-Strength Intervals
      • Plyometrics
      • Joint Friendly
      • Warm Up
      • Cool Down
      • Balance & Coordination
      • Scientific 7 minutes
      Recovery Sessions
      • Full Body Stretching
      • Upper Body Stretching
      • Back Stretching
      • Lower Body Stretching
      • Full Body Flexibility Yoga
      • Yoga for Runners
      • Yoga for Healthy Back
      • Morning Yoga
      • Yoga for Sleep
      • Full body Foam Rolling
      • Legs Foam Rolling
      • Back Foam Rolling
      • Neck Foam Rolling
      Fitify Apps
      Be stronger, leaner, healthier with Fitify – your very own personal trainer.
      Check out other Fitify apps with fitness tools (such as TRX, Kettlebell, Swiss Ball, Foam Roller, Bosu or Resistance band).
      What's New:
      We just fixed a few bugs to make your workout experience even better
      Mod Info:
      Pro features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Healthy Spine & Straight Posture - Back exercises v3.3.5 (SAP) (Premium)
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview:  Healthy Spine & Straight Posture-Back is a program of couple of exercises which can do in home, offices, etc and improve back pain and be healthy. 

      To have a healthy spine is very important. Our back workout at home and flexibility training - is that thing what every busy person must do. 
      Let's do a simple experiment: stand up straight keep legs straight and try to touch the floor with your palms. Is it hard? If you can't touch the floor if you have any tension or any kind of neck pain - you definitely should do yoga for spine health which on is characterized by its flexibility so pre-take care of your health make stretches for back pain exercises and do posture correction exercise for women spinal stim. 
      Application features:
      ️ 90 different types of back exercises for men at home with a detailed video audio and text instructions for each scoliosis exercise;
      ️ 3 time - tested programs based on yoga for spine health principles – make a great back muscles workout at home;
      ️ The system of motivation and rewards – keep motivated and do spine exercises every day and create better posture;
      ️ Set reminders and notifications – now you will never forget to do yoga for neck pain;
      ️ Develop personal training programs and use scoliosis meter;
      ️ The system of statistics of your results - track spine flexibility every day.
      Most people have a sedentary lifestyle. Modern life is forcing people to spend more time sitting - when you sit for a long time in the office in a car or a bus it causes great harm to the body. Most often there is no possibility to completely change the way of life but there is always the opportunity to do healthy spine workout. Just do back pain relieving exercises to receive more energy in your life. Stooped sharp shocks and prolonged compression loads can cause vertebrae to shift and pinch the nerves of the spinal disc. Everyone needs to improve bad posture!
      That is why every person should do back flexibility stretches and just follow the straight posture app instructions for the spinal stim health.
      In addition a permanent job in the office and at the computer has a very negative impact on our posture and hence there is a slouch (as a result - the lack of energy and general malaise headache). The only way is to do stretches for back pain exercises. Therefore posture correction exercise for men and neck pain are connected with each other.
      The only thing you need to do is just follow our virtual instructor recommendations and do the back exercises for women & men. And the results will definitely come in a short time. Let us do an experiment. Try to do the first week in the yoga for better posture correction app & spine workout...
      What is spinal scoliosis?
      The Scoliosis is a fairly common disease which is the companion of many people due to the characteristics of the modern lifestyle. Scoliosis exercise app will take care of this. Back flexibility training & workout will become a great assistant with it. The danger of the spinal cord injury is not only in the aesthetic imperfection of the figure. It leads to chest deformity which causes cardiac muscle overvoltage and breathing problems. One of the effective measures of therapy is gymnastics in scoliosis app and to do special back exercises for women at home. And you will fix your bad posture and spinal disc!
      This app is for:
      The main goal of this application is to create a stable habit of back flexibility stretches strengthen them and make flexible. Finally try to do spine exercises for at least a week and you will definitely see results and will become more energetic. This app is developed for all age groups. Posture exercises are divided by difficulty and are suitable for both men women children and elderly people and for everyone who needs spinal cord injury exercise.
      Supported architectures:armeabi-v7a +arm64-v8a 
      Release by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      We've added breathing techniques to the exercises;
      We've updated system libraries;
      We've fixed several bugs.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Calorie Counter - Nutrition & Healthy Diet plan v1.07 (SAP) (Pro)
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Calorie Counter - Nutrition & Healthy Diet plan is a daily caloric intake calculator made to track food nutrients and help you eat healthy food

      Use a food calorie calculator to calculate macro nutrients in food. Know the amount of fats proteins and carbohydrates in food you take. Make a healthy meal plan according to our nutrition facts. Prevent eating disorders and diseases by eating healthy food with lots of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Nutrition calculator checks if your healthy breakfast includes enough fiber rich food and omega 3 fatty acids but has low cholesterol and sugar content.
      Make healthy choices today for fast weight loss better health and extended life span!

      Calorie Counter - Nutrition & Healthy Diet plan features:
       Food calorie calculator - Use daily caloric intake calculator to get personal daily caloric intake goal based on weight loss diet healthy eating or bodybuilding diet.
       Largest food database - Add healthy food from the food database to your meal plan. Make healthy choices and eat healthy food.
       Barcode scanner - Scan food barcode to get food nutrients and calculate calories for your healthy meal plan.
       Nutrition facts - Get all nutritional information of any healthy food. Calculate macros minerals or vitamins in your healthy recipes. Enrich your healthy diet plan with healthy choices like foods high in potassium or iron rich foods to prevent disease.
       Healthy meal planner - Choose weight loss meal plan or muscle food healthy diet plan. Calculate nutrition with the best calorie counter app to eat healthy breakfast lunch diner and healthy snacks.
      ️ Weight watcher - Track your fast weight loss during weight loss diet or measure muscle gain on a high protein foods bodybuilding diet.
       Healthy recipes (coming soon) - Download healthy meals recipes with perfectly calculated calories of fibre rich carbs nutritious fats and high protein foods. They include all minerals and vitamins vital for better health.
       Diet plans (coming soon) - Choose diet plans like keto diet paleo diet mediteranian diet or intermittent fasting and calorie counter will calculate nutrition plan for you based on macros calculation and vital nutrients in food.
      Release by LunaDev
      What's New: 
      Thank you for using Calorie Counter.
      We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By MOD-APK
      Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v3.6.0 [Unlocked] [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Blue light from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and prevents you from falling asleep easily at night.

      ☆ Don't be robbed of a good night's sleep!
      This app adjusts your screen color to reduce the blue light and helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep.
      ☆ Features
      ▽ Free Screen Filter App to Protect Your Eyes
      You can reduce the strain on your eyes easily.
      It is simple but effective!
      All you have to do is launch this app.
      ▽ Screen Filter with Natural Color
      This app's filter has a natural color so you can read news, emails and websites clearly.
      This app doesn't dim the screen but adjusts the screen color to reduce blue light which causes strain on your eyes.
      This natural color filter makes your smartphone screen shift to the screen for night.
      ▽ Easy Operation
      It is easy to turn on or off with just one tap. 
      You can adjust the opacity of the filter.
      You can choose from 7 different filter colors. 
      ▽ Turn On or Off Quickly and Easily
      You can choose to show or hide a filter icon in the status bar, making it easy to adjust the settings any time
      ▽ Startup Automatically
      You can choose to launch this filter on startup. 
      ▽ Simple App
      This app doesn`t drain your battery except when setting up the filter, since it only adjusts the color temperature. Moreover, memory usage is also low.
      ▽ Reliable App
      This app's developer has been registered as an official developer by an independent organization in Japan.
      http://goo.gl/C4qIk (Japanese website)
      ▽ Remove ads
      Please purchase the full version to remove ads.
      * If you want to install an app from a third party store such as Amazon. Please turn off the filter first to enable installation.
      * When capturing a screen (screenshot) turn off the filter first, otherwise it will apply to the captured screen as well.
      * If other screen adjustment apps are already running on your smartphone or tablet, it may affect the screen color making it too dark for your eyes.
      What's New:
      Supports Android 11
      Bug fix
      Mod Info:
      Full version unlocked - no additional key needed;
      Promo Apps removed;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Accupedo+ pedometer - step counter v3.9.0.G [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Accupedo+ is an accurate pedometer app that monitors your daily walking. With easy to read charts and history logs, monitor your steps, calories burned, distance, and time.

      As your best walking buddy, Accupedo+ will motivate you to walk more! Set up your daily goal and step towards a healthier you with Accupedo+ pedometer.
      • The intelligent algorithm starts tracking after 8 to 12 consecutive steps, then stops and restarts automatically as you walk.
      • Daily log history: step counts, distance, calories, and walking time.
      • Charts: Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly step counts.
      • Smart messages and today's quote.
      • Power usage mode options for efficient power saving.
      • Customized personal settings: sensitivity, unit: metric/english, step distance, body weight, daily goal, etc.
      • Concise widget display on Home screen: 1x1 and 4x1.
      • Edit daily step counts.
      • Database backup: Google Drive.
      • Widget skin colors: black, blue, green, orange, pink, transparent.
      • Share daily log on the Facebook.
      • Email a daily log file.
      How it Works
      An intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithm is embedded to track only walking patterns by filtering and ejecting out non-walking activities. Accupedo+ counts your steps regardless of where you put your phone like your pocket, waist belt, or bag. Easily track your progress through the use of this sophisticated algorithm and walk towards a healthier you!
      Your phone may not compatible with Accupedo. Some phones do not support the G-sensor in sleep (Standby, when screen is OFF) mode by those phone manufacturers. This is not a defect of this app. 
      • In the History window, press down on the screen to edit daily step counts or activities.
      • It performs best when the phone is on your waist belt.
      • Step count may not be accurate if you put your phone in loose fit pants due to the random movement your phone makes in the pocket.
      • The sensitivity of a phone can be different from others. So, choose a sensitivity level that works best for your phone.
      What's New:
      An app is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes.
      Mod Info:
      Premium Subscription unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
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