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You have Download issues? Please read this!


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If you can not download files from certain filehosts, please report any problems you encounter on their website.

These external pages like douploads, upload4earn, uploadev, dailyuploads, suprafiles, cloudyfiles, etc do not belong to us, so we can not fix their problems!

Please report any problem using the filehost's contact page! 





We apologize for all these issues!

Thank you for understanding!

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Yes please daily is best.  I'm trying to dl evolve tv and every link took me to other sites one said wrong ip one said file missing. I don't know then one had me do the capt ha thing 3 times and still didn't get file I gave up. I did a search in Google and got it faster

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Hate to sound like a bitch but again trying to dl ccleaner every link made me go through hoops with frigging capt ha shit then in the end said wrong ip. Come on this is becoming ridiculous put daily links and its done is that so damn hard to do. Don't mean to sound like a jerk but it's getting bad here with links it's easier sometimes just to Google what you want

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